Please POST This on The Porch == Can't Find It!

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    I wrote the message below & cannot find the current PORCH. If anyone can copy this over to the PORCH for me that would be great.

    Otherwise ……. Hello to all.

    == Elaine


    Hello My Friends -- Tsk, Tsk, Tsk Sent Email to Marilyn Monroe / Go Figure

    Hi ALL Porch Peeps,

    It's been ages since I have been here at the Message Board.

    SHESH and last night I was sifting through email boxes & I replied to a message from (AKA -- Marilyn Monroe).

    Well, forget about that because Marilyn must be out on some FANCY SMANCY Date where my I would have thought may she would do the COPY & PASTE and my message might be HERE!

    See, this is where that Handy, Dandy Rocket Ship that (folds up like a tooth pick) & all of those other GAGETS created here on the PORCH ........ should always be available.

    Hm, I gave her the full update and it is 1:30 in the morning. I should be tucked away in bed.

    Oooopps, reminds me ..... I need to take my SLEEP Medication right now.

    OK, just did that.

    I was going to try and upload my Side Business to a FaceBook account, but I don't have a Facebook account.

    Ah, can do that another day if I have the time.

    I've EXPANDED my Side Business into selling completely different things. (A lot of Bath & Body Works products, Hair Care Products, things in those Categories and MORE!)

    Oh, I ship Internationally too!


    == Tests
    == Misdiagnoses..... many.
    == Ignored by various Doctors & Emergency Room too.

    ...... FINALLY got their attention after showing up in the Emergency Room 5 days in a row, with the SAME problem.

    Admitted for Medical Treatment, additional tests, now some real diagnosis, some new medication to help those issues, then having to BATTLE my way through more Doctors & refusing to go away until I had REAL, answers.

    Just finished up my "Extensive Allergy" Testing. Was the 3rd round.

    Well, well, well ........ turns out the reason why I no longer could be in the basement of our house (where the majority of my Living QUARTERS use to be) is because I am HIGHLY ALLERGIC to so many things down there.

    Most importantly, mildew and mold.

    OK, I found that problem out in ......... what ........ the month of June / beginning of July and that is what was causing me to be so sick.

    UTTER FRUSTRATION, yet I've been going through each week and staying very focused on all of the things I need to do for a ....... very Medically Ill Individual (that would be me) ....... and managing the bulk of it myself, since nobody has been able to help me out.

    I squeeze in some time for a little fun & then it is back to on the go.

    Suppose I've been doing this for months where I feel like a ROBOT!

    The GOOD NEWS is, I have clear Medial diagnosis, got the answers I was searching for & hope to be feeling better by the end of the year.

    That's my GOAL, to be caught up with back projects, on a better diet / schedule, less Doctor appointments ........ and knowing WHERE I will be moving to.

    There you go, that is my plan!

    I'm hanging in there, doing the best I can.

    I MISS ALL OF YOU a whole bunch! I really do.

    This is my first time even being able to put aside about 20 minutes to POST a Message to my:

    ----- Lovely, darling, rather hysterical, interesting supportive, understanding & Over All amazing PORCH Pals.

    HUGS, Kisses & Waves,
    == Elaine