Please please pray for me.

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  1. Sweetpotatoe

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    Please stand in agreement and pray for healing and restoration for me.

    I am suffering and in depression, I was decieved by a man, lost my kids to my ex husband after 8 years of battle, I'm homeless, jobless, penniless and sick.

    Lord have mercy.

  2. windblade

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    Oh honey, how terrible! We are all here for you - I have started praying immediately. Patti and I will do a prayer vigil for you.

    What a terrible shock that this man deceived you. I remember the last post you wrote here.

    There are many loving people here who will pray strongly for you!

    Dear Lord Jesus, I lift up Cindy to you, our dear sweetpotatoe. Thank you Lord, that you are faithful to us through all our troubles. Please care for Cindy, guide her in what to do, who to reach out to for help. Even if everyone abandons us, you never will!

    Thank you for your love for her, she is your precious child, your lamb. Help her to know that you are with her - she is not alone.

    Lord, and we lift up her children to you. Thank you for your love for them. Please care for each one. We ask all of this in the precious, holy name of Jesus. Amen.

    Cindy, write more if you can, but know that we won't stop praying for you. I just grieve with you for all that's happened. You've always been such a precious person to me!!!

    I wish I could think of something more to say, or do now. But others will come along with practical ideas and more prayer. Hold on, sweetie.

    Love, Judy

  3. TwoCatDoctors

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    Prayers and guidance to you.
  4. windblade

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  5. Sweetpotatoe

    Sweetpotatoe New Member

    Judy, I'm not sure what happened.

    My battle with my ex husband over my kids and freedom came in october, I got my freedom and redemption, I was exhausted and worn down by so many years of struggle. The judge ruled that my kids could choose who they lived with. In a nutshell they were bribed, my ex husband offered all sorts of goodies, they were afraid of change and basically chose him.

    I had met what I thought was my answer to prayer, a great genuine guy, after 8 years of being on my own devoted to my kids and working hard being harrassed and tormented in this small community, I fell in love, took a risk, commited to marriage and moved away.

    This man lied and decieved me, abused and controlled me, it was so hard to understand, I was in shock, grieving and suffering for months.

    I got away last week, broken and beaten. I am trying to get up and go on.

    My health is my biggest concern because I have to get a job.

    I will never know why these things happen, bad things happen to us all, I find it hard to understand why God would let this happen, I can't ask why.

    Basically I have never had much love, help or support. I trust and believe the best in everyone and everything. I was so careful, I could not have known the web of deciet I was in until it unfolded.

    I refuse to be treated that way, I have had enough years of crap, I have had enough of peoples games and jealousy and wickedness, I just need a way forward.

    I will believe and never stop believing for God's hand of favour, that somehow, someway, someday I will have the peace, joy and provision that I need. There has to be a day of reaping for me, a new season.

    The Lord is all I have.
    Thankyou all for prayers.

  6. jole

    jole Member

    Ohhhh hon, I wish I could be there to help. You must feel so alone and rejected right now, but remember that Jesus also felt that way before He gave all to save us, and is always by your side; and we will be here for you also.

    Your kids, given time, will see through the "trinkets" and begin to understand that that isn't what love is all about. I do hope you have some visitation time with them so they can see how much you love them.

    I really believe God does not "give" us suffering in this lifetime, but when it comes our way, all we can do is offer it back to Him in thanksgiving for the redemption of our sins through His Son, and know that by our belief we will have a much better life in the next world. He will take care of our needs, even though I'm sure it's hard for you to see right now...just have faith!

    Prayers are coming your way for things to change for you...a home, job, and the love of your kids. Be strong, as I know you are, and please lean on us whenever you can, okay?
    Love and hugs to you***Jole***
  7. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    Please forgive me for this short note...I am tired tonight but I wanted you to know I will keep you in your prayers.

  8. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    You did so well to leave! So very well!

    My heart is just aching for you. Do you have a safe place to stay right now?

    We will be your lifeline through prayer now. The one thing I am sure of in life is that the heart of Jesus is without deceit, is pure and total love.

    I know enough about your life story to know that you haven't had the love, support and care that every child deserves. I can relate to that so well.

    I kept repeating the patterns of my abusive childhood - in boyfriends, in a terrible job situation, in not having the pattern of good love to help me find it in my adult life.

    I made a good choice when I started therapy in my 20's, and very slowly, little by little, I was able to make changes enough that eventually I could discern who was harmful for me, or who was trustworthy.

    You did so well to leave this man, Cindy! That is such an excellent thing! You are a very strong woman to do that, when you were so beaten down. I admire that so much.

    Please keep writing to us - I am so concerned about where you are now, do you have food, shelter - do you know anyone in your new area?

    I have always felt a special closeness to you - and you are in my heart, and in my thoughts to keep praying for you. And many others will be too.

