Please (MCS sufferers) list facial skincare you use....rop

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  1. shelbo

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    as well as other stuff that makes your life easier (diet, supps etc) Thanks so much - I posted this on the MCS board and while some people replied I've either tried them or have researched them and found them unsuitable....I also have rosacea....
    I need a cleanser to cleanse my extremely sensitive face (and eyes!) and moisturiser..
    Thanks...sorry I always post the same question...
    Thanks for understanding guys! Shelbo :)
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  2. panthere

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    Hi Shelbo, I remember i replied to you a while back. Did you not like products I suggested? My husband and I have MCS and use those products with no problem. Here's a copy of my previous post:

    I don't have rosacea, but I am pretty sensitive to different ingredients, especially chemicals. Here is the company that I use for my skincare regime: I love all of their products, they are very gentle and pure. All the ingredients are listed on the website and you can always call them up and ask the owners for products that could be suitable for you. Their face and body wash is very gentle and I love their moisturizer, phytohydrator. Maybe they can send you some samples??

    This is another company that I use for body lotion/face moisturizer: They have a moisturizer for rosacea I didn't try it though, so not sure how you will respond to that.

    Here is another products that I use for skin problems and especially during winter months It's honey cream and I know lots of people who use it. It's anti-inflammatory.

  3. AuntTammie

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    I am extremely sensitive to most skin care products, but I have found that I can use Ivory soap and Cetaphil cream on my entire body (including face). The soap is a little drying, but very pure, and the cream takes care of the dryness and feels good and not oily (and has no fragrance or anything irritating). I get both at the grocery store.
  4. tennisnut

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    Baby products? Oils, cleansers.
  5. shelbo

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    :) Thanks! Panthere, thanks for the recs.. I do remember you recommending some skincare stuff (thanks for reposting). I did, at the time, visit those sites...I knew some of the products on the site would not be tolerated but the main problem is accessibility as I am in the UK. I wouldn't mind ordering from the States if I suspected I might tolerate something but to be honest I tolerate so little I like to try my best to sample first to cut costs (due to not being able to work due to these DDs!) and also to avoid being left with huge bottles of stuff I can't use... :)

    I can't use baby stuff....they seem, oddly, to stick more dodgy stuff in baby skincare than in adult skincare sometimes...frightening, really! Thanks anyhow.. :)

    Just wondering if there are any others with chemical sensitivity out there who can recommend facial skincare (cleansers, eye cleansers to clean my hyper-sensitive rosacea-ridden eyes without sickness and soreness!) and facial moisturisers (dry skin, super sensitive).... I do not tolerate pure, plain oils (which is a pain)..this is often the case with rosacea sadly... :)

    Anyway, thanks to those who replied and I'm bumping for more as I am trying to compile a list of 'worth looking into products'... :)

    Thank you! Shelbo :)
  6. outofstep

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    but here you go again-Clinique has a new skincare line specifically for rosacea-they do have it in the UK and you may be able to get samples. If you try it and it works please let us know!
  7. Forebearance

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    Hi Shelbo,

    My chemical sensitivities are through the roof these days. But I can always stand the products made by L'Occitane. Slaya likes them too. They are made in France and not cheap, but they seem to be pure. They don't use the same fragrance bases that usual skin care products do.

    For years I've only used plain water on my face. It does much better with plain water than any products. I take lots of fish oil for moisturizing from within.

    Good luck.
  8. butterflydream

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    serious skin care olive oil is perfect for dry skin and serious skin care has face cleansers gentle for anyone. jennifer stallone sells this much cheaper on tv HSN home shopping channel.
    i won't use anything else. She has something for every skin type. Her products are on the
    HSN website. This is what works for me, will not be without this.
    Wish you well

  9. shelbo

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    I'm sorry I missed that... You know, I've never been able to tolerate Clinique stuff, even when it was just rosacea (before chemical sensitivity)... When I first saw a derm years ago, she told me that she had more referrals from people who reacted to Clinique than any other brand.. odd, since this was one of the first companies to go fragrance-free, allergy-tested etc...
    Thanks anyhow... and sorry I missed this the first time round :) Shelbo
  10. shelbo

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    Which products from L'occitance can you use specifically (esp on the face)? I can't use water only on my face unfortunately....I think there is an element of dermatitis to my rosacea...if I try to use water only I get very irritated... Though I have rosacea and a very weakened skin barrier (plus chemical sensitivity) and can't use anything drying to cleanse with, I do find I need a cleanser or I get sore skin.... Thanks anyway...

