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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by moonieray, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. moonieray

    moonieray New Member

    I am in sooooo much pain that it has been almost imposible to make it through the night without waking up in pain several times. My neck, shoulders, hands go numb and burn like they are on fire. Also the backs of my knees, and almost every joint, and muscle, in my body. I can't even make a fist when I get up, let alone walk. I take 3 advil, and 2 extrastrength tylenol, go back to bed and wait for a little relief. I have a Dr appt tomorrow, but had to make it at 4 pm cause I can't function well at all in the am. I am having a hard time typing this, but feel a need to as I am alone and reaching out. I was hit by a car a few years ago, had several broken bones and head injury, hospitalized for a week and 3 months of PT. I have never been tested for FM but have so many symptoms. Also have vertigo, and ringing in my ears, so balance is off. Also have degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis, which I am on Disabiltiy for, also depression, and anxiety. I do have Xanax for that. But not on antidepressents as I have tried them with side effects, so stopped them. I am open to suggestions and HELP from anyone who can relate. Also, do any of you have pain in your armpits that radiates to shoulders and neck? Sometimes it just hurts to take a deep breath.... I would appreciate hearing from you? Thanks so much.........
  2. msnova74

    msnova74 New Member

    Have you tried tramadol or zanaflex.

    As for the radiating pain. It could be chondritis. That is an inflammation of your cartalidge.

    I am on anti-inflammatories for that.

    Hope the MD can give you something for relief.


    LEFTYGG Member

    in the beginning i crashed hands swelled couldnt make a fist would wake up screaming. my husband would put ice packs on hands. i had to sleep elevated .

    i had to have carpal tunnel surgery on both hands thats stopped most pain.get nerve test.

    i have severe pain in feet still and fatigue.

    i hope you get relief love gail
  4. moonieray

    moonieray New Member

    Thanks for getting back to me. No, I haven't tried tramadol or anything else for that matter, except as I said, Xanax, oh and meclazine (Over the counter) for the dizziness, and two kinds of hypertensive medications. Those are the only scripts that I have. I appreciate your help.
  5. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    I am so sorry for your pain. Do you think it might be time to go on something stronger like percocet or oxycotin to control your pain? There is no reason you should have to hurt so bad when there are medications to control your pain available should you want to use them. That is what they are made for.

    Anyway, I hope and pray it goes well at your doctor appointment for your sake!

    Your friend,
  6. moonieray

    moonieray New Member

    I am going to write down some of these suggestions to take to my appointment tomorrow, and again, I thank you people, you have been more than kind. I will get back to you and let you know how my appointment went.
  7. jenn_c

    jenn_c New Member

    Also have arthritis, PTSD, anxiety, depression. I had shoulder surgery 3 yrs ago and some funky nerve/pain issues in my elbow to my hand.
    The pain in your armpit, I had that. Between that pain and pain in my shoulder blades I thought I had lung cancer or something.
    My hands have been going numb when I am in bed for years. I got carpotunnel splints and wear them for a couple of weeks at a time in bed. That seemed to help.
    I have always been clutzy. But now it is worse. I feel like I am going to fall over quite frequently.
    Good luck with your doctors appointment and hope this helped.

  8. wildflowers2

    wildflowers2 New Member

    meds didnt work for me wither so now I take Omega- 3 for the depression- you just have to figure out havemany mgs you need to take. My shrink told me to try it.

    good luck
  9. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    It sounds like you need to get your pain under control. What you are taking is very dangerous and more harmful to your body than opiates. If you do not find the right help from this doctor you might consider asking for referrals here.

    Many of the better doctors on fibro are "word of mouth". If a doctor does not understand fibro, they are not much help.

    Once your pain is under control you will be a different person.

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