Please listen....Just want to talk abt pain in shoulder...

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    hello all...I have been in pain for three long days. It feels like someone is cutting my left arm with a chainsaw....I am NOT taking any pain med because I just found out I have an has been a rollercoaster of pain for me. Heat pads, massages...and it still hurts.
    Thanks for listening. It helps to know that there are people out there with costochondritis, bursitis, CFS, and Fibro, among other hundreds of pains that can relate to pain. please reply. thanks.
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    Sorry to hear you cant take any pain meds. I have been having a difficult time with my ankle and foot. Very bad pain. I know that this too shall pass eventually any way. hope you get to the doc and get help for the ulcer so you can take the pain meds.

    Love you (((((((hugs))))))))
  3. Shirl

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    Heres someone else that can't take pain meds. I have found that Pro Energy (Malic Acid and Magnesium Glycinate) helps the pain, and also is great for some upbeat in energy.

    I also take ZMA (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6) which is my salvation for deep sleep, RLS, pain and the terrible spasms.
    Have been taking the ZMA now for 18 months and have been sleeping 7-8 hours a night, my pain is way down, I am mostly achy not in shocking pain like I was before. I am functioning better than I have in years.

    Both these products can be bought here at ProHealth. If you get ZMA at the healthfood stores, be sure you get the SNAC brand, the others do not work. (the SNAC brand is what ProHealth now sells for its members since we had such wonderful results from it).

    It took about ten days to get serious relief. So it won't work like the prescribed pain pills.

    Also, I use a soak, here it is;

    3 cups of Epson Salts
    3 bottles (large) of peroxide

    Mix in a warm as you can stand tub of water, soak for 20 minutes only. Then go to bed. It makes you feel weak for about a half hour after the bath.

    This is not a cure, but it will give you a good nights sleep with little pain and stiffness.

    I use a rub called; 'Banalg', very strong but effective. It can be bought at Walgreen's or most drugstores, but Wal-Mart does not carry it. IF you use it, use gloves to apply, then wrap the area, or put a warm fitting shirt on to keep the heat in.

    HOpe you feel better soon, I have been where you are many, many times.
    By the way, I also had ulcers more pain!

    Shalom, Shirl

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    there's also a pain patch that has helped a lot of people here. You might do a search.
  5. RedB

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    just like I had. Totally different pain than my usual left arm stuff. My doc was kind enough to give me a cortisone shot for it, which made the pain disappear for 3 months at a time. It is taking a long time to go away, but it is much better, and I no longer need the shots.

    If you think this may be what you have, it wouldn't hurt to get checked and ask for a cortisone shot.

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    To hear of your shoulder pain. Just thought I would share my experience with shoulder pain. Mine hurt so bad I couldn't raise my arm to comb my hair and I thought it was "just fibro". Rhumy though so too but offered cortisone shot. Cortisone is painful so he also numbed it and as soon as the numbing wore off (before I got home) it was still hurting. Had an MRI done and I had bone spurs that were rubbing my rotator cuff. They suggested more cortisone shots with physical therapy or surgery. I opted for the surgery. I am so glad to have had the surgery and put this pain behind me. It did take longer than I thought it should to completely get better but I could not handle the physical therapy after the surgery.
    If you are having this kind of pain, please get it checked out. If there is a pain that can be fixed - fix it. Barbara