    I would love it if you could get back to me on the L'Occitane products you use and, if you happen to know, would love to hear what Slaya uses by this company...
    Thanks, Shelbo :)

    Ps I've been taking fish oil (Nordic Naturals and for three months before starting this Carlson's Very Finest)... four months altogether and I've seen no real improvement in terms of my facial dryness, sensitivity or dry eyes... maybe it'll take a while longer...I'll keep on with it anyway... I've also been taking flaxseed oil for a long time but I heard recently long-term use of this oil can suppress thyroid function so I'm thinking of ditching this one for a while... much fish oil do you take and which brand? Thanks again..
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  11. shelbo

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    Thanks for replying! This sounds interesting... are you very chemically sensitive? Though we're all different and can never be sure what will work for one person will work for another, would you mind if I ask how chemically sensitive you are and whether you too suffer from rosacea? I'd love to know before I look any further into the line since I don't think it'll be easy for me to access...(I'm in the UK)Oh, and I'd appreciate it if you could let me know if you are dry or oily and which products specifically you have had success with?
    Thanks again, Shelbo :)
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  12. Forebearance

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    Hi again Shelbo,

    I understand that you have a special challenge with your rosacea that I don't have. I just get dermatitis really easily.

    I use the L'Occitane soaps with shea butter in them on my body and to wash my hands with. I like the plain shea butter, which comes in a little tin, for moisturizing really dry spots like feet.

    Slayadragon likes their Immortelle line of skin care, which is very moisturizing and soothing.

    I take a lot of fish oil. 4.5 g (4500 mg) every day. The brand I take is called Eskimo-3 by Enzymatic Therapy. I also take a lot of evening primrose oil. That is a form of very long chain Omega 6 fatty acids. It's especially good for the skin. I should have mentioned that earlier.

    Because of all these EFAs that I take, I rarely need to use moisturizer on my skin, even in the winter. I don't take flaxseed oil at all, because I can feel it suppressing my thyroid. And I need all the thyroid function I can get!


    P.S. I can't use Clinique products either. They've always made me break out terribly.

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  13. shelbo

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    that fish oil brand...I'll definitely look it up and will maybe try it out when I finish my current one (I've only just started it!)

    I've avoided EPO because I read that we have way too much omega 6 and need more omega 3..which is why I have not taken EPO... I know the EPO contains GLA which is good for the skin but I have been so scared to try it cos of the omega 6 content which I heard is highly inflammatory... I did try a Barleans Omega Twin supp which contained both flaxseed oil and borage oil and realised I felt significantly worse after several weeks of taking it daily...
    I am partly apprehensive about bringing in EPO cos I have no idea how much to take so that the omega 3/omega 6 balance doesn't get out of ratio...

    May I ask which brand of EPO you take and how much you take in proportion to the fish oil so things stay balanced? And whether you take the EPO and fish oil every day?

    Could I also ask (sorry for so many questions!) how you feel the flaxseed suppressing your thyroid? I'm just curious.... I wouldn't know at all whether the flaxseed oil was suppressing my thyroid..are there specific symptoms I should be looking for? I would love to know...

    Thanks so much and sorry for all the ???s :) And, thanks again...I appreciate your help :) Shelbo
    Ps I'll look into the L'Occitane too! :)
  14. outofstep

    outofstep Member

    You may want to check out (hopefully this url is okay to post here b/c it's a dot org)

    There may be some skin/eye care ideas for you there as people review various products-good luck!
  15. panthere

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    Hi Shelbo,

    Yes, if you live in UK then it would be hard to get those products! Sorry. But here is couple of UK brands that I love: I like that you can get a full ingredient list for the products, so there's no secret chemical lurking anywhere! Maybe you live nearby one of their stores in UK. Their products are pricey but they are really good!

    I would suggest going against l'occitaine, clinique or any other mass brand. They have lots of perfumes and some bad chemicals in their products. My husband and I both have bad MCS and we wouldn't be able to tolerate any regular product.

    I know there is also Sophyto in UK which is an organic brand. Haven't used it so don't know...

    Here's a website of some European brands You can check out ingredients for products there

    Balm balm is a new UK line

    Good luck!

  16. shelbo

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    I seem to have just as much of a problem with 100% natural stuff... eg The Organic Pharmacy Rose Cream gave me an horrendous reaction .... most stuff with rose, lavender...any essential oil will do that to me.. (with an exception...explained below) are you okay with natural stuff?

    This is what makes me feel like I am going to have such a hard time finding replacements to my current stuff... I can't even use natural stuff... I thought most MCS sufferers also had a hard time with natural stuff like essential oils..

