please pray for daughter

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    my daughter is 18 a senior in highschool. her name is Kaylee and she has had health issues for a couple years now. 2 yers ago she had a fainting seizure and has had migraines ever since.

    She has to go in on wed to get a divice hooked up to monitor her brain waves constantly because the 1/2 hour sleep test show nothing.

    And this week end she srumbled on the staires at our apt. building and hit her head on the cement wall and got a concussion.

    I know satan is trying to stop her because she wants to be a youth pastor and he will stop at nothing to stop that from happening.

  2. kgangel

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    Hi Mink

    So sorry to hear about your daughter!!

    You are right Satan is very powerful, but just remember you are more powerful then he is with Jesus.

    It is so nice to hear your daughter wants to be a Youth Pastor, what a wonderful thing

    You and she will be in my prayers

    May God Bless you and keep your daughter safe from harm


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    Prayers are being said for Kaylee. Nothing more precious than our children.
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    are being said for answers for you and her on her condition.

    It is so great she has chosen to be a youth minister!

    Praying also for her to have better health!


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