Please pray for my daughter....

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    She is in a really bad place right now. Four years ago, her husband became a quadreplegic as a result of a virus that attacked his spinal column. My daughter has a lot on her plate. As if adjusting to her husband's diability weren't enough, she began to have memories of being sexually abused be a neighbor when she was betweeen the ages of 2- 4. Thankfully we moved shortly after she turned four. Anyway, these memories started occuring when her own little girl was at the same age as when my daughter first started being abused. Add to that the fact that she is the sole breadinner in the family, and she also has FM! I just feel so helples that I can't take all this pain away for her. Please keep her and her family in your prayers that they all find emotional healing and peace. Thanks, Jeanne
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    Lifting up in prayer your daughter,her husband and family. Praying for God's strength and healing for your daughter. What a terrible thing to be abused at such a young age! I come from an abusive family myself, and know how terrible it is dealing with memories, and emotional pain, and so many other feelings that come with it.

    I hope your daughter can find help from a therapist, or a Support group, so she doesn't feel alone. Also praying for your SIL, and Grand-daughter.

    Please keep coming back for more prayer!

    Dear God, bless this family, please, with the great power of your love. Thank You for caring for all their many needs, bring your help to each person and situation. We ask this in Your Holy name, Amen.

    Jeanne, praying for you too.