Please. please pray for my aunty Lorraine today (and me!)

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    Lorraine has a horrible condition called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and has had this for over half her lifetime. She is 46, I think. I feel like Satan has been blinding her to truth, making her believe life has to be this way for her. There is a huge anxiety component. She has her own flat but she moved back in to her mother's (my grandmother's) and my grandmother is really sick and cannot cope with her. All day Lorraine cries, rocks, stares into space shaking, pleads and begs. She cannot throw things away, she says she has lost all of her things though she cannot name any of the things she's lost, she follows my gran around crying, she has physically attacked my gran twice in the last two weeks, she cannot touch anything and her partner even has to put out her used cigarettes (there are approx 10 empty cigarette boxes on the table she cannot touch or throw away), she does not eat, she cannot go out, I don't know when she last went out. I know we are all God's people together here so I will share with you: she is actually urinating in the sink as she is so scared she may lose something 'important' down the toilet. Her partner is self-interested and self-seeking and only stays around because she pays all the bills, buys his cigarettes and has nowhere to go. He is currently in her flat alone and has stayed away from Lorraine for weeks. He told her he does not love her. My gran is also not well. She has dizzy spells, high blood pressure and lost her partner at Christmas gone. She is forgetful and is under the care of the hospital.
    I have Fibromyalgia and am currently signed off work whcih is a huge worry. I have daily headaches, daily burning eyes, enormous fatigue and pain but things have become so desperate I have had to involve myself. Lorraine has been to a specialist hospital 5 times and each time she has given up with in weeks because she gets 'frightened'when they try to gether out of her comfort zone, albeit gradually. I have made her a doctor's appt for today which I am going to accompany her to if I can prise her out of her house. I am worried I will not be able to cope with driving her there. I rarely drive now because of the pain and risks(I've had Fibro 2 years and and before this I had a clean driving the last two years I have crashed twice). Caused by pain and headaches so I need your prayers even to be able to make this.)
    It's gonna be hard trying to get her out of the house and the doc says Lorriane needs to want to help herself.I don't think he will refer her to this specialist hospital again. I am not sure she does want to help herself because she is so frightened. It's almost like asking someone who's physically bound by chains to participate in the Olympics. I need prayers that God will break these invisible chains so she can be free from this hellish existence. I am low on faith myself at the moment because my own resources are so low. My mum says she thinls our family is cursed. Deep in my heart I know God loves me and Lorraine and does not want us to suffer. Please Lord, give me the faith I lack. I need to be strong today.
    Lorraine is not religious but I pray that God will bless her at her appt and give her hope and courage and restore her. My biggest prayer is that one day by God's grace Lorraine and I will be well, worshipping in church together. Please everyone pray for us. Thank you Shelbo
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    Read your post, and I am about to dash off to my physical therapy appointment. But I will pray for you and your Aunt Lorraine.

    It is a terrible thing to be bound in mental and spritual chains. But I recall the scripture that Jesus came "to set the captives free".

    Grace and peace to you,

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    Sorry I didn't get to reply to this post sooner. How did you get on with your Aunt's appointment? I really feel for you, no wonder you are feeling as if God is so far away.
    I do hope & pray your Aunt will receive & accept treatment to help her over this, surely there are meds that can ease her anxiety etc.
    You have a lot on your plate, I am praying god will bless you, give you His peace & strength to get through these latest hurdles.
    You are not alone, although physically you are, in spirit you have an extended family all here praying for you & your Aunt.
    Let us know how you are doing. And thankyou for youe message on your other post.
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    I just want to let you know, that I know just what you are talking about.
    My son Bradley suffers from tourettes (for now) and at one point Obessivie complusive disorder. that was worse then the tourettes.
    I cannot even begin to tell you how much we all suffered due to the illness.
    There is so much more to it that people actually know.
    My son was on so many medications just to keep him safe.

    this went on for years until I became a christian.

    I began to learn warfare and began to fight for his life.

    He was only seven when he became ill. every night I would sit by his bed and lay hands on him and plead the blood of Jesus over him and pray.
    I would play christian music in his room day and night and read the Word of God over him.
    He is well now, and I believe with all my heart that the Lord delivered him from this ocd illness.

    Bradley use to cry and say his ocd was bothering him and even hear voices in his head telling him he was bad.

    I would tell him not to claim the ocd by calling it his. I would tell him to say the ocd and not my ocd.

    I would also annoint him with oil and get as many people as possible to pray for him. He was also baptized in the Holy spirit.

    I was not going to let the enemy have him, and the Lord delivered him.

    I just want to let you know that there is hope.

    Remember your strength is in the Lord.
    and your faith comes by hearing the word of God.
    turn scripture into prayer and claim them in Jesus name.
    and remember you only need the faith of a mustard seed.

    my heart goes out to you, I truly understand
    luv lisa
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    It's good to know people understand and are praying for me and my family. I really believe in the power of prayer. Thank the Lord your son has been delivered.
    I went to the appt with my aunt. It was mixed really. The doc refuses to send her for intensive therapy as it cost our NHS several thousand pounds a week and she has been 5 times and each time she has given up really early on due to her fears. It is like she is enslaved. I know that Satan has a hold on her through this condition and I know that even though she believes God exists she hasn't accepted him as her Lord and Saviour. I keep praying that this will happen. When our vicar rang the doctor to see what could be done for Lorraine the doctor told him that as far as medicine was concerned he believed Lorraine was beyond help. He told my vicar it was more his realm than his and I truly believe it is so. I have tried to get her to a healing service at my church so many times but it isn't happening so all I can do is pray that a miracle takes place. I know God can do ANYTHING and I am sure his plans for Lorraine don't include this hellish condition. I can only keep praying for her and ask you all to do the same.
    She has anti-depressants but is not taking them regularly. I keep ringing her to tell her to take them but she says she is too worried to do that. It is heartbreaking. I called her last night and she just sobbed and sobbed down the phone. It is so so hard to hear that when it is someone that you love. You know she used to baby sit me when I was little and I adored her and it has been so hard year upon year to see her life snatched away fron her more and more! I pray that God in his infinite grace and mercy will someway cure her.
    I have to ring a day centre today to see if she can have one-to-one help at home. When I spoke to the doctor I asked if he would be willing to refer her to the hospital again for intensive treatment if she made enough progress with the one-to-one (you know if she got to a point where she felt confident enough to take that step) and he said we'll have to see. She has let the day centre down in the past and gave up on the one-to-one they offered a year or so back so they could say no. Please pray that they say 'yes' nad that she takes the help. I don't want her to die like this!
    Thank you