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    I was hoping someone here could give me their opinions on my present condition . I have had CFS for some 12 years now and have been gradually improving from the severe initial symptoms ( it all started with my right ear feeling "blocked" then moved on to the full spectrum of the usual CFS symptoms ) . About 5 weeks ago I began to have severe headaches plus hypoglycaemia and anxiety . This progressed to a what I think was a severe sinusitis - I was very congested , headachy , dizzy , pain over the sinuses , earache ( left ear ! ) and a "scratcy" throat . Plus I had a feeling of pressure in my ears and bad tinnitus ( which I have had before with my CFS ) . I also had extreme anxiety and felt very "shakey" . I usually take Erythromycin for sinuses and so started a course which didn't seem to help this time ( I was just about to go on holidays which involved 4 flights and was concerned about flying with sinus problems ) . In all this time I was taking my temperature ( which is always usually below normal - 36.6 to 36.8 ) . Most times the temperature was normal or slightly high ( 37 - 37.2 ) . I assumed that I had another infection along with my CFS but this doesn't seem to have cleared . My ears still feel very congested , the tinnitus is still bad , I still feel desperately anxious from time to time and very shakey and hypoglycaemic and feel extremely "distant" from reality ( hard to describe ! ) . I am getting very depressed with this and am worried I am having a relapse of CFS which I'm afraid I couldn't handle . I don't have the total exhaustion I used to have or any of the muscle aches or pains which were so prominent at my early stages . I had played some games of tennis many weeks ago - yes I felt not great afterwards but not like this and I assumed if the tennis had caused a relapse my muscles would be aching away . . To be honest I am nearing the point where I feel like ending it all - I can't go through it all again . Has anyone had a sinusitis along with CFS which produced these symptoms and if so how long did it last and how can I help it ? , or does anyone think this could be a relapse of my CFS ? . Sorry for being so long winded but I really need a bit of support if I'm going to get through this . Thank you all ........

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    It doesn't sound like a CFS relapse to me. Since you don't have exhaustion and muscle aches which I ALWAYS have when relapsing from CFS I wouldn't worry just yet. It sounds like an infection, maybe you need a different antibiotic.
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    I'm hoping it is a concurrent infection , the thought of relapsing into CFS again is scary and the length of time I've had this this time is a concern . I really appreciate your answer - thanks .
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    Hi Richard,
    I presently struggle with only FMS. What you are describing
    sounds like an infection. I too agree with the recommendation of another course of antibiotics(diff.type?)
    What concerned me the most about your post was your statement of feeling as though you want to end it all.
    Please hang in there and know there are many here who
    understand your frustration and have been there too.
    If you have someone close in your life let them know how
    defeated you are feeling. This pain and misery is too much
    too handle alone at times.
    Keep us updated on how you are doing.
    Hugs and positive energy being sent your way.

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    You do not mention who put you on Erythromycin. When I get similiar symptoms, I do not go to my internist but my ENT doc. The few times I didn't I got put on an antibiotic which did not work well for the symptoms,and when the ENT stepped in, he changed the antibiotic to a more appropriate one for the "buggies" going around in the community affecting ears, nose and throat problems. He also did a much more thorough exam of the ENT. Also you are describing some of my classic allergy symptoms. Have you been tested? Do you feel your brain is made of cotton balls, and you can't get a handle on anything going on in your surroundings? That in itself can cause anxiety, when my allergies are under control, that symptom is TOTALLY gone. Please get good medical care. Fondly,June
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    Thank you all for replying . I seem to remember feeling like this before on odd occasions ( in summer mainly ) and what June suggests about allergies may be true . I am constantly swallowing mucus from the back of my nose and have been since I felt like this . My problem is that I don't want to take antihistamines as some of them can make anxiety worse and that's the last thing I need ! . If anyone has any suggestions on this they would be much appreciated . As a way of thanks to you all - if you read my profile you'll see I'm a dentist so if I can help anyone with dental / TMJ etc related problems please post and I'll do my best to give any advice I can .
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    I just came across your post - I really need some advice on dental matters and I would be glad to share my experiences with some of the CFS issues. We're not supposed to post personal information so I'm not sure how to get in touch. If it's allowed I could post my web URL and you could contact me that way.

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    I was going to tell you that many of your symptoms sound like what I experience with TMJ flare-ups ( like what I am going through right now).

    But since you are a dentist, you would know all of that. Whatever it is, it sounds miserable and I hope you get help with it soon.

    Keep coming back here. There are many caring people on this board. Granmakitty12
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    Rocky - we can't as you say post e-mail addresses or web addresses on this site so probably the best thing is to post any queries on the board and I'll help as best I can - it may even help some others !! .

    Kitty - many thanks for your reply . TMJ problems can indeed cause some severe symptoms , generally however they are very specific and fairly easy to diagnose . My problem is now beginning to ease - it was an acute pansinusitis ( I did suspect this but we all worry about CFS symptoms reappearing !! ) . Pansinusitis is an infection of all the sinuses at the same time ( not any fun I can assure you ! ) . I am seeing a consultant ENT surgeon for allergy testing and possibly surgery ( last resort ) , so hopefully I should get somewhere . I hope you have a good dentist to look after your TMJ problems - they can be successfully treated in many patients .

    best wishes
  10. Mikie

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    Those of us with CFIDS are often walking petri dishes of germs. Having multiple infections is not unusual. When we have been sick a long time, it is common to have chronic stealth infections. It is impossible to get well until these infections are addressed.

    A large percent have mycoplasma infections which require PCR DNA tests to identify. Either that, or the doc can try antibiotic therapy to see if the patient responds. I am currently on antibiotic therapy and it is helping. Jelly is our resident research warrior on mycoplasmas and hypercoagulation. You can use the search feature to bring up all her posts on these related topics.

    I am also on antiviral therapy due to reactivated Herpes-family virus(es). This is also typical for us. EBV, HHV-6, and CMV are the usual culprits. Docs can test for this as well.

    Finally, many have chronic fungal infections and these can be responsible for sinusitis.

    There is a lot of good info here. I suggest you learn as much as you can and find a good doc willing to work with you.

    BTW, I believe we need to build our immune systems back up while treating our infections. I am taking the colostrum and whey which is sold here. These products, as well as the transfer factor help to "program" the immune system.

    Love, Mikie