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    ask your drs. to have compounded adenosine a/k/a AMIP, for energy (l00 mg) nada (20 mg) 3qd, and glutathione, 200 mg. once, but my ins. won't pay , I've luck w/ 5 hr. energy extra to get up in AM but still sleep 3.5 hrs aday plus 8 at nite
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    Hi, I am new to the forums. I have had FMS since 1999 and have yet to find a doctor to help with the pain. It is so frustrating. My PCP sent me to a pain specialist several years after I started hurting and I thought I was finally going to get relief from the awful pain I was in. I would go in and he would touch every painful spot on my body which would make me hurt for days after, yet when I asked him if he knew what was wrong with me he would tell me I was having chronic muscle spasms. I asked him if he knew what was causing them and he would only say that as an educated guess he would imagine it was due to stress. Nothing he gave me helped and the neurotin seemed to make my brain fog even worse.

    I went back to my PCP and asked him to please refer me to someone who would actually work towards finding an answer, I wanted more than educated guess. In 2001/2002 I went to a rheumatologist who finally diagnosed me with FMS but also told me it was secondary FMS and that it had something to do with medications I was taking. The FMS was not brought on by meds as many of the meds I was taking were meds the pain specialist had put me on, a blood pressure med, and an antidepressant. I didn't go back as he felt what I was taking should take care of the pain.

    I have been from doctor to doctor and though I know what helps the spasms and what helps to ease some of the pain, I can not get a doctor to prescribe them to me. I finally applied for my disability in 2011, and am working on my 3rd appeal. I had gone to rehab in the spring of 2012 for alcoholism, the only thing that seemed to give me any relief, so that doesn't help my case but they are trying to say I had a 25 year history, which is bull. I had only been drinking for about four years and didn't really become an issue until the last five months before rehab.

    I live near Tulsa, OK and the one doctor I was going to go to next was killed in air collision at an air show in NM. I had used him when the kids were little and he was a great doctor. An acquaintance had referred me to him but he died before I could get an appointment.

    If anyone knows of someone in Oklahoma, preferably near Tulsa, please let me know. I am tired of suffering as well as my family.

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    I am looking for a good Rheumy doctor near Apple Valley, MN. Is there a way to start an ongoing list BY STATE/COUNTRY for ease of finding recommendations in our area? Thanks!
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    Maybe I overlooked but.. didn't see anyplace near Elmira or Corning NY..?
  5. PLEASE HELP .. I have had a neck fusion - several surgeries on my neck and back. I have DD. I can not find a pain doctor to provide me with pain medication to at least help me with my pain in northern Virginia i have not worked in almost 2 years I left my old pain management pain doctor because they were harassment me to get a machine implanted in my back and were rude. Im filing for disability but have been turned down. I need help.. Please