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  1. Andrew111

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    Please please help me. I need help in two areas.

    1. I was treated for cancer of the tongue with radiation and chemo. On Friday I go for my scan to see if the treatment worked. Would you please pray for a positive outcome.

    2. About three weeks ago I started to get weaker and weaker. The doctors have not been able to explain this or help me. I finally got so weak I had to hire a part time caregiver to make meals for me, do laundry, etc. But each day I feel weaker, no matter what I do. Would you please pray for this to turn around and I feel better.

  2. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Hi Andrew,

    Praying for your Dr. visit on Friday - for the outcome.

    Whewww - you have been through so much!

    Do you think your exhaustion could be from the chemo and radiation treatments? That must have been so terribly hard to go through.

    Will keep praying for you everyday. And many more will pray here faithfully, who aren't able to type out their prayers.

    Let us know how Friday goes.

    May God surround you with his great love!

  3. soniaisabel

    soniaisabel New Member

    I pray to GOD that andrew is now healed- I pray to GOD that andrew is restored and happy and healthy once again.
  4. Sweetpotatoe

    Sweetpotatoe New Member

    Lord God, Our Father in Heaven,
    I join in prayer for Andrew, Yes Lord magnify these prayers Father God, You are the great Physician, Your word says You have granted Andrew life and favour, and Your providence has preserved his spirit, When Andrew calls out to You God in the day of trouble, Your word says You will deliver him, and he will honor and glorify You, Lord we stand in agreement, and ask for Your great mercy, That Lord Andrew's test results will be totally clear, that Lord you will restore to him what the locusts have eaten, that his strength will return, Be good to Andrew Oh Lord, and guide him on a safe path. Rescue him, Lord as you have promised; In Your goodness save him from his troubles, Thankyou Lord, We give thanks and praise, In Jesus name. Amen.

    God Bless You Andrew, Let us know how you are going.

    Love Cindy.
  5. poets

    poets Member

    Lord, we lift up Andrew before YOU and claim that his scan results show complete and total healing. We pray a spirit of peace that can only come from YOU, Father. Lift him up with a new found power that only YOU can give. Let him know that his brothers and sisters are here and praying for him, and that we care. May he feel love surround him. Take his hand Lord and lead him back to the perfect state of health that You desire for Your children.

    We pray Andrew, that you will feel shadowed under God's wings and we're trusting and praying for a good report. God is good, and God is able.

    In His Love,

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  6. kbak

    kbak Member

    You are going to make it!!!! Take the time you need to heal. Get good nutrition. We take longer to heal. We don't just bounce back. Be patient. Get your vitamins. We are praying for you.

    Hang on,
  7. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator

    Hi Andrew,

    I pray that you have a positive outcome on your scan and that you will gain your strength again. God hears all of our prayers and He will sustain you in your time of need.

    It is when we are at our weakest that we need Him the most.
    May your trials deepen your faith and give you comfort that God will always carry you through the hard times.

  8. lrning2cope

    lrning2cope New Member

    Dear Lord , Andrew needs your loving arms wrapped around him right now. I ask , Lord , that there is a positive outcome for Andrew and that all is clear and free of any cancer. I also pray Lord , that you would give Andrew the strength to carry on . I pray that you give him physical and spiritual strength . In Jesus name , Amen and Amen

    Andrew : Have you thought that maybe your weakness could be nutritional ? If I had radiation on my tongue , I wouldn't want to eat ! Does it take your sense of taste away ? If so , I was just thinking you could drink high protien/calorie shakes . Just a thought.

    You are loved and cared for here. It is my priviledge to continue praying for you !

  9. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Have been thinking of you, and praying also.

    When you can, please let us know how you are.

    We will keep praying for you - for whatever your needs are now.

    May God bless you, and draw you close to himself!

  10. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    My dear Andrew, I am so sorry you are going through this. I will pray for you I hope by now you are doing better.

    My dear God , I lift Anrew up to you for answers, a positive outcome, and healing for his body.

    My Prayers,

  11. Andrew111

    Andrew111 Member

    Hi everyone. Thank you so much for your wonderful prayers. You are helping me feel less alone in all of this.

    I have good news and bad news. I had my PET/CT scan and it indicates no cancer. So the treatment was a success. I thank God for guiding my doctors in this, and for helping me directly.

    The bad news is I continue to get weaker every day. Nobody has an answer. I fear that my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was made worse during this whole process, and it is in a downward spiral.

    I continue to pray. And I'm going to see a holistic doctor. Can you please pray that this weakness turn around and I get stronger.

    Thank you all,

    P.S. I increased my calorie intake and gained three pounds in one week. I also am doing very light exercise, guided by a physical therapist. But this is not helping.
  12. poets

    poets Member

    Glad to hear your scan was clear. I'll be praying that you regain strength, and feel better everyday.

  13. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Such wonderful news that your treatment worked!!!

    I think also that your body has been through so much, that it will take time for your immune system to get stronger.

    That's so great that you can eat more! Keep doing that, and resting.

    Try not to push yourself too hard - it's true you will have a relapse.

    If you're well enough you can study the CFS/fibro board for ideas on how to improve your health.

    They solve so many problems there.

    Will continue praying for you.

    Rejoicing in your good news!
  14. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    A holistic Dr. is a great idea.

    I had bad responses to physical therapy - they tended to push too much, not really understanding the nature of CFS.