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    Dear All,
    Plesae pray for my friend. She's on disability because of deteriorating bones and also has CFS and Fibro. the man she has been renting a room from has become more and more irresponsible. He just doesn't take responsibility for anything and can't hold down a job.

    He has been more and more irrational and today he scared the life out of her, by throwing a knife down on the bed (towards her), and daring her to kill him. He is really depressed, but there is no reaching him, and he knows how to talk his wayout of things with the authorities.(He'as also 6 foot 4, and very wide, to boot. No one is going to try to get the best of him. She called the police, but they wouldn't do anything.

    Please pray that she finds a place to live. My place is too small, although I offered her a bed, and there are no Section 8 apartments in our town. If only her landlord , with whom they have a wonderful relationship, would have little place- - -.

    Thank you all,
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    Of course, I will pray for your friend. She is in difficult cicumstances , for sure. She really needs to call a women's shelter and get somelegal assistance ASAP.

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    Praying for your dear friend! I agree with Terry about a women's shelter, and all the support they will give.

    He is so irrational and violent that I fear for your friend's safety. It must be so hard for her to even think of such a step. But it sounds essential - that is a dangerous situation.

    Will keep praying for her. Please keep us updated as to how things are going.

    Love and blessings, Judy
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    Please God in your all knowing wisdom help Terry's friend. She's fighting a battle that she can't win without your help. Open her eyes and heart to you and give her strength. Guide her to a place where she will understand that she is loved. Show her the compasion of others that can help her. This I pray in Jesus name. Amen
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    another one up :)

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