    Stay in close touch, and write all that you want and need to. I was so glad to see your post here!

    You are such a valuable, compassionate woman - and you need and deserve that same compassion. Will be waiting to hear from you again.

    With much love,

  9. soulight

    soulight New Member

    I can only say that I am really praying for all the things that others have already mentioned and that I have been where you are. No matter what , lean on God first and He will not let you down . Even when He can't be seen or heard , or even sensed , He works behind the scenes to do the best for you. I truly believe this , as He has done this for me.

    It took a long time to leave my ex. We were married 18 years and it has been a hard challenge to get as far as I have , but well worth it. In fact , I was just reminded why my ex is so poisonous by a letter that he just wrote to my daughter and I . He is a sick man as it sounds like your ex is too.

    Dear Lord ,

    Please watch over Cindy and her kids. Show her children what true love is . Not things , not promises that don't lead to lasting truths. Let them know how much Cindy loves them

    Lord , be Cindy's husband and provide for her finances and shelter and food and everything that she needs. Love her Lord , with a Love that no man can give and hold her gently in Your arms.

    In Jesus Holy Name,
    Amen and
  10. jinlee

    jinlee Member

    And so does Jesus Christ. I don't understand why things turn out the way they do, but whether we understand or not, we still are stuck here to try and deal with things.

    I can only think of maybe finding a church that knows of some resources for you along with whatever government help there is. Do you have women's shelters in Australia as we do here in USA?

    It is so hard being in different parts of the world. We all have extra rooms and would open our hearts and homes to you! It is hard enough just being sick with these DDs and then life throws in a bunch of awfulness to boot....just not fair is it....

    Keep remembering Jesus died for you, He loves you that much. That has always been so hard for me to wrap my brain around. My parents didn't love me that much, my husband either. If you can, on Youtube watch Louie Giglio....It will lift your spirits and give you hope.

    You just have to remember God does love you, even if at the moment is seems he is not there and you ask "where are you God, do you really care, do you even love me?" At least, those are the questions I often ask.

    Just take every minute at a time, one step at a time. God will not abandon you. I am so sorry about your kids, but as others have said, they will discover the truth and the gifts, etc., will become meaningless and they know who really loves them and is always there for them when things get tough...YOU!

    Prayers will be said throughout the day and night (i wake up often at night) for you and in the months ahead. Hang on to the knowing that the will of God will never lead you where the grace of God cannot keep you. (a quote from somewhere but something that helps me).

    Love and prayers and hugs,
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  11. windblade

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  12. Ahbin

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    I'm sorry to hear about your problems. I and my wife will pray for you but I would like to suggest that you pray too. It seems that you're a Christian. As such you're a special child of God. Since God is our Father, He has only our best interests at heart. Why then are you having all these problems? I don't know but many saints have written that it was when they faced the greatest difficulties that God was nearest to them. I know it's hard to believe but look what happened to Job in the end.

    Jesus says, "Whatever you ask the Father in my name, believe and it will be granted to you."

    God bless.
  13. Doznclan3

    Doznclan3 New Member

    Prayers going out your way. I will be thinking and praying for you often. I can't even say that I know how you feel. I can't imagine losing my children through my divorces. Bless your heart...keep praying. The Lord knows you. Through your faith, He will help you through all that you need, just know this. Ask Him, what, where, how? He will answer. Have faith. He loves you so.
    Love, Cynthia
  14. Sweetpotatoe

    Sweetpotatoe New Member

    I'm so grateful for your prayers and support.
    I'm staying temporarily at my mums, it was a last resort, I had nowhere to go.

    Everyday is different as I seek the Lord and sort out whats happened in my life.

    Only God can help me, I wait for, hope for and expect the Lord.

    Please keep praying.

    Love Cindy.
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I was so sorry to hear about your situation. It was so strong of you to get away from your your x husband. My thoughts and prayers go your way for strength to get through all of this. Let us know how you are doing. Hope you have found a good place to stay. Be patient and look around for a job. If you are petient, I am sure something will come your way.

    Were you saying with your mom? Somehow I am remembering that but not sure if that was so. If you had a good place to live like with family you could finally get your life back in order poiece by peice. I understand about me who decieve and balema everythignwrong on their mates. My 3rd daughter 's x was like that. He never gave her any money for her or the kids or did a lot with them. She finally got away with the 3 boys got another car and she got the clunker truck when she finally fouhd herself a job. The split the custody but one is now 19. The youger ones are with her. The oldest was with him .. That is part of the reason our grandson is so lazy. Taking after his dad with no get up and go. Hope that changes.

    God bless you sweetie and please let us know how you are doing. God bless you.


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  16. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Hi Cindy,

    Thinking of you, and wondering how you are - what's happening - how you're feeling.

