please pray for me tonight

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by sixtyslady, Oct 23, 2006.

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    its just my prayer that someone will still be on the board and pray for me right now,I"m having such a hard time with depressions and panic, I feel sick to my stomach most of the time .I went to bed but woke up feeling panic and crying I"m alone because everyone else is sleeping ,my hubby just doesn"t understand, and I can"t blame him I don"t understand it myself.
    I know that by his stripes I am healed.and I"m trying to stand on the word but I feel so alone and scared,almost like a child.
    I remember when I was expecting my last child,I was 39yrs old and had 6 other children to raise,I was so scared when I found out i was pregnant,but then I started to feel this presence of someone holding me,especially when I would lay down and I realized it was Gods arms around me and that everything was going to be alright with my pregnency and it was and I have a 22yr old son now.
    I just pray to feel that again ,and know that everything at this stage of my life is going to turn out o.k.
    In Jesus name I pray. blessings sixtyslady
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    Jesus, tonight seems to be very tough for a lot of us. I don't know what is going on, but I have prayed for this same request for different people.

    What ever is causing this, please do not allow it. Protect us from evil. Give us Your strength to fight. Surround Sixty with Your Love and hold her until she is able to get up and praise You for all that You have done here tonight, Amen
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    I went back to bed after I post last nite, and prayed that someone would see my post. and praise God you all did.
    After awhile I started to feel calmer and went back to sleep,but woke up many times thru the nite but was able to go back asleep.
    I could feel that someone was praying for me,thank you all so much for being here for seems like we have our own ministery on this worship board.
    your all so kind and I feel like you understand, because my hubby just can"t understand my feelings. I guess if a person hasn"t been through panic its not easy to know how it feels. God bless all of you.
    Hanginginthere, is black cohosh a form of hormone,
    I have to really be careful what I try.I started taking vit c a couple of weeks ago and I"m wondering if this is having abad effect on me. I love you guys.blessing Sixtyslady
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    I am on the east coast and am reading this at 9 am. I hope you got through the night. I think you were blessed to feel Gods arms around you during that last pregnancy. A lot of people have "felt" that, I don't think I ever have. But faith helps me, and I in turn will pray for you. I ask Jesus to calm you each and every day and night, and give you abilities to cope with all you face each day. I ask this in HIS name.
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    I prayed for you this morning regarding depression and I didn't even read this till later. Isn't God amazing. I just remembered you saying that you struggled with depression before so God knew you needed it this morning. Sorry I wasn't able to pray last night. I was already in bed. I will lift you up today as the Lord leads. Hang in there dear sister.

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    Interesting that you said that. I too was having a rough time last night. I think maybe our enemy is working overtime. We need to stand against that. I had missed your presence and have prayed for you also. I thought something might be up with you. I will continue to pray. Take care.

  7. morningsonshine

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    Praying that today will be much better for you, and you will sleep peacefully tonight.

    I too have been having trouble sleeping. I'm so glad you reached out to all of us here.

    "His name is a strong tower, and we can run into it when we are weak."

    May the glory of the Lord shine upon you.

  8. sixtyslady

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    thanks again to all.

    I"m doing alittle better today but still have that sinking feeling.I have a headache and feel like I have a weight above my eyes,I have had this before,but I actually feel like theres a cloud over my forehead.
    everthing seems to bother me, evern things on t.v..
    all i have to do is think about my kids or just walk past the picture of my parents and I start to cry, and it just comes in buckets.I can"t shut it off.

    I"ve been through the change for 10yrs now so why do I feel like I use to when I was frist pregnant. I"m just a cry baby and I can"t control it. but having you all here really helps. love & hugs sixtyslady
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    your both so kind to help me.
    I think I"am greiving Like I said I"ve lost 6 people in the last 5 yrs. and its a year ago today I lost my only brother.
    I feel like everyone I"ve ever loved is gone.
    of course I still have people in my life that I love but it just seems like thats all the happens.
    Please pray for me to have comfort in this greiving process.
    I know God is with me It seems like this just hit me out of the blue.
    do you think if I sat down and wrote out my feelings that it would help.?
    MY sister came over Sunday and we had a really nice visit.but when she left I got so sad, because she lost her husband 3yrs ago.and she seems to do better thanI do.
    then I worry about if I lose her shes all I have left of my family.
    I need to trust God and not worry about things like this,but I"ve always been one to worry.

    I keep repeating God has not given me a spirit of fear,but of power,love,& and sound mind.thanks for letting me vent,
    love sixtyslady
  10. dejovu

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    As Hangin was writing to you about grieving, I was writing to Wish about the same things. God is talking and it's coming through LOUD and CLEAR.

    Please read what I wrote to wish and maybe it will help a little.

    Still praying for you, De