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    I was checking in to see how things are going with Dr Sharp. Please let me know. I have been seeing a rheumatologist that doesn't seem as concerned as I am. I cry all the time because I hurt all the time, quit my job in Jan and feel like I have lost my life due to my pain. All he tells me is to exercise which I tried before even seeing him. Got worse due to it so I stopped. Thanks for listening.
    Also, do you know of any support groups in the area? I am in Azle
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    I go to a very compassionate rheumy in Virginia Beach Virginia his name is Stephen Plotnick and he is located on Virginia Beach Bovl. his number is757-412-1048. The one problem is he stop taking insurance and it can get to be very pricey. New patient visit is over $300.00, and typical visit is 145.00. he trys to see you every other month and mails your new script to you-but I don't know what it would be like in the beginning.But he is a very knowledgable Dr. with great bedside manner and very cute. GOOD LUCK
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    Hi Guys

    My Doctor is fantastic and has made an effort to find out all she can about FMS and use it in her practice. She is approachable, informed, helpful, attentive, open to suggestions, supportive of patients and of new ideas and treatments. pleasant, cheerful and ever hopeful of a cure or a better treatment to promote a better life for us fibromyalgics.
    Her name and adress is:

    Dr Jane Barber
    Moorcroft Medical Centre
    Botteslow Street
    Stoke on Trent
    ST1 3NY

    I would put her up for an award if i could, she is pricless and worth her weight in gold.

    Hope this helps someone get the level of excellent care which i receive and everyone should have access to.
    well done doxy, top idea

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    Dr. Stella Staley (Internal Med) but specializes in FM patients. Has 2 great Nurse Practitioners that do too!)

    Brian VanSteenburg
    VS Salon in Midway, KY (do NOT be put off by the 'salon' setting/he and his wife own it but he is the REAL DEAL when it comes to FM and understanding the body.
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    bumpinnnnnnn!!! lets try to kep this one up guys!!! I think it will really help folks!!
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    Temecula Pain Management Group In the Inland Empire is GREAT!!!! They are taking wonderful care of me!!!
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    I am from ON. Canada. Greenspoon Pain Management Clinic is execellent. They are covered by Heath Card. It is about a 2 week wait and you need a referral. They are kind a compassionate, supportive and work with you to get the right combo of meds. My family gp. is excellent. He has given me his cell# to call him anytime.
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    I am in southern Middle Tennessee

    I see Dr. Matthew Shantz. He is a Family Doc.

    His office is in Loretto Tn.

    I know some of his patients drive a good ways to see him.
    He believes in FMS and CFS. He is a young Doctor and has the greatest nurse. She is so sweet and caring. I love them both!

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    Hello, I'm also in the NW burbs of Chicago. I'm in Woodstock, very far north. Have you found anyone yet? I know your post was from a few months ago. Thanks!
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    Enigma69 wanted to know if there were any good doctors in Indiana. Dr. John Hague, Rheumatology Associates in Indianapolis. 317-848-6666 for apts, 317-844-6444 another number. GOOD LUCK. He saved my life! Mummer
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    Any good docs in the Tampa Bay area, preferably near New Port Richey? There's a lot of us looking. Thanks. Mummer
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    Bump hoping for some Australian docs, lots of us Aussies in here pls post your docs guys, I need a good one!

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    Looking for a good one in the Lancaster Pennsylvania area??
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    Bumping and also looking for a doctor in New Jersey (preferably close to Princeton) or Philly area.

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    I am looking for someone in or around or near Yakima, WA. We are on the east side of the Cascades not the Seattle side and I cannot afford to drive to Seattle.
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    i live in south ms and finally found a dr at the gulfport memorial hosp named dr wu..
    . after many many years of going thru a nightmare trying to find a dr to help me,
    i one day saw that he had a full page ad in the newspaper!
    he wks on the nurelogical floor of that hospital.
    he has helped me alot.
    i know that a ways to drive for you but maybe its worth a shot.
    you did say mississippi didnt you?
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