Please pray for my brother...

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    ... My brother recently decided to close down his business due to losses. Not even just due to losses -- he hired family, and these family members stole from him to the point where he did not have the funds or equipment to complete some of his jobs.

    (Now one is begging from prison that he drop charges, but my brother cannot because the state took over the case.)

    So throughout all this stress, having no idea how he was going to survive, my brother decided to close down, pack up his office and store the office things in his sheds on his property.

    That very morning, my brothers property accidentally caught fire when he tried to burn some grass to make a place to burn boxes (as a former city girl, I was astounded; but burning in your yard is fairly common out in the part of the country he lives in -- farmland.)

    The fire nearly reached his house and came to within inches of his gas tank (one of those huge ones that sit on property.) It took down two sheds. In them, he had remodeling supplies he was planning to use in his home during this break in work :(.

    I'm just glad he's alive, but emotionally he has it very rough. No business, no job yet, property stolen, property lost to fire, no money, a criminal begging for mercy -- it just never ends for him, and he's hanging on by a thread.

    If you have a moment to say a prayer of encouragement for him, we'd really appreciate it. He's not aware of this post, but I know he needs the prayers badly. I've been praying, but it doesn't seem to be enough :(. Hopefully, a few more prayers will send him a ray of light -- of hope :).
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    I do pray that things are getting situated so that his life can return to some sort of normal.

    You are such an encouragement on these boards. I pray for you to have the strength to hold up during this time of your brother's losses.

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    I will certainly help pray!!

    Love, Mari
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    I haven't been here in a while. I've had an unexpected remission (see CFS/FM board) and have been very, very busy.

    However, I was/am still worried for my brother. His vehicle is very dangerous. It jerks and slows down, then revs, as he's driving it, even at 60 miles an hour! Something is really wrong, but he doesn't have the money to fix it, so he just keeps driving it.

    Then an uncle of mine (not a bad man, but a man with money to burn) lured him into gambling. I started praying really hard then -- my brother only had a bit of pocket money, nothing to spare. So far, I think my brother has backed away from that, but I'm not certain.

    Now he is working on his steeply-pitched roof -- alone! My father lives with him, but my dad told me he even works on it when Dad is gone :(! And, even though we suggested a holster for the cell phone my dad gave him, he won't take the cell phone onto the roof with him :(. We're really scared. He does have a 'hook' system, but he doesn't start using for the day until he's almost slipped off the roof.

    I'm wondering right now if my brother cares about his life, about surviving? I can't talk to him about this as he's been obsessing about financing a ?big land deal?. He has no money at all, just the usual unresolved debts that come of closing a business. I think the poor guy is just grasping at straws now.

    My dad will willingly support him through the summer -- and buy the supplies -- as my brother works on the house.

    Just really, really pray now that my brother can hold it together and not fall on the roof.

    My son adores him.

    Thank you so much for thinking of us and praying for him :).