    What's odd is that I am fine with what I was able to tolerate before the chemical sensitivity worsened and although the cleanser is completely scent-free and excludes harsh chemicals, the moisturiser is highly fragranced with essential oils and I'm ok with it...not great but ok... This is very confusing to me..... It seems when I try to experiment outside either of these products all hell breaks loose... I tried to use the updated version of the moisturiser (same brand but they reformulated and changed the essential oil fragrance and that makes me very sick).. The cleanser I use was also other words, they stuck a load of nasty junk in it and I know react to that...

    Fortunately, I have some of the original cleanser and moisturiser left but not a huge amount and it won't last forever.... I find it weird that when my chemical sensitivity worsened I didn't react to these...really odd.. It's almost as if I am stuck in a skincare timewarp and can't introduce anything new....I get the feeling I wouldn't tolerate anything I tried right now...

    I don't know if anyone has experienced's weird but nothing about these DDs surprises me anymore....

    I just hope I can find something before I run out....I wonder what those with MCS who react to both natural and chemical stuff use.... as I mentioned earlier in this thread I can't use pure oils as they have always seriously aggravated my rosacea, even though I have dry skin - pure oils always made me face drier....bizarre... I'll look into Balm Balm though and thanks for the European brand site...I'll look into that ! :)

    I tried Sophyto and it made me feel sick and also burned my face and eyes...the so-called gentle cleanser felt like acid on my was only on a matter of seconds so I didn't get a chance to properly guage my reaction in terms of chemical sensitivity...though I didn't feel great, I recall... Spiezia is again full of essential oils, I think but I'll look into the range again...they probably have a website..

    Thanks again Panthere...I'd love it if you could LMK whether you can tolerate most 100% natural stuff...? Would you also mind telling me specifically what you wash your face with...?
    Thanks again Panthere....!
    Shelbo :)

  17. lonna1

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    I have been using the same product for over 40 years. It's called ALBOLENE moisturizing cleanser. You can find it in most pharmacies, grocery stores in the lotion section. I also have rosacea with very sensitive skin. This is the only one I can use. You wont need a prescription. It is sold over the counter. It is good for the entire face, and around the eyes. It comes in two sizes, I have the 12 oz. It lasts a long time usually around one year if used everyday. Dotti
  18. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    sure gives me problems... I'm also in the UK where this is unavailable...
    I may try to get hold of a sample from the States though and give it a go - I guess it's still worth a shot! Thanks! :)
    BTW, do you moisturise with it too? If not, may I ask what you use? :)
  19. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Hi Shelbo,

    I like the Eskimo-3 fish oil because it's really fresh. The company that makes it puts a lot of antioxidants in the capsules to keep it from going rancid. I keep it in the fridge after I buy it. And it doesn't give me fish burps.

    I've had a harder time finding a really fresh brand of EPO. Right now I'm taking a local store brand. I hope you can find something good if you decide to try it.

    Back when I was first trying EFAs, I did a lot of research into fats. I read about Omega 6s causing inflammation. But I also read that people with CFS are lacking in enzymes. Normally a healthy person turns the Omega 6s in food into the very long chain fatty acids that the body needs to function. But it takes enzymes to do those chemical reactions.

    Evening primrose oil contains Omega 6s in their very long chain form already, so it saves the body some work. So I decided to try it. And it made me feel better, so I just went with it.

    I take 3.9 g of EPO a day. (3900 mg) I take the fish oil and EPO divided into three doses. I worked up to that much, gradually, so my digestive system could get used to it. It took a while to experiment and figure out what ratio felt best. The best ratio for you might be different, depending on what you eat and what you need.

    I know that generally we need more Omega 6s than Omega 3s, so I must be getting some of them from my diet. Maybe the deal is that too many Omega 6s cause inflammation, but the right amount of them is good for you. We do need SOME of them.

    Anyway, that has been my experience with EFAs.

    I'm really sensitive to hormones, so I notice any little change in how much thyroid I have in circulation. If I don't get enough, the first things that happen are my face breaks out and my fingernails start breaking. After that I get cold, my hair falls out, I sleep less well, etc. Your symptoms could vary. A good place to find a list of low thyroid symptoms is on


    P.S. The L'Occitane stores I've been to have free samples of just about everything, so you can try stuff before you buy it.
  20. ladybugmandy

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    hi all. i have rosacea, mild MCS, CFS, and very acne prone skin. i have tried a lot of brands, including some high end ones and the only thing that doesnt seem to irritate my skin too much is Aveda moisturizer and Ivory soap.