Please pray for me , having emergency surgery on tues. morning ..

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Nonie, May 30, 2002.

  1. Nonie

    Nonie New Member

    Dearest Friends ,

    Just a note to let you know that the surgeon called and said I DID have to have surgery ! I asked her if it could wait untill after next friday when we are to go to pick up Sam and little Anastasia , and bring them here for the summer . She said ... "NO" !!!

    She said that they have to do it as soon as possible , because after seeing the ultra sound report , she is very , very concerned that the hospital that did the sterotactic biopsy a year and a half ago , made a big mistake by ruling it "benign" ! She says it is a very LARGE & SOLID MASS now , and she is afraid it is malignant ! She called me back about 2 hrs. ago and said that she has scheduled the surgery for 11 am on tuesday ! Because of my specialized health problems , ie: heart & diabetes , she is having a specialty anastethiologist on "stand by" in the OR !

    Please all remember me in your prayers ! I am not ashamed to tell you I am scared ! THANK YOU so much in advance for your loving , kind thoughts and prayers ! (((HUGS))) ! GOD bless you .

    With much love & RESPECT . Nonie

  2. BonnieQ

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    I have already said a prayer for you and will continue to think positive thoughts and prayers . I know it is frightening, but please know that God is with you always.
    Hugs and love,
  3. Billie

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    Dear Nonie,

    You will definetly be in my thoughts and prayers. I imagine you are pretty scared right now. Who wouldn't be? Please know there are LOTS of people here who love you and will be praying for you. I imagine it will be a while before we here from you, after the surgery. But if there is any way to let us know how it went, I am sure we will all be on pins and needles waiting to here. Just concentrate on your recovery.

    With Love,


  4. Esoteric

    Esoteric New Member

    I am scared for you too and praying hard that you will be alright...

  5. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Nonie, have replied to you on the main board, but am again letting you know you will remain in my prayers untill I know that all is well with you.

    The Lord will be right with you, for every second of this ordeal.

    God bless, and be assured of my prayers along with all the others.

    Shalom, Shirl
  6. deecrossett

    deecrossett New Member

    Our Dear Lord, Please bless Nonie with courage and peace. I ask that You guide her Surgeon and Doctors and help Nonie to heal quickly. I do praise Your gift of Nonie, for her friendship is indeed a gift. Please ease her fears and pain. In Your name I pray to You. Amen.
  7. Harmony

    Harmony New Member

    Hon, I will be in earnest prayer for your surgery you are having Tuesday. You are very special to us and to God and He will not leave you comfortless. God bless you, Nonie, and I'm sure you know there are prayers for you going up all over the world.
    Love and Hugs to you,
  8. MarcRaim

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    I also posted on the main board, but I also wanted to offer you support on this board as well. In Judaism one is commanded to try to be a "righteous person", and from reading your posts for the last few months you certainly have attained that lofty goal. I would be honored to join the others in our group who will be praying for you to have an uneventful sugery and a rapid recovery. I'll look forward to hearing from you when you are able to post again.

    GOOD LUCK!!!


  9. Harmony

    Harmony New Member

    As time is close to you having the surgery tomorrow, please be assured of my prayers for you as I have been praying all along. Keep thinking of the Lord's promises and each one of us that care and love you.

    What kind of surgery will it be? Is this for the cyst on your brain? When you are able, let us know how you are.

    Love and Hugs,
  10. Harmony

    Harmony New Member

    BUMP! Let's all remember to pray for Nonie.
  11. Q-sears

    Q-sears New Member

    I have been Praying for you along with the rest of the board. Hold His hand and know that He is God.I am also keeping Emery's name lifted. I'm sure he is a wreck.
    In love and friendship,
  12. Cactuslil

    Cactuslil New Member

    Dearest Sister. God is with you. As I look at the BEAUTIFUL quiltlet of the horses, which I have framed and hung in my room, I think of how very much you have given!! That is the white buffalo's I love so dearly; then for me you make a beautiful happy indian quiltlet that is on my bedhead. My mother got the blue quiltlet and is afraid to use it for my father's easy chair!! She may frame hers and hang it!! What an artist you are. Short of our meeting each other across the veil, it is my hope we yet will have time to meet on this side!!!!
    God be with you. Your sister CactusLil'
  13. deecrossett

    deecrossett New Member

    Our Mighty Father, I pray that You guide Nonie,s surgeon's hand and help her to heal. I also ask that You watch over all the beautiful souls that have taken Nonie as a friend and are praying for her at this time. Lord, we are now in need of Your love and courage, for we are all in thought and prayer with Nonie at this hour. I pray this in praise and love. Amen.