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    Dr. Vicki Prince (904-262-7211) on San Jose Blvd is the only dr. in Jacksonville that has helped me in 7 years. She's knowledgeable about CFS and FM and is willing to prescribe pain meds and sleep meds. Accepts most insurances. I do not recommend any of her PA's; they're not nearly as good as she is.
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    You said you're so tired of having to go to DRs that don't take any insurance!!

    On the bright side, our CFIDS makes us strong advocates.

    I have an corneal dystrophy called Keratoconus (KC) & in 2002, I was legally blind & facing a corneal transplant. Instead, I luckly got "Sclera lens". They allow me to see (although letters keep wiggling), but cost me $5,000 (now they are $20,000). The KC drs were all "woe is me! insurance won't cover lens for KC". They wouldn't even give me a receipt w/ the DX codes that I could file w/ my insurance, because "why even bother!" It was like pulling teeth, they were so convinced it was useless.

    I wrote a letter to the my insurance, w/ all kinds of documentation (like I do when I write advocacy letters to the government/media) to support my case that these "scleras" were not contact lens to look good, but corneal protheses; & they corrected the vision in both my eyes for 1/2 the price of a corneal transplant on one eye.

    The insurance agreed immediately & refunded 80% of the cost. I was the 1st one ever to get their "scleras" covered. The eye doctors took my letter & documents to make samples for others & changed the name from "sclera lens" to "sclera corneal prothesis" & now all insurances cover these lens.

    It was so easy, compared to what I've had to do to get my CFS properly taken care of. W/ CFS I have to shake my whole body, w/ this I barely wiggled my little pinky to fix something that had drs treating a "blinding" disease all in despair.

    It tells me that the powers that be are really making it hard to get CFS researched, adequately treated/cared for, but the minute they do, we are going to be so much more powerful than any healthy person.

    Pam, Living in the State of Hope (RI)
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    The pain management center I'm currently going to is:

    California Headache & Pain Center
    201 South Buena Vista Avenue, Suite 238
    Burbank, CA 91505
    Phone: 818-842-1688

    The main doctor is Dr. Chonghao Zhao, who is awesome overall for treating the chronic pain and headaches. He is great with nerve blocks and is very familiar with Oriental Medicine, which is nice too. He does prescribe narcotic pain medication, if it is working for the patient, and if it has not been working, he is excellent in working to get the patient off the narcotics with minimal withdrawals. This has been great for me, after being on narcotics for a few years which have succeeded only in making my stomach worse. Physical withdrawal symptoms are severe for me, so he helped me develop a plan to drop my med by .5 mg per week, which has eliminated all withdrawal symptoms. Also, even though this is not his area, he did send me for tests on possible viral infections at my request. I brought him a list of tests I wanted done, and he authorized them, although he wasn't sure if all were blood tests or not. If any come back positive, he has stated that he will refer me to an Infectious Disease doctor.

    The other doctor working in this office is Bruce Zeng, who handles acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. He is great also, although not covered by my insurance. The office did, however, allow me to make payments toward the cost of visits and herbal medicine, although typically requiring at least $100 per month payments.

    I also see a psychotherapist in this office - Alan Gordon. He is good to talk to, has some ideas on how to treat some symptoms on our own alternatively, and has been kind enough to allow me to do my appointments over the phone with him, since I have been having difficulty driving myself over there lately.
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    In Omaha...
    David Keller (Physician)
    Alegent Health Care
    Lakeside Hills Branch

    Katherine Wildy (Rheumatologist)
    Methodist Rheumatology

    In KC...
    Michilia Harrington (Physician)
    College Park Family Care
    87th & Monrovia, in Lenexa
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    I am looking for a good doctor worchester county mass
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    Hi all,

    I am new to this group. I live on the west side in Madison, WI, and I've been referred to the pain clinic by my primary doctor. I am in the UW Health system, so I have limited choices for a specialist, but I am OK with who i see for the fibro. My primary doc is another story.

    I'd like to get a different one, but I want the person to familiar with FMS and headaches. Is there anyone out there who can recommend someone for primary care in my area?

    Thank you!

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    A Good Doctor in N.C. 09/14/08 07:19 PM

    Hi, I am new here, first post also. I have a great caring and understanding doctor, who tries to help anyway he can. I have been going to him 24 or 25 years. I have no health insurance and he helps anyway he can with the cost, ( even by giving me samples from the office when he can)
    He is an internal doctor. He takes the time to undestand and show comcern for the pain and illnesses you may have.I have alot, Interstital Cystitis, Degenrative disc disease in my neck and a nerve problem on right side of body ( caused they think from a car accident long time ago. Also one form of glacoma.I just found out recently I have all the signs of Fibro and IBS. and I also have osteo -arthities ( can" spell) sinus and allergy problems. wow! My doctor trys everything to help all these problems and keep them under control.accept the eye problem is with a different doctor.Eye specialist for that. I live in daily pain, some days are good and some are terrible. My pain and muscle relaxers help me. I can't sleep well at night, use nerve pill and anti-depressent at night to help.I don't like taking all the meds, but I would not have the quality of life I have now without them. I hope everyone can find a good doctor to understand their diseases and problems. It sure helps.

    Dr. Michael Garrison
    Westgate Medical Plaza
    1381 Westgate Center Drive
    Winston-Salem, N.C. 27103
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    Did I miss a doctor from St. Louis? Didn't see it in the chain. Thankk you.
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    Any doctor recommendations in Little Rock???
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    Dr. Monte Romellman
    Paducah, KY
    270 443-9351

    He has helped me over 10 years. He recently opened a fibro clinic that has all the perks of a spa (Birk GroveLife Centre, 5150 Village Sq. Drive, Paducah, KY 42001 270 415-9575 ).

