Please Pray For My Husband & I

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by mjgkennedy, Sep 3, 2004.

  1. mjgkennedy

    mjgkennedy New Member

    Hi everyone need your prayers. We are trying to sell our house and have been left down the first time while we wasted two months going along with a couple who when they got Engineers report wanted us to sell our house well below the asking price.

    We now have another couple who we feel are going to do the same when they get another Engineers report early next week. Please pray it doesnt happen again as I do not think we will be able to cope with the stress.

    We really want out of here before the Winter sets in.

  2. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    that what is wrong in the engineer's report can be taken care of quickly, and inexpensively.

    Bless you both,

  3. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    Praying that things get moving and you can sell this house. Praying that this will happen immediately.