please pray for me

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    please pray I'm having terrible time with fatique and my nerves i can't even stand to watch t.v. every thing sits me off.and then I start to feel really scares me and that makes it worse, I have to go to the DR tomorrow and that upsets me ,Dear God whats wrong with me.
    Please, please. pray for me I truly believe if two or more agree in prayer, it is heard and answered.I can't even talk with people without feeling like I"m going to break down. Hugs Sixtyslady .
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    thank you so much I"ve got some here will try them I" always afraid to try new things but I will try these for sure. I will pray for you and your concerns.
    some day soon I"m sure we"ll have some good news to tell one another.To God be the Glory. I know is watching over all of us. Hugs Sixtyslady.
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    but also a teaspoon of advice. Be honest with the MD. Are you taking an anti depressant? My doctor didn't pay much attention to me until last summer. I could not even lift my R arm. My son said that things had to improve, and he drove me and sat in the exam room too. The doctor had no idea who he was dealing with, if this 32 year old were a fellow MD or a bus driver.

    My son said: I want her to have an immediate lung xray to rule out any mass pushing on her spine, I want an MRI of the cervical spine, and I want her on an anti depressant as she is clinically depressed.!!!!!!!!! The doctor said, OK !!!!!!! In fact they found so many problems with the spine, it accounted for many things.

    What did I do during that visit? Just cry..... I had tried many AD and all aggravated my digestion/ulcer. He said this one will NOT bother your stomach. It was a very old type, maprotiline. It took a couple weeks, but it has changed a lot of things. I still have plenty of teary days, and days of functioning poorly if at all, but I hesitate to think what I would be like with out my drugs.

    Please give the facts and throw the ball in the MD court. Yes, we all hate taking so many pills. But if they help, I hope your doctor will find the right ones.
    Prayers for you.
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    My prayers are with you Sixtyslady! Please let us know how your Dr. appt. goes!
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    Hope the odctor will help you. Blessings, dear lady.

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    I posted on the regular message board also, it went great my husband called and got me in with the Nurse/prac and she was so great ordered alot of lab work and made an appointment with a Rhumy for me,she said she has sent 2 other people to this Rhumy and their doing better. so I didn"t have to go see the Dr that wasn"t to nice to me last least I know that the rhumy has some idea about fibro if 2 other people have come back with good reports to the nurse/prac. Thanks so much for all of your support I"m not scared to go to that clinic now. I"d been awake since 3:3o this morning I was so nervous about it.and this trip really got me over that scared feeling.And sometimes I think my Husband doesn"t care but he does. I guess hes just as scared as I"am at times. I"M such a big baby. Well God Bless all. Hugs Sixtyslady
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    I know exactly what your talking about, went thur one whole summer like that. And sometimes it wants to come back when i get to tired.
    Rest, rest, rest, and try to seek the Lord's presence.
    Trust Him, your life is His, when i'm weak, He is strong.

    Sometimes my husband dosen't seem to care, but it's because he feels helpless, and dosen't know how to help.

    But then he will try to do more for me physically.
    Emotionally, he just isn't there, but he loves me in his own way.

    sending prayer and
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    I hope that you are feeling better now. I have been there...nerves, feeling misunderstood, etc. But, thankful that you found the doc to listen this time. It is such a relief to find that ray of hope! I know how it feels sweetie!

    God bless you....Mari
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    I will keep you in my prayers that you will find relief and a calming feeling. Keep your faith strong. God Bless.