please pray for me depressed and aniouxs

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by vnr27, Sep 6, 2003.

  1. vnr27

    vnr27 New Member

    tired of being scared of everything ,in pain with costo again take xanax for anxiety never bbbelive my doc driving myself nuts i have 6 kids to worry about my husband die 95 last 6 months falling apart fibro and panic attacks thank you and god bless val
  2. danny3861

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    Hello Val,

    I will definitely pray for you. I've made it thru some ruff times this year with depression and bad anxiety myself. My Gen Dr put me meds that did drive m nuts and then no sleep. I was in bad shape, but started asking my church, mom, wife to pray for me. Well i found a great Physch Dr and he put on some meds for both depression and anziety/(klonopin) and I'm slowly making it back to where i was, but this worship board has been a godsend. I've had vision problems and I know all the prayers ,plus meds getting me on a even keel has helped alots.

    Please don't give up Val, we here are here for you.
    Dear Lord, I ask you tonight to bless Val and let her know that you are always by her side, holding her hand, and I ask you to guide her closer to you. Please give her some peace and comforts that she needs, and also courage to see this thru. Please lord let Val know know that we here at the Worship board are always there for her and let her reach out and ask for what ever needs she has.

    Val, one that i've learned also this year, thru all my troubles, I've had hard times beginning my days, anxiety and all, but as soon as you open your eyes , Pray to the lord, thank him for all the blessing you do have, then ask him directly whats needs you have and pray to him for those, he may wirk on his on time table, but if Ye shall seek, Ye shall be given. Amen.

  3. Shirl

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    Val, you sure came to the right place for prayer.

    Will keep you held up to the Lord for relief from the pain, and to help though these bad times you are having.

    I get costo too, that rib pain is awesome, I see you take Xanax, have you tried an Advil gel capsules along with the Xanax for the costo pain? I read this in Devin Starlanyl's book and it works. I take .25 mgs of Xanax and half hour later 1 Advil Gel Capsule. It relieves this pain for hours, plus the costo has inflammation and the Advil helps with that too.

    Be sure to ask you doctor first thought.

    Will keep you and the children in my prayers, and those anxiety attacks too.

    God bless, and keep all of you.........

    Shalom, Shirl

  4. vnr27

    vnr27 New Member

    thank u both im always on the fm board they have answered a lot of my ? shril i will try the advil ,danny thank u for your pray god bless u both love val
  5. Hikagranma

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    I noticed you too like the little bobbing man - so hope he can bring a smile to you.

    Yes, I will pray for you and will bring you needs to my other group.

    How old are your children?

    Lord Jesus - help this mother in her anxiety and depression. Help her see that she is not alone - that 'we'are out here for her and her family. In your Blessed Name I pray. AMEN
  6. vnr27

    vnr27 New Member

    my kids are 17 18 13 12 9 8 3 girls 3 boys thank u so much for your prayers and kindess i love jesus and he has gotten me thru so much im just really mentally weak right now the devil knows my weakness is fear i will keep rebuking him in jesus name bless u val
  7. ValleyGirl89

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    I will also be praying for you!
  8. vnr27

    vnr27 New Member

    i was able to take the kids to park today siood there for 4 hours, thats i big deal 4 me tomorrow starts school here in new york so i wil be driving and ppicking them up, thank you all so much i really dont have any friends so im glad i have met you guys god bless i will be praying for u also,love val
  9. vnr27

    vnr27 New Member

    thank you god, for being there always thank u guys for your prayers