    Only women are accepted and all the people who work there are women. It includes a nurse practitioner (best listener I have ever encountered, even better than Dr. Romellman and he is outstanding!, a physical therapist and physical therapy assistant, 2 massage therapists (unbelievably talented with their hands, an aromatherapist who does individual sittings with clients, a life coach, nutritionist and emotional wellness program. In addition they have programs of interest to people with fibromyalgia (ex: time management and relaxation exercises.) Chair yoga is offered to help stretching. They also host a fibromyalgia support group open to the public.

    Obviously I can't say good enough about this new concept for fibro - a one stop area for our needs. I am trying to convince them they need #1, a water feature (heated pool exercise) #2. acupuncturist - never tried it but want to, #3. biofeedback to try to manage pain.

    Back to the spa atmosphere: they off a glass of hot or cold ice tea as soon as you arrive and have a heated neck or back pad while you sit in the waiting room (make sure you arrive early!!) Finally, they have a "relaxation room" to unwind with low lights, soft chairs and magazines. Either zone out or I've even drifted off to a short nap that felt so good!

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    Here is a fair Doctor in Tullahoma Tn. She is one that
    will not treat you as if you are crazy. Which has happened to me so many times I began to hate doctors. She will prescribe some pain meds anyway. But still not half what I need to get throught the day. She gives me a 7.5mg every 12 hrs. on top of antidepressant, muscle relaxer, antiinflamitory and vitmins. All my scripts are third rate
    meds. But they are better than any of the other doctors I have been to.

    Henson Medical
    622 Wilson Ave.
    Tullahoma Tn. 37388

    I had gone to 4-5 other doctors two rheumatologist. One in Nashville Tn at Vanderbuilt. All she did was hurt me. even with me telling her to stop. My husband had to help me out of the building to the truck she caused so much more pain.
    They other rhumatologist was in Hunstville Al. He just treated me badly and ran a lot of test. He acted as if there was nothing wrong with me it was all in my head and gave me a bunch of antipsychotic drug. Which I was not about to take.
    The others were the same as these. I have found that finding a doctor that thinks I am not crazy is a blessing in its self. It is sad to be treated that way as you all know I am sure. So many still do not believe Fibro or CFS are real. GOD BLESS

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    I was trying to find a Dr. in Ar , as we are moving in a month. After a couple min. my brain was fried. So, I copied and pasted most of the list. I will try to finish it later. Please feel free to copy and add any Dr's I may have missed. I just thought it might be easier if we had a running list as well.
    Hope I don't offend.
    Dr. Forest Tennant 1195 S Sunset Ave West Covina, CA 626-
    Stephen C. Seltzer Albemarle Medical Services 105 Yadkin St # 301 Albemarle, NC 28001 (704) 982-9144
    Dr Mark Cervi Carolina Internal Medicine 2460-a Emerald Place Greenville, NC 27834 Couldn't find his phone number on the Internet

    Dr. Kirk Philpot PHYSICIANS EAST : QUADRANGLE MEDICAL 1850 West Arlington Blvd. Greenville, NC 27834 (252) 752-6101 Maybe this will help someone!
    Dr. Joseph Nolan Phx AZ
    Dr. Steve Fantos in Scottsdale, AZ
    Dr. Rick Chavez Phone number (310) 798-1633
    510 N Prospect Ave Redondo Beach, CA 90277-3028, US
    Dr Bahadori Woodbridge Va
    Mark Pellegrino

    North Canton, Ohio
    Dr Daniel Dantini in Ormond Beach, FL
    Cheryl Laskowski 62 Tilly Drive South Burlington Vermont 05403 802-847-3737
    in Evansville: Dr David Johnson
    I will start with my Massage Therapist....he does CranioSacral, Lymph Drainage, Deep Tissue Therapy. (Wonderful)

    High Desert Therapeutic Massage Steven L. Ferraro MT 16085 Tuscola RD. Apple Valley, CA. 92307 (760) 242-1551

    Next, my Chiropractor....he has done magic on my neck and spine.....keeps my head on straight........He! He!

    Bear Valley Chiropractic Ernest Rubio JR., D.C. 14960 Bear Valley Rd. STE C Victorville, CA. 92392 (760) 241-0018

    Neurologist, had NCS and study with the needles...very gentle and concerned, able to joke with him...overall nice young man.

    Victor Valley Neurology, Inc. Noel C. Bernales 15995 Tuscola Rd. Suite 203 Apple Valley, CA. 92307-2159 (760) 946-4004
    J.P. Advanced Pain Management, Inc. Joe Park, M.D. Board Certified Anesthesiologist Pain Management Specialist 17260 Bear Valley Rd. Ste 109 Victorville, CA. 92395 (760) 843-9679
    Hudson Family Dentistry Scott Hudson, D.D.S. 12120 Ridgecrest Road Suite 203 Victorville, CA. 92395 (760) 951-1007
    Dr.Steinberg,Neurologist Sunrise Medical Group 4925 Sheridan street suite #200,Hollywood Florida 954-981-3850

    Dr. Keith Buchhalter Chiropractor Dania Florida,Sheridan street 954-929-1888
    Dr Kenneth Oder Taylorsville Road Taylorsville KY 40071
    Tyler Texas-Dr.Glen Graves-rheumatologist
    Dr. Wright Meridian Health group Pain Management Indianapolis, IN
    Dr. Benjamin H. Natelson MD. Professor of Neurology & Neurosciences Chronic Fatigue Center 90 Bergen Street Suite 8100 PO>Box 1709 Newark, NJ 07101-1709

    Phone: 973-972-4800
    Dr. Luk PanAm Pain Clinic 75 Poseidon Bay Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    You do need a referral from your family doctor, and there is a looooooong waiting list. The wait is worth it to see him.
    Dr Robert Katz Chicago,IL Rush Professional Building
    Travis McNeal Medford, Oregon
    Travis McNeal Medford, Oregon
    Brazell carter Richmond CA on 27th and Mcdonald you can google him
    Dr Larry Sharp 8509 Western Hills Blvd Suite 300 Fort Worth, TX 76108 817-246-7676

