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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by loto, May 21, 2009.

  1. loto

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    Hi all. I just need some support and everyone here is so supportive to me when I get on here and whine. Well, I have FM, possible Lyme, am scheduled for a partial hysterectomy on June 18 to remove the baseball size fibroid in my uterus, and this morning I woke up to find my ankle swollen, my hip killing me, and mid to lower back pain. This ankle, hip, back pain thing is telling me my discs are messed up. I know this from experience back in 2003 (i think it was that year) when I had to have surgery for a severe disc herniation. So, I'm off to the doctor tomorrow for that. Gonna tell the doc to just send me to get an MRI and scan my whole frickin spine and hips. I'm not going thru any Physical Therapy to try to help it. I want to know right off the frickin bat if any are herniated. My regular doc is out till next week, so i'm seeing the PA, and she better agree to my request. My regular doc does everything i request, so she better also.
    Anyway, I have soooo much fibro pain today, pain from the fibroid, and now the leg,hip,back pain. I feel like leaving work and going home and just burying my head under the covers. My 2 best friends here at work aren't in today, which makes it worse because the 2 people in my office are so annoying and I can't stand them. SO, I feel like crap and have no support whatsoever today!
    Thanks for listening to my whining, I know it could be worse, but I feel like everything is bad today, and that I'm totally cursed.
  2. Pansygirl

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    very gentle hugs for you , sorry your having extra pain today .

    You've come to the right place. I can't remember what you take for pain? Is it helping
    at all?

    I sure hope your PA agrees to your request tomorrow. Is there anyone who could
    go with you to your appt tomorrow ?

    You have so many things going on and I can't imagine trying to work and feeling like that today
    ~ do you have a supportive boss , would they let you go home today?

    You are in my prayers , hang in there~ I know easier said than done but we are here for you.

    Today is friday so the weekend is just around the corner. smile

    keep us posted on how your appt goes tomorrow.

    very gentle hugs, Susan

  3. Jacqulyne

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    Here are some very gentle angel hugs to you. I hope that you get some answers.
    God bless................ jacqulyne
  4. loto

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    I knew I came to the right place.
    I do take Vicodin 7.5 for pain. But, I have to take lots of it for it to even touch my hip pain! That's weird that vicodin, in my case, doesn't seem to help with pain that's below my waist. Anyway, my boss would probably let me go home, but I have a ton of work to do, and I'm just afraid of taking too many sick days since I'll be out for at least 2 weeks following my surgery. At least I hope it won't be longer than 2 weeks.
    Yes, I'm looking forward to the 3 day weekend. And the weather should be nice, also, which will probably help my mood, since I won't be cooped up here in my office. I'll be able to sit out in the sunshine.
    Thanks again for your support. I'll let u know tomorrow what the PA will do for me.
  5. Pansygirl

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    Hugs , I know it's strange how pain meds don't get all the pain isn't it.

    When you had the back troubles before was there a different pain med that worked for that?

    sending gentle hugs just for you, Susan
  6. hensue

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    Helped better than anything I could have done, I had something that started with an a. More or less internal endometriosis in the uterus.
    He begged me for ten years and said my uterus was getting thicker and thicker. After I had the hysterectomy I felt like someone had take a rock off my bladder and took all the frigging hormones shooting everywhere away.
    He new I had fibro and had promised me he would do vaginally, afterward i was like why are my legs black and blue? He said had I not promised you we would have cut you wide open. my uterus was thick they had to cut section by section and it took a while.

    I never had one bit of pain and my bladder spasms stopped! He helped me tremendously I wished I had done it 10 years before and then maybe I would not have fibro. I know that had something to do with it.
  7. faithinlove

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    I just wanted you to know that most of us here know what it is to suffer. I am truly saddened for all of us and I wish you the very best and much better days to come.
    Keeping the "Faith"for a better tomorrow
  8. jmq

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    I hope by time you get this, your horrific day is almost over. I am sitting in my bed in SO much pain, I do not know what to do. I am trying, pain pills, surfing the net to keep my mind off of it. Nothing is working and I want to scream and cry...but cant because that would just cause MORE pain.

    It just sucks!

    ((((((Gentle Hugs))))))),
  9. daboysone

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    I am so sorry that you hurt so bad, and not just today. Today has been bad for me also with my fibro pain, especially in my legs and back. I love the way everyone sends "gentle hugs" or "angel hugs"! Those are so sweet and understanding! I away my first gentle hug- to you! Feel better soon and hope tommrow goes well for you. M.
  10. Doober

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    The word "Whine" has been removed from our dictionary here as any word of reference to ourselves.

    You are having one of those days and I understand some of the things you are going through, as a guy the others things I don't and I CANNOT pretend to understand them. But I can offer hopes that this will pass and that everything goes well with the surgery.

    We come here to get the strength we need to get through the day. To find the inner peace we can, even if for only a moment.

    It is enough that we get our sanity tested everyday, to find solitude in a place like this is a blessing and safe haven from the crazy world outside.