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  1. mhelton

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    looking in or close to Aiken, South Carolina
  2. Luvstrwberry

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    Hey there,

    Looking for a decent Rheumotologist and PCP. My PCP got his degree in the 50s and insists tylenol should help my problems... thanks buddy. My rheumotologist says my PCP should call out my pain medications and "it's not his responsibility". My fibromyalgia has been killer since the 100 degree weather hit here in Arizona and my doctors won't help. Does anyone know of a doctor, rheumotologist or pain management doctor who actually believes how much pain I'm in? I am currently seeing Dr. Nolan on North 15th avenue, but his answers are blunt and he knows all about treating me without even hearing my symptoms. Thank you.
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    I am looking for a good PCP in the Richmond, VA area. Everyone I have had has been a dud. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

    I did find a wonderful pain specialist here:

    Dr. Steven Long
    Commonwealth Pain Specialists
    1501 Maple Avenue
    Richmond, Va 23226


    Sheila[This Message was Edited on 07/09/2008]
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    I've had good results with:

    Susan Levine, M.D. (immunologist who specializes in M.E., FM, Lyme and allergies)

    115 East 72nd St.
    New York, NY

    Derek Enlander, M.D. (GP who specializes in M.E. and FM)
    860 Fifth Ave.
    New York, New York, 10021

    My wonderful neuro retired, but my new one is quite good as well ... all of my docs take insurance!

    Anne Remmes, M.D. (neuro - great for head pain, sleep, etc.)
    76th between Fifth Ave. and Madison
    New York, New York

    I had some other fantastic specialists for M.E., FM, etc., but they've since retired or gone into research...Dr. Jay Goldstein in L.A. was one of them...great doctor and human being!!

    Hope the above information helps a bit...

    To healthier days,
    Leeza Behar Glatzer (LBG)
  5. Pinky

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    I see a good doctor in Tampa, Dr. Elizabeth Zable on Dale Mabry. She has helped me alot with the physical symtoms of Fibro but as I stated in a previous post I am having alot of difficulty with emotionally coping with all the symptoms, knowing that i will forever have this pain. I am depressed, easily stressed and anxious, in pain and tired all the time. I just want to be as I was before this DD! Dr. Zable will listen but she relys on prescribing meds. or increasing/decreasing drugs you are already on. I need help with the coping part, the depression. Any docs in the Brandon/Plant City area of Florida that can help me???
    Love, Debbie
  6. blueyegirl

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    Does anyone know of a good Doctor in Rochester, New York.?
  7. ozarkmouse

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    Anthony Tay and he does take insurance
  8. Alary

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    Although I have RA and not FM, I have a friend with FM who is treated by
    Dr. David McLain 205-991-8996 Very popular and busy.
    2229 Cahaba Valley Drive, Birmingham, AL 35242

    The Rheumatology practice I go to is Rheumatology Associates 205-933-0320
    2145 Highland Ave S, Suite 200, birmingham, AL 35205
    They have 4 doctors there, mine is Dr. Traylor who is organized and thorough.
  9. Kristie1116

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    I was very very lucky in finding my doc on the first try. I believe he himself has FM too because he mentioned something about HIS trigger points.
    He sits and listens to how I am feeling, what is working, and what isn't. Together we come up with a plan on what to try next.
    I told him straight out that I really didn't want narcodics like before (with my old docs.) I wanted to try medicines that are for Fibro....He gave me something to help me sleep, Cymbalta in the strongest dose available to be prescribed, and Lyrica. He also gives me trigger point injections every month.
    If I told him tomorrow this stuff isn't working, he would have no problem helping me come up with another plan.

    He is the cutest and sweetest guy you could ever meet. He also has pictures of his new twin babies in all of his exam rooms.

    Here is his info-and he takes insurance!

    Dr. Michael Hardee
    Mooresville, NC
  10. jenn_c

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    Ihave been blessed with 2 great doctors. Even though I still have symptoms and have had to go on ss disability, I am feeling some improvement and my guys are always willing to try different things. They do notgive up. So here they are:

    Dr. Hsu pain management New Era medicine Manchester New Hampshire. Phone number- 603-622-8665.

    Dr. Knight- GP- Londonderry New Hampshire 603-552-1400

    Hope this helps someone.

  11. joni77

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    I live near Walnut Creek, Ca, and use Kaiser but they don't really help me. I'm looking for a good doc for fibromyalgia, and I guess I'll have to pay.

    I have a wonderful Chiropractor. Dr. Brandon Holmes in Concord, Ca.

    I also need a good massage therapist to work on my knots and trigger points.

    Can anyone help me? I think listing doctors is a great idea!
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    Hi. I am writing out of concern for my 72 year old mother who has basically been bedridden with pain for the past six years, and who has recently discovered that she has CFS/FM.

    The pain seems to be extremely dibillatating to the extent that she can hardly even walk.

    She is in immediate need of a RM (rheumatologist) here in Montreal, Canada. So, new to this forum, I was wondering if anyone might have some info that can help out. She does have an appoitment finally with a FM, but it is only at the end of September, and she caould really use some serious pain managmenet right now.

    Looking forward to any ideas. Thank You Kindly.

    Abie G
  13. theamaria

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    I live in Portcoquitlam that is about 40min from Vancouver
    Also live close to Maple Ridge.. Know of any good Dr
    Thank you
  14. theamaria

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    Doyou know if she would take new patients.
    Thank you i live in portcoquitlam
    have fibro and lupus tired of the pain...
    Thank you so much


    my email adress is
  15. MandaJ

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    I have two doctors that I've seen (one has moved practices), but they are both very aggressive and willing to try new things. They are both very good physicians and willing to help and work things out. They both take insurance or self-pay. One is nonprofit and one is for profit.

    Dr. Bernard "Bernie" Birnbaum
    Poudre Valley Health Systems
    Family Medicine Center
    1025 Pennock Place
    Fort Collins, CO 80524
    (970) 495-8800

    Dr. Margaret Lesage (Laysauge)Ausema
    Associates in Family Medicine
    1455 Main St.
    Windsor, CO 80550
    (970) 686-0124
  16. bevcat

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    I am looking for an internist/rheumatologist for my 24-year old daughter who has been suffering from CFS/fibro for the past 7 years.

    I also have CFS/Fibro and see a wonderful internist who believes in CFS/Fibro because his brother suffers from it. He has been excellent in discussing treatment options and providing non-narcotic pain meds( tramadol). I highly recommend him, though my daughter doesn't want to go to the same doctor I do and would prefer to see a rheumatologist.

    My internist's name is :

    Dr. Michael Sutkamp
    Norton Community Medical Assosicates-- Dupont
    3991 Dupont Circle Suite 205

    Thanks for your help.
    Bev Ray
  17. tcpolchies

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    Dr. James Steier in Albuquerque, of NM Arthritis Clinic 505- 822-1552
  18. Alycia07

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    I am seeing one doctor but I'm not sure how good she is I have only been there once but I still want to know if there is better doctors in Denver.
  19. 3gs

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    Dr. Dawson
    10714 S. Jordon Gateway suite 220
    South Jordon ut. 84095

    Best NUCCA chiroprator in Utah!!!
  20. JBL

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    I read the whole list of posts here, didn't find any in St. Louis....