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    I need any Dr. that could help me with FM in Denver, Brighton, Colorado area please?
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    Anyone know of a good doctor in Gettysburg PA?
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    There is a great doc here in Louisville Dr.Micheal Mckibbens.He treats all pt.#1,the total you,#never a watch on his time w/u #3he is caring,most of all...he will get to your problem,He is funny...I have been to many docs in my life..he is one in a million.By the grace of God,I found him. tuttut
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    I have found a great Dr. His name is Dr Lewis, his practice is in Melbourne, and while he (or anyone) cant tell me what causes CFS/ME, he HAS found several things that most doctors have missed. My blood pressure drops sharply when i stand, my pulse elevates...orthostatic intolerence, my heart doesnt pump my blood properly. My melatonin and DHEA levels are way low, and heres something....all my white blood cells are invaded by bacteria, my body is constantly fighting an infection it cant get rid of.
    Anyway, his website is:
    Hes really understanding and supportive too!
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    Does anyone know a very good doctor near Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado for CFIDS/ME?

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    Just what I was looking for, a Doc in Melbourne, I have actually seen Dr Lewis's name on an article at the website and tried looking for him with no luck thanks so much

    Take care

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    does anyone know a doctor for Eastern upstate New York (Dr. Bell is in western New York,about six hours away)?

    I'm looking for Dr. in Albany New York area.

    Please what does bump mean?
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    Bump actually means nothing.

    It is just what people type in an otherwise blank post designed to BUMP this topic back up to the top of the forum, as the forum lists in reverse chronological order.

    Some other forums use TTT (to the top).
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    still looking for Eastern upstate New York State doctor.

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    Still looking for a good doc in Western PA
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    My family doctor is very kind, she listens and will let me try lots of different things, although she tends to go with the old faithfuls (physical therapy which did nada).
    Dr. Annette Beasley
    Main Street Medical Ministry
    4090 Main Street SE
    New Middletown, IN 47160
    812 968-3800
    (This is inbetween Corydon and New Albany, IN off of Interstate 64).

    My pain doc said he believed in fibro, but thought a lot of the pains and discomfort were due to causes that one could find if he looked hard enough. He found and cured the cause of the dreadful head/neck/shoulder/migraine pain I had for over eight years.
    Dr. Michael Cassaro
    4010 DuPont Circle
    Suite 430
    Louisville, KY
    502 891-8940
    He very seldom gives pain meds, but searches for physical, neurological and endocrinological causes of your pain.
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    Dr. Michael Smitherman
    Roswell, GA

    He's been very good to me.

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    Dr. William Spurlock Dallas FFC. I feel so blessed to find him. He never treats you like your crazy. He is extremely knowlagable about any issue that you throw at him. He has no problem prescribing pain meds (though none of them are relieving the pain) I am a nurse and all I have to do is call and tell the nurse the problem and which med I think works best and he prescribes. He did tell me last time that I need to go to the spine specialist, because my scoliosis is so severe. There was a time when I was so frustrated and angry I unloaded both barrels on him. He quickly diffused my anger by being so kind and understanding. I bring my husband because he will include, and inform my husband of things I try to explain about my illness. Dr. Spurlock explains this disease to him and tells him of my limitations. (Why is it that your loved ones act like they don,t beleive you, but will listen to someone else?) He also is an expert enviromental physician. That is prob where i,m headed next due to multiple chemicle sensitivities, and immune disorders. Any way he is a wonderfull man and very informed. He does not have a problem with suggestions or ideas. He is the one person in the world that I can talk to, and he knows what I,m talking about.To me---it is the only verification I get that I,m not totally nuts, or just having a bad long-A... dream. He is wonderfull. Money up front. 199.30 min. 275.1hour. You can get much accomplished with him in 30 min. I cannot say that I have been happy with some of the staff there. Many clerical errors. I am still waiting to be reimbursed for a visit in August, because someone put the wrong diagnosis code on it. Stuuffff like that. Good luck and health to all. Sandra
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    Bump for good docs
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