    Dr. John Harney Richardson, TX


    Dr. Joe Sample Plano, TX
    Steven Croft 5130 Linton Blvd Suite F1 Delray Beach, FL 33484 (561) 495-0600
    Bay West Family Health Care: Bishop Barbara MD 1580 Valencia St # 201 San Francisco, CA 94110 (415) 550-0811
    R. Dixit Rajiv K MD

    120 La Casa Via # 204 Walnut Creek, CA 94598 (925) 210-1050
    Dr.Quinn auburn ny
    Internal Medicine with lots of fibro knowledge: Dr. Neil Erickson (816) 941-9030

    Infectious Disease dr: Dr. Joseph Brewer; (816) 531-1550 (hard to get in to see, not sure if he is taking new patients, (according to my disability lawyer) would probably need referral)

    Pain management: Dt. Steven Simon (913) 599-2440
    Phillip Taylor in Thousand Oaks, CA. His phone is (805) 497-3839. He is semi-retired, office is only open Tues, Weds & Thurs, and it takes 4 months or so to get an appointment. He does hair analysis and food allergy testing.
    Arthur Ford of Kingman Arizona .
    Dr. Jonathan Green 1010 High House Road Cary, NC 27513 919-481-1515
    Dr. Stephen Shirley 400 Doctors Way New Albany, MS 38652 662-534-5036
    Dr. Shereen Hashmi – Rheumatology
    Dr. Robert W. Jackson Kirksville, Missouri Specialty: Rheumatology (Arthritis) Webpage: (external) Phone Number: 660-627-5175

    Hedrick Medical Center 100 Central St. Chillicothe, MO 64601 660-646-5444
    Dr. Sanders Davis 95 Mt Kemble Morristown
    NJFibromyalgia Treatment and Learning Center. Dr Michael J. Powell, D.O. 650 University Ave, Ste 200 Sacramento, CA 95825 (916) 922-8400
    Seirra Rose Family Physicians Medical Group. 8735 Sierra College Blvd, ste 100 Roseville, Ca 95661 (916) 786-5908
    Nina Ramsey 9730 3rd Ave NE # 101 Seattle, WA 98115 (206) 522-5243
    Traverse City, Michigan Dr. Jay Jones
    Pain Specialist: Dr. Michael P. Azevedo 1805 East Fir Avenue,Suite 102, Fresno, CA 93720 559-325-3070

    Chiropractor: Dr. Richard S. Garabedian 2133 High Street, Suite C, Selma, CA 93662 559-896-3224
    Dr David Edelberg 2522 N Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL William Epperly 245 S Gary Ave Bloomingdale, IL
    Dr Charles L Crist 1824 S. Lone Pine Ave., Suite C Springfield, MO 65808 (417) 886-8995 fax: (417) 886-8389
    James Bellor Jr., M.D., Columbia
    Dr. Yong D. Chang M.D. 501 Rita lane Suite 101 Aelington Texas,76014 phone # 817-4176141 fax # 817-417-6261
    Dr. Kevin E. Conner 501 Rita Suite 105 Arlington, Texas 76014 phone # 817-417-6141 fax # 817-417-6261
    Dr. Jacqueline Livingston San Marcos TX (about 18 miles south of Austin) 512-396-391
    Dr. Paul K Pickrell Austin Arthritis Austin TX 512-732-2929
    Dr. Kevin Misenheimer Buda Family Chiropractic Buda TX 512-295-9345
    Dr. Quadri (with Heartland Internal Medicine) 270-769-0892
    Stephen Plotnick and he is located on Virginia Beach Bovl. his number is757-412-1048
    Dr Jane Barber Moorcroft Medical Centre Botteslow Street Hanley Stoke on Trent Staffordshire ST1 3NY
    Dr. Stella Staley (Internal Med) but specializes in FM patients. Has 2 great Nurse Practitioners that do too!)

    Brian VanSteenburg VS Salon in Midway, KY
    Temecula Pain Management Group In the Inland Empire CA
    ON. Canada. Greenspoon Pain Management Clinic
    Loretto Tn. Dr. Matthew Shantz.
    Dr. John Hague, Rheumatology Associates in Indianapolis. 317-848-6666 for apts, 317-844-6444
    Louisville Dr.Micheal Mckibbens
    Dr Lewis, his practice is in Melbourne
    Annette Beasley Main Street Medical Ministry 4090 Main Street SE New Middletown, IN 47160 812 968-3800Dr. Michael Smitherman Roswell, GA
    Dr. William Spurlock Dallas FFC
    Dr. Sanjeev Bhatla Family Doc Calgary Alberta

    Dr. Anne Marie Crawford Rheumatologist Calgary, Alberta
    Dr. Joseph Couri Methodist Hospital Peoria, IL
    Dr Richard Podell NJ
    Dr. Morris Papernik out of Rush-Presby
    Dr. Seymour Levine in Los AngelesDr. Theresa Lawrence and her sister Cynthia Lawrence-Elliot Lawrenceville and Duluth, Georgia
    Dr. Straus at Northside Cherokee Hospital (has his own practice, also). He is a very kind Neurologist

    Also Dr. Drexinger is a good neurologist. He's somewhere's in Cherokee or Cobb County, GA
    Dr. Diane Ferguson and she is in Ridgeland, MS.
    Dr. Nabil Barsoum MD, PA 100 S Military Trail Street 10 Deerfield Beach FL 33442 (954) 426-9600
    Dr. Susan Levine in NYC
    Amarylis Torres,Rheumatology Florida Medical Clinic,PA Zephyrhills,FL

