please--how to get rx for anxiety medication-- fast????

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  1. bigmama2

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    long story short- i am in an extremely stressful -but short term -situation. (it is actually a very good situation -but also very very stressful to me). i need rx for xanax or similar. yes i have already tried deep breathing, walking, calming supplements- nothing has helped. my cfs is starting to flare due to extreme anxiety. i made appt w my reg dr- but he refused to help me. (great!)

    shrinks i have called cant see me for 3 weeks because they are booked. i need help soon!!!!!!

    what can i do?????

    what would happen if i went to ER for this anxiety? would they give me a rx for month of xanax? that is what i need to get thru this.

    thanks. please help me.

  2. butterflydream

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    the doctor who prescibed the xanax and ask for a refill prescription ?

    I don't know why your regular doctor is refusing to help you , so probably best to call for a refill prescription.

  3. bigmama2

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    no dr rxed the xanax. (dont ask me how i got it).

    i just moved out of state-so this dr here is my NEW dr, so he doesnt "know" me. my old dr at home wont do it- he would make me see a shrink- whick would be fine- but i now live far far away- so that is not possible.

    i just now a few minutes ago started to have a panic attack. (different from regular severe anxiety). (i only ever had one full blown panic attack in my life- 10 yrs ago.) i couldnt find an important piece of paper that i need for tomorrow. i started to cry and freak out. this is not me. i need help. i found the paper- thank god- and took some xanax- and now i am ok.

    i need a xanax script.
  4. spacee

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    Do NOT say you need an rx for anxiety. That would probably but you in the 'drug seeking' category. You would probably have to make up something like, "I am having chest pains and feel like I am having a heart attack"

    The reason why I say that is with panic attacks you usually feel that way or you feel like you are dying. And it would be difficult to say, "I feel like I am dying". Of course, I have done it because that WAS the way I was feeling.

    Whatever you do, I would not ask for a drug by it's name...let the doc come up with the rx he/she wants you to have. They like to feel they are in the driver's seat.

    Just my 2 cents'.

  5. bigmama2

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    thanks. i only slep 4 hrs again last nite. i feel like crap. annd very unstable emotionally. i am crying on and off. i am nearing a "nervous breakdown". which i absolutely dont have time for this week. i have a huge impt thing going on this week that can not be delayed. so if i can keep it together untill saturday that would be good. problem is that i have already lost it. i saw my stupid idiot dr one week ago with this problem. so i could nip it in the bud. but was he willing to help? nnOOOnn, of course not. why would a dr want to actually help a patient? i am really getting mad. i need help - now.

    i have a call in to one of my old drs who just might help me. i am keeping fingers crossed.

    thanks to you all who offered advice and supporrt
  6. frickly

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    I am sorry your doctor would not help you. It sounds like you need to find a new one. I have had two separate occasions where I was feeling like you are now and desperate for some medication to help me get through. Because of my son's issues we can go through some tough periods and on one occassion I asked my son's psychiatrist for a prescript to get me through until I could get into see my doctor. I explained the situation to both the psychiatrist and my doctor. I told them that I only want it short term as my situation will improve as we get my son back on his treatment. They both agreed to prescribe xanex and it helped me tremendously. I would be truthful but let them know that you do not plan on using this med long term.
  7. gasolo

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    I feel your best option is to be seen in the emergency department or prompt care facility. I would be completely honest about your problem and what has worked for you in the past. Generally they will treat you with a short course of medication until you can make an appointment with you new doctor. There is hugh liability for a doctor to prescribe this class of drug ( benzodiazepine) without a reasonable work-up.

  8. bigmama2

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    eehhhh. what a day. i was crying and generally "losing it" this morning. feeling like a nervous breakdown. the phone rang and it was a business call, but i was crying too hard to talk, the lady was like "ummm sholuld i call you back later?" i choked out a tearful "yy-e-ess". how embarassing! ((note to self- do not take phone calls during a nervous breakdown.))

    but heres the good news. i was able to get in touch with one of my drs from home- who is willing to help me. with xanax, and extra sleep meds (trazodone). what a relief! at least that buys me some time to find a psychiatrist here. now i think i will be ok. (i hope). i was considering going to the ER. I fell a bit better now.

    thank you all for your support and advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    I'm glad you found something to help you. I believe I read in one of your post that you moved to Fla. I'm in florida, where abouts are you?