Please pray for my friend who is being abused...

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Posey, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. Posey

    Posey New Member

    My friend confided in me Sunday night that she is being abused and threatened by her husband. She wants to get a divorce but she is afraid because he told her he would kill her and then commit suicide.

    She has two kids and he is mentally and emotionally abusing them.

    She wants to wait until tax time because she doesn't have any money or car. I'm very afraid for her and want her and the kids to be safe.

    I've offered her a place to stay if she needs it and told her to come to me to talk anytime. I also called our local shelter to get information for her. And of course I'm praying for her always. I just feel so helpless but I'm trusting God to watch over them and keep them safe.

    Thank you for listening,
  2. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    There are so many women and children in this desperate situation.
  3. Posey

    Posey New Member


    Thank you for your prayers. I know that every one that is said will help!

    NO ONE deserves to be treated like she is!

  4. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    Praying for you friend and her children. Praying that the Lord will give her the strength and courage to get out. She is so lucky to have a good friend like you!

  5. Lupian

    Lupian New Member

    Bless you for being her friend! She needs that. To have said the words out loud - "I am being abused" - means that she is finally coming to terms with something that has no doubt gone on for a long time. I prayed that she will see that she has value, rather than being a person who deserves to be abused. I know what it is to feel completely stuck in a situation like that. Praying she will become unstuck very soon. :)
  6. dash

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    Dear Heavenly Father,

    I am interceding on behalf of Chris' friend concerning the abuse she suffers under.

    Please direct her to people who can help and counsel her through this situation. Provide for all of her material needs.

    Give her hope for a peaceful future and the courage to make the right decisions.

    In Jesus' name I pray,
  7. Posey

    Posey New Member

    I so much appreciate your prayers and concern.

    It is very comforting to have this board to come to for help. My prayers are with everyone here for their needs and concerns and I sincerely hope for answers for us all.

    Thank you.

  8. lois1023

    lois1023 New Member

    I am praying for your friend and her children.

  9. Posey

    Posey New Member

    My friend was here again last night for trick or treating. Her husband is getting more threatening and abusive.

    He seems to be having a mental break because he goes off for no reason and will starting talking and yelling at people who aren't there. Last night he threatened to burn the house down while they all slept.

    She called this morning and ask if we could babysit. She kept the girls out of school because they didn't get any sleep and she's scared.

    I don't want her to go back out to that house but I don't know what to do. They don't have any personal things with them.

    I have called the local women's shelter and got some information for her. I wasn't able to give it to her until last night but maybe it was just in time.

    I know God's watching over her and the girls but all the prayers we can get would help. We all need protection, wisdom, courage, and more answers for what to do.

    Thank you,
  10. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Your friend can't go back with him there. He does sound like he's having a breakdown. Does she have a family around someplace? Does he have a family? I'm praying for your friend and her children, for them to find a safe place to live and a new beginning for her.
  11. readalot

    readalot New Member

    I will be praying for your friend. I hope that she is getting help now. It is not safe for her and her children to be in the home. It sounds like her husband needs to be in the hospital. If he is in danger of harming himself and others, he could be committed. He needs help, and she and the children need to be safe.

    I am glad that you are a good friend and want to help her. Looking up resources for her. I pray that she took your advise and got out of there. I will be praying for her husband also, that he will accept help

    Please keep us updated.

    May God bless you, and keep you each day.


  12. Lupian

    Lupian New Member

    This man is becoming a danger to others and she can call law enforcement for help. She needs also to call the local Crisis Center and they will advise her and give her resources.
    Father, thank You that we can always come to you with needs and requests and we KNOW that You hear and respond. Thank you also, Father, for this wonderful board on which we can ask for and respond to prayers. I can almost see you smiling down on this group who want only the opportunity to pray for the needs of others. Lord Jesus, please bless Posey in a special way for the compassion and concern she has for her friend, and her willingess to take action, to even bring this woman and her children into her own home. Lord, please act in this situation to bring the woman and children into safety and the man to help with his condition and issues. Father God, please do this soon, before any permanent physical harm is done to any of them. Bless the babies, Lord, and help them to forget the bad and remember the good of their father, and give them a strong sense of security and lovingkindness. We ask these things, in faith, in the name of Jesus, amen.
  13. Posey

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    My friend did go back home last night. She is getting stronger but is still very confused and is trying to solve this without disrupting her girls lives any more than necessary.

    I know that God is watching over her and the girls and will bring them thru. I've been praying that God will also help her husband get the help he so desperately needs whether it is voluntary or involuntary.

    Before she went home she told us she was scared and I made her promise to call if she needed to get out and we would come and get her and the girls. The 14 year has her own cell phone and knows to call us if they need us.

    Someone ask if she had any family around here and the truth is that we are her family. She is my husbands's daughter so this is alot harder than you can imagine. Since she's only 7 years younger than I am we are more like friends than her being my stepdaughter. Being family it makes us feel more helpless than ever.

    Prayer and faith in God is the strongest weapon we have. I just have to remember to not try to take it back from Him and try to fix it myself. I always mess things up when I do that!!!

    Thank you again for your prayers.

    Many hugs,