    Dr Cevallos,Pulmonology Florida Medical clinic,PA Zephyrhills,FL

    Dr Tsambiras,Infectious Disease Florida medical Clinic,PA Zephyrhills,FL

    Dr Khuu,Cardiology Florida Medical Clinic,PA
    Dr. James Stevens, (D.O.) 972-980-2300; fax 972-980-3730
    Dr. Croley, Denton, Texas Phone # is 940-384-0074; fax 940-384-0067.
    Dr. Lori Thompson Bloomington, Indiana
    Dr. John William Whitaker Physicians Center for Treatment of Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia 1401 N. Highway 89 Farmington, UT 84025 Call for best directions. Phone: 801-451-5900 Monday-Thursday 8:00am-6:00pm
    chiropractor/massage therapist team in the Logan, UT, office of Dr. Evan LeFevre, 435-752-4747.
    Dr. John Rawlings Internal Medicine Physician 3211 Francis Lewis Blvd Barra Rawlings & Coleman Mds
    Dr. Gregory Gustafson, MD 72-41 Grand Avenue Maspeth, NY 11378
    Stevko Annette Mdc Ccsp ***Also known as (503) 281-3400 Hollywood Chiropractic*** 4111 NE Tillamook St Portland, OR 97212
    V Robert Clark
    Dr. Larry Elzinga of the FFC in Portland.
    Dr. Mark Pellegrino 330-498-9865

    North Canton
    Dr. Steve Yang (Internal Medicine) Beulah Street Alexandria, VA (703) 922-6161
    Doctor in Arlington VA Alan Terlinsky
    Dr. Jeffrey Galpin Tarzana, Ca (San Fernando Valley)
    Dr. John Krusz 5446 Glen Lakes Drive Dallas TX
    Dr. Bell in Western NY.
    Dr. Derek Enlander and Dr. Susan Levine in NYC
    Statesville,N.C. Dr Duncan A. McCall----Rheumy , Dr Duncan A. McCall----Rheumy , Dr Byron Dunaway ORTHOPAEDIC SPECIALIST
    benton arkansas dr kristen wright saline memorial hosp, 501-778-0934
    Daniel Hexter,M.D. Neurology 410-266-9694 122 Defense Hyway Annapolis,MD.
    Dr. James Bellor, Rheumatology 410-964-6139 Colombia and Annapolis MD.
    Dr Eddie Yeh M.D. Valley Medical Center 41511 E. Florida Ave. Hemet Ca. 92544
    DR Michael Leach Vandergriff Building Arlington Memorial Hospital
    Dr. David Vallance 3055 Plymouth Road Suite 102 Ann Arbor, MI 48105 (734) 623-0100
    Dr. Hal Blatman Blatman Pain Clinic Blue Ash (Cincinnati), Ohio
    Dr. Nurbahi Hundal 1516 Colorado Ave Turlock, CA (209) 668-5454
    DR. Nicole Kehoe Santa Paula Medical Clinic Santa Paula,Ca Near Ventura
    Dr. Toni Trate 1-248-474-0955 Farmington Michigan
    Laurie A Marti, MD, PLLC 12000 NE 8th St, Suite 207 Bellevue, WA 98005 United States 425-232-1965
    Dr. Diana Bradley , Neurologist is Dr. Matthew Echelbrecht Asheville, NC
    Dr. Gallant at Corvallis Internal Medicine Corvallis Oregon
    Dr. Ali Joplin Missouri
    Dr. Jennifer Kwan-Morley, M.D. Certified Rheumatologist Paoli Point Medical Bldg 11 Industrial Blvd. Paoli, PA 610-647-2398

    Dr. Nancy Walker, M.D. Certified Rheumatologist Moved to Hershey, PA
    Mary Claire Wise, MD 1654 Monroe Ave. Rochester, NY 14618 (585)256-1967
    Dr. Reubon Isern Beaumont TXDr Nabil A Barsoum MD PA 100 South Military Trail Street 10 Deerfield Beach, FL 33442-3032 Phone: (954) 426-9600
    Dr. Nader Shehata 4201 N State Rd. Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33322 (954) 485-1311
    Dr. James Steirer @ Presb -Rheumatology Dept. 505 -291 -2222
    Multicare DRS here all will treat with pain meds for FM. 17700 SE 272nd st. covington WA 98042 with or with out ins. all DRS here will have you sign a pain contract. heres 2.

    ---- my favorite DR.Maricar dE GUZMAN-Abajero, MD FEMALE 1-800-870-6808 253-372-7100 suite 240th 2nd floor. treats with both oxys for break through pain. very nice christian

    DR.Louis Jacobson, MD Male,4th floor suite 400 Pain specialist & Clinic 253-372-7000 only treats with methadone or Ms contin
    Dr. Joe Nelson, D.C. 6416 Bandera Rd. San Antonio, Texas (210) 681-1000
    Dr. I. Jon Russell, M.D., Ph.D. San Antonio, Texas.
    Pain Management of York Dr. Stephen Laucks, M.D. 2080 Springwood Road York, PA 17403 717-848-3979
    Dr. Ted Rooney, Dr. Rettenmaier, Dr. Gilg, and Dr. Finan Mercy Arthritis Center 1601 NW 114th Street, Suite 151 Clive, IA 50325 515-222-7400

    Louis E. Schneider, D.O. 1212 Pleasant Street # 204 Des Moines, IA 50309 515-241-5743

    Dr. Jackie Stoken 411 Laurel Street, Suite 3300 Des Moines, IA 50314 515-247-8400Dr. Michael Winklemann Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation One Layfair Drive, Suite 100 Jackson, MS 39208 601-936-8800 or 601-936-8891

    Dr. Heather H. North, Rheumatologist 3631 Bienville Blvd., Suite A Ocean Springs MS 39564 228-872-1951
    Mike E. Lemonds, M.D. 6570 Summer Oaks Drive Bartlett, Tennessee.

