please post your mold info here for me :)

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    Hi all,
    Cpuld those of you who know anything about symptoms from mold ingestion post them here PLEASE!

    Iam have for quite some time known that my workplace has mold in it..............and I have also been trying hard to get someone to come out and test or at least document rather it is hazardous or not!

    I feel so defeated because NO one seems to care! I have called OSHA and the city code enforcement, city health dept, they all give me the run around.

    I have had burning eyes, chest congestion, weakness, trouble swallowing, laryngitis, and feeling confused and like my head is full of air, and very nauseaous..............

    After I have arrived to work ( about an hour after ) I notice how awful I start feeling..........all day I feel worsse and worse..............then when I leave and go home I start feeling not as bad............

    I know nerves can mess with our minds so maybe Iam just so worried that I make myself sick ??hmmmmmm?????

    I do have an appt with my DR but he is so busy he can't see me until the 24th.............until then I continue to worry and be sick,

    Any advice ??? Tips????

    Thank you for your help!

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    about mold on this site if you do a search.

    I remember just reading something about mold in a school in So. Cal. I live in Brentwood in a condo and have had a terrible time with mold.

    Do you smell a musty smell? If you do then you most probably have mold. Who would pay for the testing in your workplace? That is basically what it boils down to.

    I had to file a lawsuit against my Homeowners Assoc. to get them to remove the mold in my condo. It is a very difficult problem.

    If you have any specific questions I can try to answer them.