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  1. enigma69

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    Dr. Wright
    Meridian Health group
    Pain Management
    Indianapolis, IN

    Woo! Hoo! I finally found one!
  2. sunscaper

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    or Fort Collins, Colorado, who has some degree of knowledge on CFIDS? Also, someon, who is flexible, when one needs to try out various treatment...Reasonable fees (don't have health insurance)..and someone who would assist one in obtaining I have waited for about twenty years to apply for it, since the inital filing, when no one knew anything about CFIDS.

    All the Best..
  3. grace4u

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    One of the doctors that gives advise here on this site is from IN. Sorry I have read so many I can't rememb which one. I noticed because my daughter lives there and i"m thinking about it myself. Good Dr.'s are few and far between.Wait...I found it Dale Guyer M.D. It says new patients are always welcome visit or call(317) 733-5433. This is not the one I am thinking of. The other one was in Evansville I think, but they may be able to direct you or help you. I hope so Hugs grace
  4. grace4u

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    Hey!!! I'm from Tyler thanks grace
  5. wildflowers2

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    Dr. Benjamin H. Natelson MD.
    Professor of Neurology & Neurosciences
    Chronic Fatigue Center
    90 Bergen Street Suite 8100
    PO>Box 1709
    Newark, NJ 07101-1709

    Phone: 973-972-4800

  6. northlights

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    For any interested Canadians:
    I just started seeing this doc, and already I like him alot.

    Dr. Luk
    PanAm Pain Clinic
    75 Poseidon Bay
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    You do need a referral from your family doctor, and there is a looooooong waiting list. The wait is worth it to see him.

  7. FMsolider

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    Dr Robert Katz
    Rush Professional Building
  8. DixieDe

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    Anyone know of a good Dr. in the northern part of the state?Birmingham or north. Thanks.
  9. homebod

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    My doc is wonderful...

    Travis McNeal
    Medford, Oregon
  10. Cinlou

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    Bump up for more........................................+
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    I am so happy that I found my doctor when I did. She is not primarily a pain doctor, she is a Family Practitioner but is listed as one of the best in the US. She works very hard with me trying to control my pain, trying out new things and putting up with me always coming in with "something new". She was very good at not chaulking a "new" pain up to being just FM and because of that we found an 11 pound cyst on my ovary which could have been life threatening.

    She is very understanding and helpful and explains things very well.

    Dr. Nikki Lang
    634 Pine St.
    Philadelphia, PA 19106

    You can look up her phone number on verizon superpages very easily.

    I live in NJ and I drive 45min each way whenever I go see her which is one or two times per month but she is well worth the drive!
  12. Cinlou

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    Keep on bumpin'...........
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    My doc is a internal med doc I go to him for my fibromyalgia he is great and is doing so much to find out about chronic pain and what causes all the diff types.

    Brazell carter
    Richmond CA
    on 27th and Mcdonald
    you can google him
  14. Cinlou

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    I guess not many good Docs out there??? Come on....
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    Doxy, this is a great ideal. It seems the list on the net is outdated. I have just about given up. Except for the fact I have put it in the hands of the Lord and it has to be the right time. Brenda
  16. homesheba

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    years to find a good dr and well this is the best so far. his name is dr wu
    and he is at the gulfport memorial hospital in gulfport miss.
    i cant understand anything he says hardly-
    so thats a bummer but after about a year or so
    he finally put me on the fentanal patch
    and i am able to do alittle more than i was-
    which was next to nothing..:)
    anyway i do find that as soon as i mention anything
    that i have 'discovered' about the fibro-
    most doctors wont even listen to me and tune out.
    its like they hate the web.
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    Would you tell me what specialty your Doctor is? I live in Vermont also and I am looking for a good doctor. I would appreciate this very much. Thank you.
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  20. greatgran

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    Looking for a GOOD doc in Southwest VA..Need your help..

    Thanks, greatgran