    901-373-7100 : Fibromyalgia & Pain

    Dr.Chuck Olds Cookeville, TN 931-520-3433

    Dr. Paul Hayes 610 Alexander Plaza Franklin, TN 37064 615-796-PAIN

    Dr. Reggie Henderson Lexington Family Practice Lexington TN 38351 901-968-2006

    Dr. Robert Cochran 2201 Murphy Ave. Nashville, TN 37203 615-340-6940

    Dr. David Wohlwend MD (FP, AAPM) Tennessee Valley Integrative Pain Center 1200 Merchants Dr. Knoxville, TN. 37921 office 865-689-5333 and fax 865-689-5388
    California Behymer, Richard E. M.D. 940 Sylva Lane D-2 Sonora, CA 95370 209-533-0433

    George Bisbee M.D. 500 Doyle PArk Dr. Santa Rosa CA 95495 (95404) 707-544-3411

    Alan Brauer, Psychiatrist, Neurology Palo Alto, Ca.

    Dr. Melvin C. Britton MD Arthritis and Rheumatic Diseases 300 Homer AVE Palo ALto Medical Clinic Palo Alto CA 415.853-2977

    Cedars' Sinai Hospital FMS treatment program Clinic. Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Bruce Dobkin Department of Neurology Suite B200 300 Medical Plaza LA, CA 90095

    Dr. Ka Kit Hui MD UCLA Department of Internal Medicine 200 Medical Plaza, Suite 420 LA, CA 90095 310 206-3551

    Kanwal Khanna, Rheumatologist 1429 College Ave. Suite M Modesto, Calif 95350 209-524-1558

    Klonoff, MD, David C. Endocrinologist 1870 El Camino Real, Suite 200, Burlinggame, CA 94010 650-697-8602

    Malinak, James R. M.D. Board Certified Rheumatologist 5111Garfield St. Suite B La Mesa, CA 91941 619-460-4050

    Dr. Karen Reardon 1020 29th St. Sacramento, Ca. 916-733-8233

    Dr. Erich Ryll Internist & Infectious disease 6437 Faie Oaks Blvd. Carmichael Calif. 95608 916-489-4100

    R. Paul St. Amand MD 4560 Admiralty Way Suite 355 Marina del Rey CA. 90292 310-577-7510

    Silverman, MD, Dr. Stuart 8641 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 301, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 310-358-2234,

    Stuart, Daniel MD, PhD Board Certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation & Anesthesiology 4033 Third Ave., Suite 102 San Diego, CA 92103 1-619-295-4299

    Dr. Ken Wiesner 650 Howe Ave. Sacramento, Ca. 916- 922-7021

    Dr. Ron Kundargi 18002 Outer Hwy 18 Apple Valley, CA 92397 619-243-1912

    Dr. Sheila Bastien, Ph.D. Neuropsychologist 2126 Los Angeles Ave. Berkeley, CA 94707 510-526-7391

    Stuart L. Silverman, MD FACP FACR Professor of Medicine and Rheumatology, UCLA Medical Advisor, Fibromyalgia Rehabilitation Program, Cedars Sinai Hospital 8641 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 301 Beverly Hills, CA 90211 (310) 358-2234

    John Tepper, MD, PhD Cupertino, CA Dr. James Ryba, Rheumatologist lll00 Warner Ave, Suite 250 Fountain Valley, CA 92708-4062 (714) 549-8905

    Jeffrey Mandel, M.D., FAAFP Medical Director of Medical Express 22429 Hesperian Blvd. Hayward, California 94541 510-782-7111

    Peng T Fan, M.D. 12660 Riverside Dr., #200 No. Hollywood, CA 91607 818- 980-7010

    Dr. Huy Hoang Wellness Healing Center 11695 National Bl. Los Angeles, CA 90064 310-479-2266

    Dr. Thomas A. Santucci, Chiropractor A Sante Health Center 455 Los Gatos Blvd, Suite 107 Los Gatos, CA 95032 408-358-2188

    Jonathan D. Rand, M.D. 4644 Lincoln Blvd., Suite 507 Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 310-821-9800

    Dr. Robin Hays 475 Los Coches Street Milpitas, CA 95035 408-946-9332

    Jay Goldstein, M.D. 701 N. Glassell St. Orange, CA 92867 714-516-2830

    Dr. Christine Green Palo Alto, CA 415-325-8592

    Dr. Raj Patel, M.D. 1779 Woodside Road Redwood City, CA 415-365-2969

    John R. Shaw, M.D. 3719 Arlington Ave. #1 Riverside, CA 92506-2608 Phone: 909-781-3800

    Dr. Fred Herman 729 Sunrise Ave., Suite 200 Roseville, CA 95661 916-782-4898

    Dr. Kwiker 3301 Alta Arden #3 Sacramento, CA 95825 916-489-4400

    Dr Martin Mulders 3301 Alta Arden #3 Sacramento, CA 95825 916-489-4400

    Dr. Lee Snook 2288 Auburn Blvd., #200 Sacramento, CA 916-568-8338 Pain management

    Scott Anderson, M.D. 25 Mitchell Blvd., Ste. 8 San Rafael, CA 94903 415-472-2343

    Dr. Jeremy E. Kaslow 720 No. Tustin Ave., Suite 102 Santa Ana, CA 92705 714-565-1032

    Allen G. Gruber, M.D., 1111 Sonoma Avenue, Suite 306 Santa Rosa, CA 95405 707-546-7246

    Dr. Peter V. Madill, M.D. 7005 Hazel Cotter Court, Suite G-3 Sebastopol, CA 95472 707-823-3312

    Michael J. Goldberg, M.D., 5620 Wilbur Ave., Suite 318 Tarzana, CA 91356 818-343 - 1010

    Dr. Dee B. Lom MD., 954 W. Foothill Blvd. Upland, CA 91786 909-931-7682

    Michael Powell Fibromyalgia treatment & learning center 650 University Avenue, Suite 200 Sacramento, CA 95825 (916) 922-8400 FAX (916) 922-8488


    California Pain Doctors Doctors that treat with narcotics for patients with Chronic Intractable Pain.

