PLEASE Pray for Adam and Meg from the FM board

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by doxygirl, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. doxygirl

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    Hello everyone,

    My dear freind Meg and her son Adam both have FM/ME and Meg is very sick right now...she is having a bad bad flare and does not have any pain medication to help her with her pain....

    She really needs our prayers right now and her son Adam does as well....bless his heart he is there for his mom and they help one another....but right now he needs our help so that his mom can feel better.....

    I thank each and everone of you that can say a prayer for sweet, sweet, Meg and also Adam her sweet, sweet son!

  2. Springfling

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    Lord, I ask that you take Meg into your arms and relieve her of this horrible pain. Please help her to feel your love and blessings upon her.

    I ask that you be with Adam and make him strong and able to continue to help his mom. Lord, I ask that you take away his pain and set him free from the stress and hurt he is feeling.
    In Jesus Name, Amen
  3. poets

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    Thanks for the prayers. I'm feeling a bit better than I was and it was encouraging to know that people cared. Please pray that I find a doctor who will give me the help I need. Doxy, a special thank you. You are such a dear person.

    I Love You All,
  4. Springfling

    Springfling New Member


    Happy you are feeling better. Will say a prayer that you can find a good caring doctor to help.

    I pray that you and Adam continue to be pain free and are able to be strong and stand by each other.

    I thank the Lord for such a caring friend like Doxy, who goes out of her way to help others!
    Hugs & Prayers