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    Jeanne is my best friend. Four years ago a doctor messed up during a routine surgery and caused bacteria to dump into her abdomen. As a result she developed abcesses on her liver and portal vein thrombosis which causes her liver and pancreas not to function properly. At the time they told her she would die in less than 10 years. She has been through so much. This woman is in constant pain in spite of all the medication. She is bedridden most of the time and cannot even take herself to the bathroom.

    Two months ago she was flown by air ambulance from Montana to Seattle as more abcesses had developed.She pulled through and after 11 days in the hospital she went home and still has drains in so the abcesses can drain. About 3 weeks ago she woke in the middle of the night and decided not to wake her husband and tried to get to the bathroom herself. She fell, shattered her shoulder and had to have surgery. Three nights ago she did the thing and fell again. this time she broke her thumb.

    Jeanne is lucky as she has a husband who does his best to care for her an their children. Ages 12 and 13. He also works full time. I spoke to her today on the phone and while we were talking she had to go because she started coughing up blood. She is so tired of fighting this. She just wants it to be over. She is praying that she just goes to sleep and doesn't wake up.

    I don't want to lose my friend but I can't stand knowing how much she is suffering. I have been praying for 4 years for God to let her keep living. there have been many times we didn't think she'd make it. But she always pulled through. Now the doctors say she probably won't see the holidays (Thanksgivving and Christmas) this year.

    I know Jeanne is going to die and I'm not asking for prayer to spare her life. Just please pray that that her suffering ends soon. And that she goes peaceful in her sleep in her own bed. She is looking forward to being healthy in heaven with her Saviour.

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    I am so sorry to hear about your friend Jeanne, how terribly sad for this young Mother.

    I will prayer the Lord's will in her life, He is the giver of life, and also the one who can take her when He knows she is ready to go to that glorious place where there is no pain and suffering.

    My heart goes out to you and her family as well.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    You have my thoughts and prayers concerning your friend. Its sad to hear all she`s suffered. We suffer so much with our illnesses but it doesn`t seem so bad compared to all she went through.

    I pray the Lord will end her suffering, either heal her or take her home soon, whichever be his will. I also pray that he sends his angels to put their arms around her husband and kids and comfort them.

    Let us know how she`s doing.
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    I am so sorry about your best friend's illness. Apparently God is not thru with Jeanne yet. I get angry at Him when I hear stories like yours, but then I must say to myself, "Lord,your will be done".

    I will keep your friend in my daily prayers. I lost one of my best friends last October -- to cancer -- but she was ready to go. She had all her bags packed.

    Please Lois, keep us posted.

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    Hello Lois,

    I will certain be praying for Jeanne and ask the Lord to bless her with a miracle. Keep the faith Lois in our Almighty Lord. I will be praying for you also.

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    Your prayers and support mean more than you can know. Jeanne has reached the point that prayer is all that is left. There isn't much that the docs can do but try to make her comfortable. And they are failing at that.

    I know God has a reason for everything and He will call her home in His own time. I'm not questioning His judgement. I just hope and pray that He shows mercy on her and her family.

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    I will keep your friend & her family in my prayers. She is lucky to have a friend like you, to help her through the tough stuff of life.

    I hope someone has told her children their mother is dying .Kids know more than most people give them credit for.

    I remember years ago when I 10, my mother suddenly became very sick. Everyone told me, she was going to get better, But I "knew" she was going to die.

    I remember my dad getting getting phone calls from the hospital during the night, to come see mom. Back then, I was too young to see my mom, even for a minute.

    Take care of yourself and may the Lord Bless you by taking care of your friend & family.
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    Lois, thank you for asking us to pray for Jeanne. I'll be joining you to ask that her suffering will end soon. I'm also asking that her last days with her family and friend be ones will be more comfortable as she awaits her homecoming in heaven

    In my grandmother's last days on earth, she received an incredible blessing. My grandmother was unable to speak and my father prayed and ask that God appoint angels to watch over her and comfort her.

    A few days later, my sister came into my grandmother's room.
    She was making little grunting sounds, moving her head, looking upwards. Her face seemed to be quite joyful. I know that it was God Himself that revealed what she was doing to my sister. My grandmother was counting the angels she saw in her room.

    My sister asked her if this was so and she indicated it was.
    Then my sister sat by my grandmother and counted the angels outloud giving a number to each of my grandmothers grunts.

    I can't remember the number, but it was past fifty when they stopped. I still cry for joy when ever I remember this story. About two weeks later, my grandmother died in my father's arms, listening to her favorite singer sing "One Day at A Time."

    Grace and peace to you Lois,