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  1. myalgiamania

    myalgiamania New Member

    my pain management dr now has me on 2 tramadol 50mg 4times a day and balacet 325mg every four hours. it's only been a week and it seemed to help some at first, but not anymore.

    he said we would move up the ladder and i guess that's how we will find what works. I took cymbalta and it helped with the pain but i had severe nausea. also took lyrica which did nothing.
  2. myalgiamania

    myalgiamania New Member

    actually, my dr told me balacet is similar to darvacet. mabey i need one of those other drugs along with it. my feet always hurt and burn. my back is the worse though. along with my neck, shoulders, arms, hands etc. lolol!

    i baked an apple pie tonite and i could bearly peal the apples what a chore!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. marw

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    I have not tried all those drugs that you have taken. But Cymbalta has terrible side effects for me, as did Neurotin and other anti-seizure or anti-depressent drugs. I met someone who took the tramadol, and she said it takes longer than a week, so you might not want to give up on it right away. (In my case, I had such bad experiences with the others, that I haven't gotten up my nerve to try the tramadol or the Lyrica.)

    At present, what works on pain for me, is Vicodin. This drug is hard on your liver, so if you can take the Vicoprofin (with Ibuprofen instead of Tylenol in it) it would be safer. I still take the Vicodin 4-6 times a day, because I need it more than 3 times a day, and I think the Vicoprofin can only be taken 3 times a day. I also take .5 mm of Ativan every few hours for Anxiety and 1.0 mm of it at night along with Benadryl and Valium to sleep.

    For the IBS, I take Bentyl as needed or Levsin (these are anti-spasmodic drugs for your intestines), but keeping the colon clean helps even more, and then I don't need the others as much.

    Because I have Migraine. I also use Imitrex shots, if I have the Migraine. They work great.

    I have my liver enzymes tested periodically, and so far they are normal, but that doesn't mean they will stay that way. It is not good to take so many narcotics if you can find something else. Also, I do not like that I have the dependency (but that is NOT AT ALL the same as addiction); it just means I will have to wean off if ever I can find anything else to take.

    Good luck to you. I would like to know what you find that works. I guess we are all different, and just have to try until we find something.

    Exercise helps me most. I do half an hour on the treadmill 3 to 6 times a week plus strengthening exercise and some gentle stretches.

    Again, my best wishes sto you. I know it is such a frustrating disease (or syndrome, as they call it). You are not alone. We all know what you go through.

    I hope you write again.

  4. rmsjohns

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    I started on Tramadol 1 50 mg every 4 hours. I was also on Neurontin 900 mg at bedtime.

    Now my meds are Neurontin 300 mg 2 times a day and 900 mg at bedtime. I also take Darvocet 4 times a day. The tramadol was not working anymore, I was on it for 8 months. So we switched for a while.

    I am also on Effexor XR which does help with pain long term. I am on it for depression but it works on pain also.

    Everyone is different, for instance my 2 children can take zoloft. I cannot take that I get the jitters so bad. They are doing great on it. (They had 5 deaths last year that were school friends) and we felt along with the DR that it was important for them to deal with these tragedies with help. They seem to be doing so much better, and will be weaning off in a few months.

    Good luck, I have not seen a pain management clinic as I am doing well. But you might want to talk about seeing one in your area.
  5. painintheeverywhere

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    My pain meds currently consist of Lyrica 100mg 3xday for neuro pain and Tramadol 100mg 3xday for all over pain. I also take a muscle relaxer - Skelaxin 800mg 3xday. I am consistant with the Lyrica because my hands and arms burn constantly and go numb, but the others I take as needed. Unfortunately, I need them pretty frequently. I have taken others that lost effectiveness with time and I am sure that is happening now with current meds. I wish my pain could be managed better than it doctor is against narcotics as well as I, however I am not sure that I have many choices.

    Lyrica definately works much better than neurontin for nerve pain.

    Take Care

  6. StephieBee

    StephieBee New Member

    As far as the Cymbalta goes, I have heard some try to stick out the side effects and end up happy that they did. I would try to, especially if it is really helping. Or I would ask your doc to increase very slowly.

    I take Cymbalta....20 mg. in the morning and 20 mg. at night. I had no horrible reactions at all. I take it in combination with Vicodin ES 7.5/750 mg. once every 6 hours and Zanaflex 8 mgs. before bed. I also take Mirapex, 1 mg 3 times a day, which helps alot with my RLS. And I also take Valium for anxiety and panic.

    Try asking for an anti-nausea medication for the Cymbalta. Im not sure if it would help that kind of nausea but its worth a try. I take Compazine for nausea.


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