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    Dear all, this message might sound meaningless or irresponsible to you. But I'm sincerely begging for your prayer. I'm so nervous and confused right now. I can't express my own problems to you which are disturbing me seriously right now (that's why I think I'm a little irresponsible). I feel shameful. And I don't think medicine can help. I'm so lost. No one around me I can talk to.

    I wish my life could change. I wish God can give me hints how to live (or perhaps He keeps giving me hints but I'm too stupid to get). I feel so helpless. I always feel I'm choosing the wrong way to live, I keep running away from reality. I'm so tired and afraid of the picture describing I'll be forsaken from the society at the end. I want to have a goal in my life but I can't. I'm so weak, I'm almost useless. Everyone has a goal but I don't have, I feel I'm weird. Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming the world, it's so obvious my own problem. I hate myself being so weak.

    Please pray for me to have strength to step out my situation. Although I'm not suffering physically, it hurts me mentally for years.
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    Hi Getridof,

    My heart breaks for you, i'm so sorry that your feeling so helpless. I want to say there is nothing meaningless or irresponsible about the message you posted. In fact its was very responsible for you to post this message, you need to talk to others sweetie, even if you feel lost and alone i want you to know you are not alone and i totally understand how you are feeling.

    You say your nervous and confused well that happens hon to everyone and it is scary and not a plesant feeling when this happens. you also say your having a hard time expressing your problems, well that happens to everyone at times your not irresponsible,and you are not stupied, and you have nothing and i mean nothing to be ashamed of. I suffer with depression from my chronic daily pain which happens to be what my problem is and i have a hard time to try and explain how it is i feel, my pain is so bad that i can't compare it to anything or explain just how i feel and i can't help that. So please don't feel stupied for not knowing exactly how to explain your problems, i think everyone goes threw that at times in there life.

    Your not going to saken from society you only feel that way because emotionally your in a bad place right now therefore you tend to think only negative bad things about yourself, please don't do that. Know that you are important or you would not be here you have a reason for being here. And as far as not having a goal in your life well i don't have a goal either yes it upsets me at times however i'm not able to do hardly anything due to my chronic daily pain i can't even scramble my son an egg for beakfast anymore so i can't and don't have a goal.

    You feel your choosing the wrong way to live, i'm sorry maybe you could turn the way your living around. Think about things that bring you joy like you said in your bio you like to read watch movies and eat, ok think of anything else you like or think you might enjoy and add it in to your daily living and try to make yourself happy and maybe you won't feel your living the wrong way then.

    Also i read in your bio that you had a unhappy experience with your local doctors therefore you don't have the courage to go back to see them. But you really need to go to the doctors can't you find a different doctor and just don't ever go back to the one you had a bad experience with, boy do i ever know how you feel though it does make you want to never go to another doctor agian but you have to keep trying until you find that doctor that is right for you and that can help you there are some good doctors out there. It took me 2yrs to find a doctor that could help me so don't give up hon I went to so many doctors who were rude and made me feel worse instead of better but i didn't stop til i found one that could help me. Do you know that they have so many medications out now that benifit people who suffer from social anxiety disorder so please find the courage to go to a doctor i know that no one enjoys taking medication but sometimes you need to to get a little help and relief for your problems. I take wellbutrin 400mgs and cymbalta 60mgs daily for my depression and though it doesn't take the depression away totally it helps me cope better and i don't want to cry all thye time now. So i bet a doctor could help you please try to go.

    I'm so sorry that your worried about the future you deserve to be happy and i pray that you find happiness and some help so you can deal better with your problems, please know your not alone come here always and post your troubles i care very much about you and i will be here to listen and help you if i'm at all able to.

    Take care you will be in my thoughts always. Tammy.
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    I will pray for you . I would like to see you find some kind of support group, or even email groups, but people you can talk to. Telling problems to others can be very theraputic.

    I had suggested to sixtyslady the other day that she try to enter FMS into a web site. There are some out there were you can either personal message someone, or some have email addy's available.

    I suspect you need some one on one talking, and while this group is superb and sincere, it can't replace a friend you can email with your days events and problems.

    Sorry if I sound like a mother! I am one of the seniors here, and tend to mother any body with less gray hair than me!
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    May your mental anguish leave.Linda
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    I will help pray that you can seek and find the peace and strength that you need. It is there and with the support that you need you can/will be stronger.
    I also have been at the very bottom before and while I was there I didn't see a way out, but once I climbed out (with help from God and support)I could see that ray of hope... and each day...slowly I convinced myself I am a good person. I have so many faults, but I try to take it a day at a time.
    I will be praying too... and please talk to us...we are here for you!

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    Dear everyone who replied my post, I feel a little bit better after I read your messages. That's the way I always want to communicate with other people but I guess it'll hardly happen in my life. Yes, I guess I still have to seek help from doctors and medicines. Please keep praying for me to have courage and have good luck to find a good doctor.

    And yes, I used to join a website which provided private messaging and email service between members. And I received great help from there. But recently, due to some problems between members the site was virtually "down". What a pity, I felt so lost.

    I still think I'm a failure, I cannot help myself. Helping people is such a great thing and in fact I like doing that. But I can't offer any help to myself due to my character. That makes me frustrated all time.

    It's good to talk to you all. You guys are so kind. I really hope I can have friends like you. I hope I can find my own value. I hope I can sleep peacefully. And I sincerely hope I can get a reply to my post from God.[This Message was Edited on 07/31/2006]
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    Hello everyone, everytime I read your messages I feel safe. Frankly, I just read every reply once. Yesterday I was still confused, my mind was full of fear and disappointments, I also got chest pain.

    But today I was wonderfully calm. Just felt exhausted physically (I didn't do anything rough the day before, but yes, very tired) I guess it's because of your warm prayers, so I would like to express my gratitude. Of course I'll thank God tonight in my prayer. Hope this calm can last for a few more days.