    Veract Intractable Pain Centers:

    Dr Forest Tennant West Covina, California 338 South Glendora Ave. West Covina, CA. 91790 Ph. (626) 919-7476 Fax (626) 919-7497

    Grass Valley, California 12059 Nevada City Hwy. #106 Grass Valley, CA. 95945 CA. Ph. (530) 272-5992 Fax (530) 272-2970

    Oxnard, California 2055 Saviers Rd., # 9 Oxnard, CA. 93033 Ph. (805) 487-9645 Fax (805) 487-9645

    Santa Maria, California 614 E. Main St. PO Box 5338 Santa Maria, CA. 93454 Ph (805) 349-9949 Fax (805) 349-994

    Dr. Timothy E. Lynch MD 817 W. 17th St. Santa Ana, CA 92706 714-991-7246
    Norman Levin, M.D. 39070 John Mosly Hwy. Aldie, VA 22001 703-260-3484
    The Dulles Pain Management Center Dr. Joseph Statkus & Dr. Stephen Whittman 13890 Braddock Road Centerville, VA 20121 703-449-8720

    Celeste P. Campbell, Psy.D. 7202 Arlington Blvd. Falls Church, VA 22042-1859 703-207-0347

    Dr. Barrington Bowser Richmond Community Hospital Dr's office suite 201 Richmond, VA 23231 804-440-8425
    James D. Prickett, Rheumatologist Madrona Medical Group 4465 Cordata Pkwy. Bellingham, WA 98226 360-738-2200

    Dr. Don Greggain 1117 Highland Clarkston, WA 99403 509-751-1500

    Jonathan Wright, M.D. & Davis Lamson, N.D Tahoma Clinic 515 West Harrison, Suite 150 Kent, WA 98032 206-850-5661

    Dr. Albert G. Corrado 800 Swift Bv, Suite 200 Richland, WA 99352 509-946-4631

    Stephen Smith, MD 1516 Jadwin Richland, WA 99352 509-946-1695

    Dr. Paul B. Brown, M.D., Ph.D. 1221 Madison Street, Suite 918 Seattle, WA 98104 206-587-0693

    Dr. P. Scott Pollock 515 Minor Ave. Seattle, WA 98104 206-386-9500

    Dr. William Correll S. 3424 Grand Blvd. Spokane, WA 99203-2621 509-838-5800
    John DeSimone Syracuse, NY

    Leo Galland, M.D. 133 E. 73rd Street New York NY 10021

    Myron Kleiner, MD Rheumatologist 285 Fills Road, Building 1 Suite A E Patchogue NY 11772 516 654 3363 180 E Mail Street, Suite A Bay Shore NY 11706 516-665-4466

    Susan Levine M.D. 889 Lexington Avenue New York NY

    Dr. Leonard Mayer, chiropractor Route 202 and 116 Westchester County, Somers NY. 914-276-3030

    Dr. James Ross Rochester, NY 716-529-2564

    Lori Sloane, MD Rheumatologist 200 Vetrans Road Yorktown Heights NY 10598 914- 962-5501 also 125 King Street Chappaqua, NY 914-238-8911

    Turchick, Dr. Jim 725 Irving Avenue Crouse Physicians Office, Room 302 Syracuse, NY 315-470-7857

    Peggy Ann Garjian, M.D. 458 Bay Ridge Pkwy. Brooklyn, NY 11209 718-238-4158

    Dr. Kenneth J. Santiamo, D.C. 458 Bay Ridge Parkway Brooklyn, NY 11209 718-238-4284

    Dr. Richard J. Herbold Crescent Chiropactic 140 Lapp Road Clifton Park, New York 12065 518-371-6431

    Dr. Roger Mazlen 148 Tulip Avenue Floral Park, New York 11001 516-352-9483

    Dr. David Bell 77 South Main Street Lyndonville, NY 14098 716-765-2060

    Dr. Michael Raucci 130 Dolson Ave. (Playtogs Plaza) Middletown, New York 10940 914-344-1852

    Dr. Derek Enlander, M.D. 860 Fifth Ave. New York, NY 10021 212-794-2000 or 212-794-9588 or 516-878-4840 or 212-794-2000

    Dr. Pelkey 32 West 96th Street, Garden Apt. A New York, NY 10025 212-662-6560

    Peggy Ann Garjian, M.D. 71 Todt Hill Road, Suite 202 Staten Island, NY 10314 718-720-1030

    Dr. Kenneth J. Santiamo, D.C. 4268 Richmond Ave. Staten Island, NY 10312 718-317-1325Alabama Banner, Dr. Sam Nathanael Medical Center PO Box 8307 1435 West Main Street Dothan, AL 36304 334-702-8872 Gilliland, M.D., Regina P. 200 Montgomery Highway, Suite 150, Birmingham, AL 35216 205-877-2202 AL James Beretta, D.O. Pain Management Specialist Birmingham, AL. 205-663-2481

    Carolyn Comer, M.D. Alabama Asthma & Alergy Center 3349 Independence Drive - Suite 200 Birmingham, AL 35660 Office Phone: (205) 871-9661

    P. Anthony Saway, M.D. 2145 Highland Avenue South - Suite 200 Birmingham, AL 35205 205-933-0320

    Dr. Sam R. Banner, DO.Nathanael Medical Center 1435 West Main Street PO Box 8307 Dothan, AL 36304 334-702-8872

