Please pray for me. I'm scared

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    3 nights ago my chest began hurting. Sometimes it's excrutiating and sometimes its tolerable. The pain is like something pulling. Some movements cause the pain to get worse. It is now in my left shoulder and down the left side of my back. Sometimes it get's so bad that all I can do is hold my chest and try not to move.

    My husband has wanted to take me to the ER twice but as soon as it eases off I change my mind about going.

    I started to call my doctor but I have been in a major flare recently and have been in and out of his office so much that I think he and his staff are probably sick of seeing me.

    I have so many things going on with me that I don't think I can handle hearing that I have anything else wrong.

    I know that chest pain is sometimes a symptom of FMS but I have not had trouble with this type of pain before.

    Since I have a family history of heart problems, I know I should have it checked.

  2. LadyC

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    Last night was good. No chest pain all evening and throughout the night. I thought whatever it was had run its course.

    Today I had a dentist appointment. As I was sitting there waiting to be seen the pain came back very briefly. I decided I would go to an Urgent Care Facility on the way home.

    After taking my vitals and doing an EKG the doctor said they found 2 slightly irregular areas which may or may not be a problem. She was leaning more towards a musculoskeletal diagnosis. However, because of my family history, and recent HCL diagnosis they instructed me to follow up with my PCP and a cardiologist to have a stress test, etc.

    Thanks so much for your care, concern and prayers.
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    My mother has had 3 heart attacks and chest pain is nothing to ignore. My mom was hesitant every time and she ended up having a heart attack all 3 times. It may not be a heart attack, but it very well could be. You need to get it checked out asap. Have them do a good check on your heart and arteries to make sure there are no blockages.

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    costochondritis could be one possibility.

    Another possibility is muscle spasms. I actually had cardiac involvement from muscles by my diaphragm and rib cage. There is some area where the heart nerves and the rib nerves get very close to each other. The signal is jumping to the heart nerves. I thought my gastroenterologist was wrong--how could my heart be acting up that badly from some muscle spasms!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, I took the RX that he prescribed and it worked!

    I'm glad that you went to the doctor. You never know for sure until you get it checked out. This is especially important for you because you indicated there are cardiac problems in your family's medical history.

    I do understand your hesistancy. Sometimes it is as if you can't handle one more thing. You know that one more thing will put you over the edge.
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    Could be plurisy. I have it alot anymore. Heat pads help get you through it. It's the only thing that has helped me. Hope it helps you as well.
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    Today I had to have some xrays and bloodwork done for my new rhuemy. As the day went on the chest pains returned. I know I'll have to see what's causing this pain sooner rather than later. I just have no idea when.

    I'm going to have to wait for a little while longer. Next week I'm having a colonoscopy. Then the following week I have an appointment with the rheumy to go over my results from today's tests.

    Also a close friend of the family just passed and we will be doing what we can to see the family through this. The funeral isn't until next Thursday.

    On top of all this I take care of my invalid grandmother who has all kinds of appointments that I have to take her to as well. With so much going on where will I even find the time to see a cardiologist?

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    I appreciate the prayers and support. The pain is gone now but I still plan to get it checked. I'll let you know the outcome.