Please (MCS sufferers) list facial skincare you use....rop

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shelbo, Apr 7, 2009.

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    I don't know if you have seen this site but it is very helpful if you know the things you are sensitive too. It lists ingredients and all the risk factors for each product evaluated. It also assigns them a numerical safety rating -- 0 or 1 is best. I'll write it out: www dot cosmeticsdatabase dot com forward-slash splash dot php question mark URI equals-sign forward-slash index dot php.

    Sorry that is a bit clumsy, but hope you cans get it.

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    Sorry you are getting this crazy reaction to natural products. I can use any natural stuff with no problem, but anything with chemicals/perfumes will give me trouble.

    I use face/body wash from Vital Image to wash my face But it has essential oils, so that might give you trouble. Maybe you are allergic to some oils and not others? Like to rose and lavender but not to something else?

    Another suggestion I would have for you is to make your own stuff. I made body lotion, lipstick and remember that oils go at the end. So, you can make something without oils...
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    Whew! I wouldn't know where on earth to start making my own skincare...
    I know some MCS sufferers do not tolerate chemicals or any essential oils at all so you are fortunate there.... Natural companies tend to stick lots of essential oils in their products so it is hard to know if certain oils bother me or not... I have been able to single out rose because the Organic Pharmacy cream is just full of rose and stinks to high heaven of does Dr Hauschka rose cream which I also react to... :( I seem to 'digest' what I put on my face....when I have used these creams I can taste them and start feeling sick...

    Ugh! I hate's so hard to find stuff... I have seen an eye makeup remover that doubles as a cleanser but I'm not sure about some of the ingredients eg citric acid, aloe vera and potassium sorbate...maybe it's worth a try... I may post the ingredients here and ask the chemically sensitive to give them the once over and tell me if it's worth trying. It's by a co. called Green Beaver (which I believe is in manufactured in the States although I know of a website I can buy it from here...). I wish more companies produced samples as, if you react, you are left with lots of stuff you cannot gets so expensive!

    Thanks for the advice Panthere...I appreciate it.. Shelbo :)
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    I appreciate it...
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    Thanks for the fish oil info...I'll look that up... I will give serious thought to replacing the flaxseed oil with epo...I may order from the States (where I've seen an organic one by Barlean's on vitacost's website)...It's you think it'd survive a transatlantic journey without going rancid? Stuff I order from there takes about three weeks usually...

    Thanks so much for explaining the workings of the epo, BTW! I will look into and research the thyroid... all that flaxseed oil might be doing me more harm than good maybe...

    Anyway, I will let you know how I fare..and thanks for the advice! Shelbo :)
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    I have never tolerated soap on my face but thank you for replying..I'll check out the ingredients in the Cetaphil! :)
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    Hi Sue, would you mind telling me the exact name of that Aveda moisturiser? Is it the All Sensitive? I react to that but it was not moisturisig enough either... Thanks Shelbo :)
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    apologies! :) And..thank you...!
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    You're so welcome, Shelbo!

    I guess I would still feel safe ordering supps from overseas at this time of year. I wouldn't do it in the summer, though, because you don't know what kind of warehouse they might be sitting around in.

    I think I have taken Barlean's in the past, and it seemed as good as any. The organic part sounds nice.

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    Shelbo - I have very sensitive skin, and I break out and react to almost everything...I finally found one I like...the Line is called Paula's Choice (google it) - What's nice is you can order samples of everything. I'm in the US but i would bet they ship to the UK. And their customer service is SUPER helpful in deciding what to get! Everything is fragrance free etc etc...which is awesome. Good luck!
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    Using tomatoes is one of the best methods to take care your skin. You should know that lycopene-rich tomato paste helped participants prevent sunburn when they combined it with olive oil.
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    I just use warm water and a cloth on my face, no cleanser. For moisturizer I use either olive oil or coconut oil. For body soap, I find I can tolerate Lever 2000 a few times a week.