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    I haven't got any job opportunities for several weeks, so nothing can distract my anxiety. I keep feeling despair days and nights. And of course the chest pain comes again. I have sent so many letters out with my portfolio and get no message. I just want a simple, below average life (I don't even expext an average one). And it's so difficult. Everyday I think of my whole life, I want to puke.....
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    I'm sending you a big syber hug. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Are you getting any interviews from your resume?

    If not, then you may want to go back and rework the resume. Maybe that is the issue?????

    Please remember that you want to show results on your resume. Don't assume that someone reading the resume will understand what you accomplished. Human resource people go through resumes at a very fast pace. It is also important to use the "buzz words" that are normally used in whatever industry your skills are in. (I know, terribly worded sentence!)

    Look in the newspaper under jobs. See the "buzz words" that companies are using to describe specific skills. If you have these skills, then use these words.

    Resumes are also electronically scanned at numerous employers. It is even MORE important to use the standard buzz words in this circumstance.

    If you already know this stuff, please accept my apology. I'm just trying to figure out why you haven't gotten a job offer yet. Joyfully
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    Dear Joyfully,
    Thank you for your advice and suggestion. I think the main problem is the local market keeps shrinking (especially my field). So I can only keep trying.

    How are you lately? You are always in my prayer.

    Dear Sweetpotatoe,
    I was planning to write you a few words to reply on the message "I'm done, can't do this anymore". But then I cancelled my idea. I was also under a bad situation as well, all I could think were negative stuffs. The main thing was I didn't want to write you something that might encourage you to lose FAITH!! Terrible, wasn't it? Luckily you got many replies. (over 50!! IS it a record?? Haha...) Although some of them were like some kind of debate, it doesn't matter. That helped us to think and learn.

    Hope you're getting better lately. You are in my prayer as well.
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    Thanks for asking.

    Next week, I take the most important test probably in my life. It is a blood test that hopefully will determine whether I still have thyroid cancer cells chugging around in my neck.

    I see my new endocrinologist for the initial office visit on the 11th. I pray she is better than the endo. that I just stopped seeing.

    The next chapter of my life will hang on those test results. I'm compartmentalizing; it helps when I'm concerned about going into an overwhelm zone.

    So I'm trying to not think about it. I'm focusing one day at a time. Sometimes, it is just one hour at a time.

    I really hope this new doctor can set up a medication regimen for me. That is one of the biggest obstacles I'm facing at the moment. I can't get all of my meds. into my body within a 24 hour time cycle. Too many of the medications cannot be taken within 3 to 4 hours before---- to within 3 hours after the synthetic thyroid medication.

    I'm thinking of you and hoping that some employer will see your qualifications and jump at the opportunity to have you in their organization. Soft hugs. Joyfully