please pray for my daughter

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    I am so worried about her. She has been a runaway for a long time now.
    Her father (who has custody ) refuses to let her come back home . SO she was left to live with want ever friends that would let her stay at their home.
    I am so scared about her . SHe doesn't know God and she is living with a very hard group of people . I know this because of want others have told me. They are telling me where she is though. I'm scared that she is suicidal. She has told people that she hates her so called life. I have told her that she can live with me several times but she says no . She doesn't want to live in the desert ,so far from her friends. SHe said that if I forced her she would run away again.
    Since then I haven't seen or heard from her since August.
    Please keep her in your prayers . I know that she is using and I'm worried that she is not eating right. Her father "says" that he hears from her once a week for money for food but I don't believe him. How can you believe someone who would kick out his own daughter for no go reason. She's only 17. I know tht isen't that young but she has had a difficult last few years and I can't even help her.
    Please everyone ,please keep her in your prayer. She is worth saving.

    thank you all ,

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    Daylight, I'm so sorry.

    Are you able to post her first name or initial?, I will put her on my prayer list and pray daily.

    Keep asking the Lord for help, The prayers of a mother are so powerful.

    My son turns 17 today, although he's home, and no drug use, he is so lost in other ways, I know your anguish, we just have to keep praying and looking for anchors the Lord may send us. I know its so hard.

    And yes, she is so worth it!!!!

    We wait for, hope for and expect the Lord in every situation, He will use everything that happens and turn it into good.

    Love and compassion to you.

  3. daylight

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    Thank you so much for take time out to pray for her. Her name is Sara.
    I know that the Lord will get through to her ,it's just so hard .

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    I am also praying that your daughter is safe and that she will realize that God loves her and wants her to live a different life than she is now.

    I pray that she comes to know God and all the love, forgiveness, and promise of eternal life that he offers. I pray that she finds a safe place to live, free of drugs, and finds a purpose for her life. I also pray that you find peace from all the worry.
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    thank you . I all can count on the men and women at this site to pray for then needs of my family. I wish that I could pray for her 24/7 but my health hasn't been that go lately . thank you for your prayers.

  6. daylight

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    Sara called me about two hours ago. So God is listening. But she's
    still in trouble. Sara says that the apartment that she was in burned down. That is the first floor of apartments. So she friends and her had to get a motel. However Sara has no money . Which is was she was calling me for . Had to till her that the only solution I had for her was to go back to her dads house or come and live with me. To that she says "living with me is not an option" and that she tried to talk to her dad yesterday and all they did was fight. So I then said that maybe her great aunt could help but Sara said no to that. She says that she only has maybe a dollar to her name. Which is probably true.

    I don't know what else to do for her. Her dad already has her reported as a runaway. I keep praying that he would have a change of heart and let her come back home. This just isn't right that he gets custody of her and treats her so badly that she feels like she is worthless. I know that if I lived in the same city as she is that she'd be living with me but I just can afford to live there. We are having trouble paying the bills now. My husband has been out of work for almost a month and we can collect unemployment for another week and a half. We just use the last of our money paying some of the bills and the rent is coming up. So we are trying to sell our truck.
    I can't help her with any money if I wanted to . All I can do pray. I miss her so much. She try's to act all tough but I know her and she just running away from situations . She always wants to be right. I pray that God gets to her soon.

    I try to keep you all updated.


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    You may not see an answer tomarrow but I know if you pray faithfully your prayer's will be answered. I will lift her up to the Lord. I have a young nephew who has been in and out of jail for the last 3 yrs. I've been praying for him all this time and just now he is staying out of trouble and I belive one day will be saved.

    Hang in there!
  8. daylight

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    I spoke to my exhusband who tells me that he didn't believe Sara when she said the apartment burned down. He told my other daughter that he had check the intenet and there was nothing about an apartment fire. So I check the local paper on the internet and YES there was a fire just as my daughter said.
    So I called my ex back to tell him to look again because she wasn't lying. He said that it doesn't matter and that he gives her 40 dollars a wk for food and that should be enough. He said that he has told her that she can live with his parents or with me . He is not going to help her. I told him that the least he could do is to get her off the streets into a safe house . He said that he might look into that but he is really busy right now.
    I've had it with him . He thinks that just because he reported her as a runaway and is giving for 40 a wk that he is in the clear . He's behavior sickins me .
    So I just wrote to the lady at the police dept in his county to let her know everything that has been happening . What he is doing is child abuse . My daughter is trouble but she is not violent. She does need counseling though and a lot of it. Along with her father,step mother,myself and my husband .
    My ex just told me that he will not help her because she well not do what he wants her to do. Whatever that is ?
    I wish that she would live with me but she refuses and says that she would runaway if force to. (she wants to live and go to school in her city not the desert).
    When my daughter first told me that her father was kicking her ou tof the home
    I didn't believe her. He was telling me that she was running out to get drugs
    and do her own thing. Now he's admitting to it and it makes me sick. I never thought that he was stoop to child endangerment but that what he's probably going to be charged with by the police.
    This is to much. I just started my methotrexate treatments and now this stress!
    Pplease also pray that my hair doesn't fall out. I looked on the floor today and there was more fallin than yesterday.
    I don't want to go through all this and go balding too.

    I'm sorry for the vent. This is just overwhleming. Please continue to keep us up in your prayers. Thank you all.