    Frank H. Rudeseal, M.D. 120 Cahaba Valley Parkway, Ste. 200 Pelham, AL 35214 205-985-9828Olsen, Dr. Mary Rheumatologist 2965 Harrison Suite 214, Beaumont, TX 77702 409-898-7172

    Molina, Dr. Rodolfo, 10130 Huebner Rd., San Antonio TX 78240 210-690-8067

    Dr. William Rea 8345 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 220 Dallas, Texas 75231 214-368-4132

    Sheila Horsley, M.D. 11803 South Freeway Ft. Worth, Texas 76115 817-293-6988

    Dr. Jackie Preston West College Grapevine, TX 76051 817-481-1511

    Arlette Pharo, D.O. 4200 Westheimer, Suite 200 Houston, Texas 77027 713-626-0505

    Dr. Patricia Salvato Houston, TX 713-960-7900

    Dr. Wilson L. Lynch 3310 Triangle Dr. Port Arthur, TX 77640 409-962-2266

    Troy Caldwell, M.D. 1143 Rockingham Dr., Ste. 106 Richardson, Tx. 75080 214-437-1290

    Raymond Potterf, MD, PhD 7410 John Smith San Antonio, TX 78229 210-692-1988

    Dr. Howard Dillard, MD #6 Professional Park Webster, Texas 77598 281-338-1881

    Oscar 6036 North 19th Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85015 602-249-2006

    Roth, Dr. Sanford 3330 North Second Street Phoenix, Arizona 85012 (602) 234-4444

    Weinrib, Dr. Lisa 8300 N. Hayden Road Scottsdale, AZ 85258 609-596-1924

    David R. Furrow, D.O. 3201 W. Peoria Ave. Suite D-700 Phoenix, AZ 602-439-3983

    Dr. Gary Silverman 3337 N. Miller Road Scottsdale, AZ 85251 602-941-3991

    Lisa Weinrib, M.D. 8300 N. Hayden Rd. A-200 Scottsdale, AZ 85258 602-596-1924

    Scott Rigden, M.D. 2502 East Southern, Suite 16 Tempe, AZ 85181 602-820-4297

    Dr Alex Perrian Tucson, AZ 520-290-0300
    Dr. Nancy Sawyer, Birmingham, AL
    Stephanie Lindstrom M.D. Metamora Medical Center Metamora, Illinois

    Thomas Santoro M.D. Methodist Medical Group Rheumatology Peoria, Illinois
    Charles Lapp, MD Hunter Hopkins Center Charlotte, NC -specializes in CFS/ME and FM
    Dr. Richard Wilmot 2 Executive Parks Drive Albany, NY 12203
    Mark Bessette, D.O. Pathways Integrative 745-6513

    General Practitioner
    Dr. James Bellor 5450 Knoll North Dr # 200a Columbia, MD 21045
    Dr. James Bellor 2629 Riva Road Annapolis, MD 21401
    Dr. Richard Podell Springfield, NJ
    Dr. Mark Hyman Lenox, MASS
    Dr. Winnie Su Broadway (near Arbutus) Vancouver, BC Canada
    Windrose Clinic 1137 W Garland Ave Spokane, WA 99205 509-327-5143 Dr. Watrous and Dr. Potenza
    David Goldstein-2500 Brooktree Rd.-Wexford, PA-724-934-7780.
    Michael J. Waickman 544B White Pond Dr. Akron, OH 44320-1141 330-867-3767

    Environmental Medicine, Allergy, Immunology This is my main CFS doc. I also use him for MCS.

    Lavalle Metabolic Institute 5400 Kennedy Ave Cincinnati, OH 45213 513-924-5300
    Albany, New York, was Dr. Richard Wilmot. 518-435-9831
    Dr. Terence Starz UPMC Arthritis and Internal Medicine Pittsburgh, PA
    Dr. Hal Blatman Blatman Pain Clinic/Center Cincinnati, OH
    Rheumy Dr. Thomas Romano 205 North 5th Street Martins Ferry, OH 43935 740-633-2449
    Family Practice (family member has Fibro) Dr. G. P. "Jeep" Naum, III North 5th Street Martins Ferry, OH 43935 740-633-6388
    Dr. James Crumb 3280 Dauphin Street Bldg. A Mobile, Alabama 36606 251-450-3700 800-628-5956
    Dr. Dale Jones Jackson Purchase Medical Drive Mayfield KY 270-251-4545
    Dr. Patricia Salvato Internal Medicine 4126 Southwest Freeway, Suite 1700 Houston, TX 77027 ph# 713-961-7100
    Dr. in Santa Ana Timothy E. Lynch at 817 West 17th Street 92706 24hr calls voicemail (714) 991-7246 and Appts. (714) 542-7727
    Robert Keller, M.D Hollywood, Fl,
    Dr. Jeanine Connolly Pronger Smith MedicalCare Tinley Park, IL Blue Island, IL
    Dr. Robert Katz Rush Rheumatology, Chicago IL

  13. YiuTaiTai

    YiuTaiTai New Member

    I found a doctor who, so far, seems to be great. He's a little reserved as far as personality goes, but he is very knowledgeable and sympathetic. He's not over-ready to prescribe pain killers, but I think that when other methods fail, he will be forthcoming with the magic pills. :)

    Dr. Steven Marshak
    Nova Med Grp
    21785 Filigree Ct
  14. Leaknits

    Leaknits New Member

    I read in someone's message about a good dr (but he doesn't take insurance) in Santa Rosa.

    SR is too far away from Clearlake CA to get there by bus. I do not drive.

    Even if someone else does the driving there's the pesky fact that hours of travel impact the d'ds to where the next few days are spent in bed and wondering if the still-unemptied boxes from a recent move will ever be emptied.

    So. It's a tall order, I know that, but I need a decent and listening dr in Lake County who accepts MediCare/MedicAid.