    I've been going through a rough week this week - really depressed, listless. I kept praying for help, and my prayer was answered by my close friend calling. We had been out of touch for awhile.

    We're reading together on the phone a book called 'The One Year Book of Hope' by Nancy Guthrie.

    My friend said that what drew her to it was that the author had lived through such terrible tragedies. Then, you can believe that the writer is speaking from a deep place.

    Anyhow it did give me hope, and light for today.

    I was thinking of you at so many points in what we read.

    I just came across this other piece of writing now:

    "You are loved now by Christ Jesus".

    I know when I get swept away by dark circumstances, I try and hold onto this so tightly. But sometimes I get so weary, I can't do or think or pray.

    That's why I needed my friend to restore me.

    I hope that all the loving responses that people have written here will help you!!!

    You are still on my heart, and in my thoughts. I really care what happens to you!

    Let us be your church, the body of Christ for you. You are not alone!

    Hoping to hear from you again.

    Love, Judy
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  17. Doznclan3

    Doznclan3 New Member

    I've also wondered about you. And now you Wayne...I'm so glad you have a friend to help you, you know who to go to on your knees, that's if knees can! :) Sometimes, some of us have to plea with our Lord in a more comfortable way than on the knees. I sometimes have to lean sideways in bed to humble myself before the Lord, there are times when I can't even do that for long, and have to lay there with my head bowed, hands together, just something to show Him that I am humbled by the very thought of Him listening to me.
    Prayers for the both of you..feel better soon,
    Love, Cynthia
  18. Sweetpotatoe

    Sweetpotatoe New Member

    I'm still homeless.

    I don't know how long its been now, I'm not in a good headspace.

    I just haven't been able to find a place to live yet, I'm searching everyday, trying to find somewhere safe and affordable. I've been staying at parks and my mums when I'm desperate, its really wretched there. I can't say much.

    I've been seeking God as always, I think I am changing my beliefs there too, not quite sure when it comes to answered prayer, not for big things or tangible things.

    I got suicidal the other day, at utter despair, I have never felt so hopeless and utterly let down by everyone. This is the first time in my life I been left for dead by every human being I know. Times are tough people haven't got the capacity anymore to help, everyones lives are busy and complicated, I understand that, yet what do you do when you need a human being to help, or money to help.

    I've even had to do things against my beliefs, just for survival.

    The mind is complicated, believing and living out life for Jesus is so hard.

    Loss is hard too, I think I have suffered every loss in life, death, divorce, loss of my kids, bankrupcy, homelessness, my health, dignity and freedom, my human rights.

    Like never before I know God, his character, and evil in the world, how do we live out this life in despair and being powerless, at the mercy of other people. I've never known such suffering, and emotional pain, uncertanty and distrust of people.

    Living life alone after 17 years as a mum is hard too, I'm learning a new way of life, it seems meaningless at times though. My hope has always been in the Lord for better days here on the earth, so I wait and hope.

    I've ran out of obiediance, sacrificing, striving and service, I'm in need. I'm accepting Gods will, whatever that is, only time will tell, maybe His grace and mercy is enough right now to get through each and everyday.

    I know I need emotional healing and I need provision, I have no peace living like this, no security. I've never lived rough before, and for me personally its dirty, I see little hope for me for the future unless God steps in. This is the 9th year of excruiating hard times.

    I'm needing more and more meds to help with pain and depression, I'm spiralling out of control. I really believed I would live in victory one day, that my breakthrough would come, I was so determined to make it.

    So I'm taking one day at a time, searching and seeking and suffering, walking around meaninglessly and in pain.

    My endurance is not what it was, my resolve, my grit, I'm really hurting.

    Please pray for me if you read this.

    Lord have mercy.

    Love Cindy.

  19. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Your words are a gift.

    I have no answer now - just to take in what you have said.

    I feel sickened at your suffering, just as I have felt at my own long years of brokenness.

    The only thing I know is the heart of Jesus - that I have turned to in so many times of degradation.

    I pray for you for your needs to be met .

    People have told me so many times that Jesus is nearer to me when I am broken-hearted, when my life has been broken repeatedly throughout the years. Yes, he knows anguish, despair.

    But his love for you, for me brings life. We can't say how it will be, but it is certain.

    I just grieve for you terribly, and will not stop praying and caring until you are sheltered.

    Please let me know as soon as you come to the computer again!

    I really love you, Cindy. We've spent time here sharing our lives.

    You've always been a fighter for the underdog, filled to overflowing with compassion.

    We will find some way to help.

    Lord, have mercy on Cindy - pour out your love on her. Help us to find a way to help her, our sister in the Lord.

    We ask for all of this in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


    With lots of love!
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  20. windblade

    windblade Active Member


    I'll be praying hard for you now, wherever you are. I'm going to call the convent of my nun friends, and ask for the prayers of all the nuns.