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    This is what my grandmother's cousin told his niece after she was diagnosed with fibroitis: 'God gave us this pain so that we could remember every day that we lived.' (It was before the term Fibromyalgia)

    Being a bipolar patient for the last 10 years I've learned that not all doctors what what the hell they're talking about and I took my own recovery back! There is not a doctor out there what can CURE this ailment!

    Knowing that it is a family "trait" I have the luxury of support and knowing what might work for me. I also have a great psychiatrist who helped me with bipolar and also with Fibromyalgia.


    Nina Ramsey
    9730 3rd Ave NE # 101
    Seattle, WA 98115
    (206) 522-5243


    Also, nothing beats exercise, no matter how bad your hurt!
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    Dr. Jay Jones
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    I love these two guys, who have helped me so very much!

    Pain Specialist:
    Dr. Michael P. Azevedo
    1805 East Fir Avenue,Suite 102,
    Fresno, CA 93720

    Dr. Richard S. Garabedian
    2133 High Street, Suite C,
    Selma, CA 93662

    -Pearl S.
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    Bumping for Caitlin in Boston
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    Have you looked at the list of doctors on the community tab at the top of this board? I found many good docs on the co-cure list.

    Dr David Edelberg
    2522 N Lincoln Ave.
    Chicago, IL

    As of Dec 2007, I now longer plan on seeing Dr Edelberg. Too many useless tests and not enough real help.

    For B-HRT pellets in Chicago area:

    Dr. William Epperly
    245 S Gary Ave
    Bloomingdale, IL

    Some FFC doctors are better than others. The Detroit FFC doctor is NOT one of my favorite doctors. She doesn't know beans about Lyme disease.

    The best doc I've ever seen is:

    Dr Charles L Crist
    1824 S. Lone Pine Ave., Suite C
    Springfield, MO 65808
    (417) 886-8995
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    My rheumatologist is ok:) but doesn't do alot of blood work or suggestions for supplements, however is good with plenty of tramadol, sleep meds, muscle relaxants..not sure if he will go further for pain....DX me way back in 2002 and very kind.Will work on med combos. Referred me to pain specialist for disk problems, still working on that.

    James Bellor Jr., M.D., Columbia (and Annapolis once a week.)

    I'm still looking for another good rheumy for second opionion on something....
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    I recently received a letter from my doctor saying that his office is closing and I will need to find a new one. Anyone have a "Good Doctor" in Jacksonville or Orange Park FL?

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    Dr. Yong D. Chang M.D.
    501 Rita lane Suite 101
    Aelington Texas,76014
    phone # 817-4176141
    fax # 817-417-6261

    He's been my Dr. since long before I got this D.D. He's the one I got my neurologist from. And Dr. Conner treats the Texas Rangers Baseball team as well as me! Jenniffer is the office manager and she's great too. Keeps on top of all the paperwork ie. short term disability, then long, then SSID. She takes no prisioners with insurance companies!

    Dr. Kevin E. Conner
    501 Rita Suite 105
    Arlington, Texas 76014
    phone # 817-417-6141
    fax # 817-417-6261

    How great is that! Their in the same building! Makes appointment days so easy! And they BOTH take INSURANCE! And Dr. Chang wants to know what really helps you with pain management drugs so he always gives me samples to see how they affect me before he does the prescription thing. Can't say enough about these two Dr.'s. THEY ARE THE BEST IN TEXAS!!!!!!!!
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    whats "bump" mean?
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    I saw an earlier request for doctors in Alabama....did not see any replies....I have had both CFS/ME & FM since 1989.
    Been to many doctors. Recently tried the fibro & fatigue center in Marietta, GA. Very expensive. Had reaction to IV and another to Mitomax Supplement. Haven't tried the thyroid/hydrocortisone treatment, yet. Nor several other supplements.
    SO ANYONE OUT THERE FROM GOOD OLE ALABAMA THAT's got a GOOD DOCTOR for us? Can be in Alabama, Florida, Georgia or Mississippi also.
    Also if you would like to reply to me at and put in your title ImmuneSupport Message Board I would greatly appreciate it.

    Here's to hope for all of us with this D.D.
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    I would love to find a good doctor in the Portland area who deals with fibro and auto-immune problems. Can anyone suggest someone? Thanks.
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    that right in my neighborhood. Well, close enough. Im going to see if he'll take my insurance.

    thanks for the info

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    Great post! My PCP is a wonderful lady who also happens to do well woman exams a couple times a month in addition to her general practice
    Dr. Jacqueline Livingston
    San Marcos TX (about 18 miles south of Austin)

    She was the one who first looked at all my symptoms and said you're going to a specialist and she recommended two rheumatologists. The other one I can not recall but my rheumatologist who is the most wonderful amazing doc I have ever had is:
    Dr. Paul K Pickrell
    Austin Arthritis
    Austin TX

    This doc actually listens to you. You are part of your own treatment planning. I couldn't have asked for a better physician.His P.A. is awesome too (he just got her because another rheumatologist in town retired and he got overloaded with tranfer patients). Oh and his nurse - I love this woman she is fantastic. He has no problem having you try samples of medications. I've had insurance deny an antidepressant and he got after them to pay for it. Recently another new med was denied and he was out of the office for the weekend; so his nurse just bagged up some samples of it to get me through the next month until my insurane changes.

    Finally my Chiropractor who eliminated the tension headaches and migraines I had for years:
    Dr. Kevin Misenheimer
    Buda Family Chiropractic
    Buda TX
    He created a 6 month treatment plan to eliminate my headaches / migraines and with in 3 months they were gone and I have not had one in over a year! His office staff are really friendly and they help you find ways to make treatment affordable.
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    Dr. Quadri (with Heartland Internal Medicine)

    i just started seeing Dr. Quadri about 3 weeks ago. so far, i feel like he is a great doctor. he sits and listens to me however long it takes. he believes me. and he is very thorough with tests, and also has referred me to a Rheumatologist.