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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mikie, May 6, 2003.

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    Our board is busier than ever these days and posts roll over to Page 2 before people have a chance to read and respond.

    If your title to your original post takes up two or even three lines, it means that two or three posts will roll over to the next page. I see a tendency by some of our members to post loooooooooong titles. Please, y'all, do like the newspapers and keep the titles short and on topic. That way, people will know what they are about and it will prevent the fast rollover. I'm having to bump posts from people who have questions which are important to them and which have rolled over before they get any answers. If this happens to you, "bump" your own post back up to give people a chance to see it. If y'all see a post about to roll over, "bump" it for the person posting.

    I appreciate your help with this.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks; I appreciate it.

    I'm not looking bad with makeup on. The worst is the swelling back by my ears and down my neck. Of course the discoloration from all the bleeding is ugly on my neck. Yesterday, after I washed the incisions behind my ear, it started to bleed but eventually stopped. I did go in and the doc said everything looks fine. The incisions under my chin and behind the ears seem to be taking forever to heal up. Both still have thick scabs on them. The eyelid incisions are almost invisible.

    Today, I'm going to color my hair and will be putting thick globs of ointment behind my ears to keep the color off the incisions. I'm anxious to get my hair cut too. Doc says I can even jog a little if I wear my chin strap but I can't arch my neck back for another two weeks. I would love to eventually get back to jogging just a little if I can do it without paying a horrible price. I'm working out on "the ball," doing a little Yoga and some Pilates. Even so, the flab has been building since I've been down. If I can jog, even a little, perhaps it will increase my metabolism a little.

    This surgery is nothing to go into without weighing the risks and inconvenience, not to mention how one looks for awhile. That is why I've put my pics here and posted updates. At this point, I think I would do it again as my eyes look great and that was my main concern. I think the neck will look good too, but there's still too much swelling to tell. Thanks for asking. I've written "War and Peace" here; you're probably sorry you asked :)

    BTW, I'm seeing a lot of interest in natural blood thinners by our members. I know hypercoagulation is a problem for many of us, but I think it should be handled by a doc. If you agree, would you post about the tests for fibrin and what our members and their docs need to know before using meds or supplements?

    Geez, I'm an ideal candidate for hypercoagulation and yet hemorraged after surgery, so I don't believe we can take hypercoagulation for granted.

    Love, Mikie
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    HELLO. is anyone out there listening! Helping to remind....
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    I was gone a month & don't know what type of surgery that you had done. What was it? I did see some of your healing pix, but I'm not sure what you had done. Hope you're doing well. dolsgirl
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    Just read your update i saw the updated picture the other day and i must say your skin looked very soft on your face glad to here its healing up well i dont think you should jog yet as you did have quite a lot done just give it a few weeks to heal you deserve the rest after being so brave
    (((((big hugs )))))))))))
    i must say i love the colour of your hair
    Loopyloo xxx