Please pray for my aunt.

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  1. Lms526

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    Hi everyone,
    I would just like to share a prayer request with you.

    My aunt Diane is really in need of prayer right now. She's really going through rough time.

    My aunt has been best friends with this woman she works with named Pam for over 20 years. Anyway, Pam died unexpectidly on January 17th. She was late for work which wasn't like her, so my aunt called her house and Pam's sister answered the phone. She told my aunt that Pam had died. At this point, no one is exactly sure how Pam died. She had no known health problems. Her sister had tried calling her and hadn't gotten an answer, so she went over to Pam's house and found her lying dead on the bathroom floor. My aunt is taking it really hard and I think it hasn't really hit her yet. I overheard her talking to my mom Friday night and she said that it still doesn't seem possible that Pam is really did. The funeral is today and I know its going to be incredibly hard for my aunt and her co-workers. So if you could please pray that my aunt would somehow find peace in the midst of the loss and pain, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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    A time of sadness and grieving and prayer. Put this on the weekend prayer list so we may all pray at the same time in addition to this. Condolences.
  3. Lms526

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    Just wanted to give you guys a brief update on my aunt.

    As far as a cause of death, the autopsy determined that Pam had a massive heartache. My aunt seems to be doing pretty well but I think she's still in a state of shock. I don't think it's fully hit her yet that her best friend is really gone. I think it has partially, but not completely. But she seems to be doing okay.

    But please continue to pray for her as she continues to move through the grieving process. Thanks.

  4. pepper

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    It will probably hit her when she goes to pick up the phone to call her or heads over to her desk to tell her something. This will happen over and over again for months until it truly sinks in that her friend is gone. It is a long and painful process but eventually it gets better. I have been there too.

    I will pray that your aunt has the strength to deal with this. It is not easy.

    Love, Pepper