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    On July 4th, my husband fell and hit his head. His brain was filled with blood. He was put on a resperator and was pronounced "brain dead" on July 6th. I donated all organs, bone and tissue. I receive alot of support from the organ procurement foundation. His liver, both kidneys,eyes and pancreis were transplanted right away.
    I feel good to know that other people are living because of him. But I wonder if these people will take care of themselves. I would hate to think that his liver went to someone who continues to drink. Is that selfish of me? I pray daily to not think this way. I can write to a medeator and tell my story. I am just not ready yet. So I ask you to pray for me to have the strenght to survive this terrible loss. Thank you all. Mary
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    How right you are!! There are times when I am having a "pity party", that I forget this. My emotions are so up and down. I do know that God has a plan for each of us. I try to not question this. One thing I do sincerely belive is that God does things FOR US __ NOT TOO US.Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Mary
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    May God carry you as I don't see how you can carry the heavy load you have. I ask God to offer you comfort and strength. There are no words I can say for your loss.

    God bless you and keep you.
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    I’m in prayer for you and am so sad for your loss; there are no words that could express what I’d like to say, but you have heartfelt prayers here. Your act of giving life to others is beautiful and I know that our Heavenly Father will bless those who have received your gift beyond measure.

    When you are with the Lord one day, the people who you’ve helped through your gifts will be there to tell you what a treasure you gave to them and how their lives have blessed others through your gifts.

    This tapestry of life from our view is tangled, isn’t it? On the other side that God sees it’s beautiful! One day we’ll be able to clearly view that side.
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    Who have prayed for me. I sill continue to ask God for guidance and support. Bless you all. Mary
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    What a loss for you! I pray for peace for you but, oh, the gift you have given to others!! Mary, I will pray for you and for those that have received your gifts.

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    I belive in the power of prayer. I belong to several prayer chains.I know there is a plan for each of us and it is difficult to not question. Bless you all, Mary