Please...I need help with ideas for activities with my 10yr old

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by painterZ, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. painterZ

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    As some of you know I have visitations with my daughter only twice a week for just a couple of hours. I also need to have "supervised visitations" meaning I can't just pop her in the car and go some place. Everything has to be scheduled, even taking a walk around the block has to be with someone. My little girl is 10 now and into the "tween scene" (Hannah Montana, Cheetah Girls, Unfabulous etc). We watch movies together, always eat dinner together, play outside watching bugs and other goofy stuff, and do tons and tons of crafts and board games. We're both sorta tired of the same old stuff. I did manage to recently take her out to the movies and a milkshake, but again, it had to be scheduled. She loves sports, which I don't, but would gladly play with her if I could physically. I'm at a loss! Anybody have any ideas?



  2. Doober

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    any one of those plaster/ceramic craft shops near you where you can spend a few hours painting a piece of plaster?? There are a few places around here that have this and there are several items to choose from, paint together(and this gives you time to talk). Just one idea I could think of off the top of my head.
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    ten yr. old piano student, and she likes the High School Musical movies.....have you checked those out? Seems to be what the "tweens" like!

    Your library ought to have some fun ideas too- we just love going to ours and not being in a hurry.

    Best wishes,
  4. painterZ

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    she's definately into them, and I didn't mind the first one, the second seemed over the top, but I'm not 10 so what do I know? There is a new place close to here that has those ceramics you can paint...I'll have take a look at their web page and see what it's all about. Thanks so much for your suggestions!!

  5. budmickl

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    The large home improvement stores around here have classes on Saturday for kids. Would she be interested in something like that?

    The craft stores also offer classes for kids. These aren't free, but I don't think they are too expensive.

  6. painterZ

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    I took a stroll in a large sporting goods store to see if there was anything interesting that would keep my daughter's attention and that I would be able to do with a rotator cuff injury...I found bocce ball. I actually first learned to play this in a hospital, but since you don't throw a ball like a baseball, I can play. I said,"I've found a new game we can play, it's a sport, and you play it outside." She jokingly said, "Not my Mom...noooo way." We had a blast! She didn't want to stop playing but it was getting dark outside, it made me feel good.

    I do like the home improvement idea. I didn't know they did anything for kids, and she is one kid that would love to swing a hammer. Sculpey...thank God you said Sculpey...I have a whole drawer full of colors that I've completely forgotten about...she'd love that!!

    Thank you, thank you everyone for your responses and ideas. I really appreciate them.

  7. pasara

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    if she likes sports, climbing walls are fun. she can do the climbing, you can cheer her on from below. in my city there are at least two big sporting goods/camping stores that have climbing walls where you can do it for free. REI's is especially good.
  8. painterZ

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    I've always thought that climbing walls look like so much fun. I wish I could do one. That's a really cool idea and I know of at least one place that has one. I know I'm looking for ideas for her and I, but I think she'd be thrilled to do it with her best friend. Thanks.