    It seems 98% of the drs here are in clinics so they do accept M/M. Accepting the insurance doesn't mean they know squat about Fibro/ME.
    The clinics are all run by practitioners of a certain religion.
    A pain patient has to sign onto and abide by The Rules of a thing called Pain Patient Protocol.
    For instance one of the rules has to do with not changing pharmacies without permission. Who do these people think they are, that they may dictate which pharm a person uses?
    If I were a Pain Patient at a clinic I'd have to ask dr if it was alright with him, if I want to change from current pharmacy to one that's nearly right next door, now that I've moved. And dr is allowed to withhold permission! HUH??

    My current guy does have his own office but he seems to think the only thing to do is complain about the fact I can't use an ever-growing list of medications.

    He recently decided out of the blue that I'm bipolar. Gave me a sample pack of some stuff called Zyprexa. He didn't want to hear about how FDA stepped up a while back and told the truth about Zyprexa.
    Against slightly better judgment I tried the pills. Two days later I had no idea what year it is and thought I was in San Francisco from which I moved in 1979.

    If Zyprexa is the fixit for the bipolarity I do not think I have, I'd rather have the illness.

    Current dr also "forgets" little facts that are in that file he doesn't read. He's tried to give me anti-d's, Ritalin, things that are on my Allergy List and the latest whizzer is that I'm supposed to go to labs to have tests run.
    Tests that require fasting.
    I'm hypoglycemic. I eat something each 3 to 4 hours or wind up on the floor. He doesn't believe I have awakened in fullblown dizzy, sweaty, shaky, I have to eat NOW and made it to the kitchen to fix something fast...only to crash to the floor before I can get whatever-it-is stuffed into my face.

    Please forgive the interspersed rant. It's just that I thought this guy went to med school and it shouldn't be up to the patient to educate him.

    So. If anyone on this board lives in Lake County and knows of a good dr who accepts Medicare/MedicAid and doesn't treat all Fibro/ME as if we were identical gingerbread cookies, PLEASE put up the name.
    Thanks in advance.

    I'll try to remember to attempt getting back here. The board's sort of confusing...
  15. lallerb

    lallerb New Member

    For pain management:

    Azita Far, M.D.
    444 S. San Vicente Blvd., Suite 1101
    Los Angeles, CA 91148
    (310)423-9749 (Claudia is the person to talk to)

    I saw Dr. Far for about a year and a half until my ins changed. She had no problem prescribing my Oxycontin and Vicodin once she was able to ascertain I am not an addicted drug-seeker. She also did trigger point injections during my regular appt's for my neck and upper back pain, and out-patient steroid and nerve block injections for my low back problems.

    Dr. Far is a young doctor who is really caring. She is very friendly and has a great sense of humor. I don't know how knowledgable she is on fibromyalgia, but I do know she will take you and your pain seriously. My insurance changed so I had to stop seeing her. I miss her, but I guess I'm lucky I had to see a whole new set of doctors because that is what led to my FM diagnosis.

    Oh, Dr. Far is affiliated with Cedars-Siniai hospital where they have a fantastic Fibromyalgia program through physical therapy. I actually know the therapist in charge of the program personally, and she is really smart and knowledgable. You have to be motivated to work with her because she will push you.

    Also, Cedars-Sinai has a charity program to help with the bills if you qualify. With surgery and all my med bills I owed upwards of $25,000 after my insurance paid their portion. I don't have any income at this time, so billing told me I could apply to be a charity case. The application consisted of a short couple of forms and copies of my most recent bank statement, and a personal letter explaning my situation.

    They quickly accepted me and forgave all my debt at the hospital and with all the different doctors I saw who were affiliated with Cedars-Sinai. I'm actually able to get pre-certifed treatment there through 02/2009, but I have Kaiser now and feel I would be taking advantage of their good will. I would rather that other people who need it have the program available to them, as well, because they do have limits to the total $$$ they can forgive as a whole.
  16. Sprite7

    Sprite7 New Member

    Dr. Morris Papernik is listed in one of the previous messages as in Chicago, IL at Rush, but he has moved to Hartford Hospital in Conn. He is a wonderful doctor. I saw him for approximately 10 years. He's an internist, but specializes in CFS and Fibromyalgia. The earlier message was correct in that he is not into alternative medicine, but he is VERY nice and really good at helping people. I miss him terribly! I really didn't know how good I had it. It's really somewhat devastating. Anyway, if you live near Hartford I hope this helps!
  17. scrappytngirl

    scrappytngirl New Member

    Love my doctor - I drive 3.5 hours to see her.

    Dr. Karen Bullingtion
    Fibro and Fatigue Center of Atlanta
    Marrietta, GA
  18. fruthl

    fruthl New Member

    Doxy, I just went thru this whole post and didn't see many for Ohio other than Cin. area and one in North Canton. Do you know of any others in Ohio, or did I miss them when I went thru all 13 pages? Thanks
  19. lilymarie

    lilymarie New Member

    A. Martin Lerner, M.D.
    Infectious Disease Specialist
    32804 Pierce Road
    Beverly Hills, MI 48025
    (248) 540-9866


    Accepts Medicare assignment, Medicaid, BC/BS.

    This man saved my sanity and my life back in 1993 when he diagnosed me with CFS and guided my treatment! Very thorough in his assessment and diagnostics. He has personal experience treating his own CFS. Continues to do ongoing research into causation and treatment. Focused on role of Epstein Barre virus in CFS. Impact on cardio-vascular functioning.

    Excellent with differential diagnosis of many conditions/symptoms which are denied, minimized or ignored by other doctors.
  20. amunro35

    amunro35 New Member

    I have lots of Docs, a Family Practitioner, Gastro, Pain Mgmt specialist, etc..
    I don't like any of them.
    None of them seem to care very much. My Fam doc is ok, but I don't think he specializes in chronic pain, fibro, etc...
    Any Ideas???

    Thank you!!