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    I am a christain who goes by the King James version of the Bible. I am fighting the fear the devil is trying to burden me with about the rapture. I know I am saved, and when God sends His son to sound that trumpet on the clouds of glory, I will be called up to be with Him. However, the devil is on my back tryin to scare me, though I know this is a joyous and precious, most loving moment to be called "up hither", I am still scared. I pray daily, almost constantly for the Lord to get the devil off my back. I think if I had people praying with me and for me it would help.
    Also, I am not sure my husband is saved, and that scares me too. I am the one who takes our 3 kids to church, and tries to raise them in the way of the Lord. I tell him that should be HIS job....he says he is too tired for church, too busy. I tell him all the time, Jesus was not too busy to die for you, He was not too tired to pray for our forgivness as he was being hung from that cross. Then hubby gets angry. I know that is the devil working on him, so please pray for him with me.
    I read him scriptures from the Bible, and tell him what they mean, and repeat over n over about being saved is the only way into heaven, nomatter how good a person you are, you have to be saved. Also, we are in the world at the book of Revelation 3rd chapter. the very first lines in chapter 4 are "in a moment I was in the Spirit" so it wont be long for the rapture to happen. Please everyone pray for me and my husband and our family. I try to lead a christain life, and it can be hard as the only one raising the kids up right...
    Sorry for droning on. But it was laid on my heart to ask for prayer tonight, so I did.
    thanks everyone!

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    inpain3, i get on my knees everynight and pray and i will pray for you and yours. you need to pray for the holy spirit to put peace in your heart. God knows you are doing the best you can. and it is very hard when you are doing it alone. it is much easier when a husband and wife pray together. but you can not push him or nag him. just pray for him. keep doing what you are doing and show by example. God wants you to trust him completely.

    Every time the devil comes to you, you call him a liar! Tell him he can not steal your joy, peace, happiness, or glory in God, so just get out of here and go back where you belong. tell him he is not welcome in your house are the lives of you and yours. tell him now begone.

    and every time he tries to do this do the samething. he will stop coming around. he wants you to be afraid so don't let him have his way.

    i will be praying for you and i pray in Jesus name you have a wonderful peaceful sleep. in prayer kathy

    God Bless you.
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    Prayer going out for you. My husband was saved, but it took him years before he started practicing his Christianity. The more I pushed the worst it became.

    I started praying about him and quit talking about it to him! In other words, I let go and let God do it in Him own time.

    He had to deal with this with his Lord, not with me. I just became the example that the Lord wanted me to be, not the leader I wanted to be! That happens sometimes.

    How he finally began to see what the Lord wanted from him, was one morning he was listening to Charles Stanley, on tv. I don't know what the man said, or how he said it, but it was the turning point in my husbands life where the Lord was concerned! He started waiting for him every Sunday to come on.
    Thats when he really started getting into the Bible in a serious way. Then he found Adrian Rogers ministry 'Love Worth Finding', he started telling me to order the tapes and the books.
    Thats eight years ago, he has been a dedicated Christian since them. I had nothing to do with his total conversion personally, it was my duty to pray, and let the Lord use the right tools to bring him around.

    He had a lot of baggage to deal with from his childhood, I could not relate to them in the right way, but the Lord could if I would just step out of the way!

    As for the Rapture of the Church, there is nothing to fear, it will happen in His own time, and we will be prepared for Him coming, He will see to that.

    Just give your fears to the Lord, you are correct it is the devil that is frightening you. There is nothing to fear, the Lord told us that 'Perfect love cast out fear', His own words. So if you have any fear of the 'Catching away' then you are right in crediting it to satan!

    When I am afraid of anything, I simply pray this way:' Lord, I put my trust in Your Faith' to work this out for me. You can't go wrong putting your 'Trust' in the 'Faith' of the Lord Jesus Chirst. This way you are trusting His perfect Faith!

    I also love the King James Bible, I am not too confortable with other versions, even though I use them when I need a Scripture that I am not quite sure of its meaning.

    When I was saved, I started with the KJ's, and after 34 years this October, it is still my most favorite. It reads like the best of poetry. I have at least a dozen different versions, but my own personal Bible is the King James.

    You don't know if your husband is saved or not. Only the Lord knows this. He looks on the heart, we look on the outward man, big difference.
    Not all people who attend church every week are saved! No more than you can judge those who rarely go to chuch are not saved! Only the Lord can make these judgements.

    It is not the church that makes the Christian, but the Christian's that make the Church! The Church is a building, the Christian's are Christs' Church! 'Where two or more are gathered together, so am I!' that is your true church. We are a 'church' right here on this board, right at this moment, as we are gathered here in His Name!

    You are doing well to take your children to church, as long as your husband is not complaining about you going, leave him to the Lord!

    We all will pray for your needs here, so you stop nagging him about this, and let the Lord do His job!

    God's blessings going out to you and your family. Have confidence in the Lord, and the prayers you will receive from all of us!

    Shalom, Shirl

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