Please pray for my husband

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by pepper, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. pepper

    pepper New Member

    I have been hoping that a miracle would happen on its own and I did mention this on the prayer thread this week but my DH is in desperate need of the prayer warriors on this board so a separate post is needed.

    His sister died in Oct. and he had no time to grieve since his brother was also sick with cancer and was given a terminal dx shortly afterwards. This is the third sibling to die within 4 yrs and my DH has been the main support and go-to person for all three. Not to mention his mother a year before that. It has been really hard on him. It all seemed to hit him in this past week.

    His brother died in Feb. and asked my DH on his deathbed to quit smoking because all three who died were smokers. So now he has quit smoking.

    On top of that, his freelance work has been cut drastically and he is trying out a sales-type job that would be good for him if he could make money at it. He has been in training for this for some months on top of the freelance stuff so he is ready to try it out this weekend.

    I am asking for prayers:
    - that my DH can work through his grief and depression
    - that he is able to quit smoking - for good this time!
    - that he is successful at this job

    Thank you all for praying. I know the results the prayer warriors on this board can get.
    Love, Pepper

  2. 143alan

    143alan New Member

    I started to write that I was going to pray for your husband and then God wanted me to stop and pray for him right now.

    Lord we thank you for your glory and power and the power you have to change people's lives. We know that you love Pepper's husband and you know what he has had to deal with lately and the stress he has been under. Lord I ask that you bring about a change of seasons for him. I pray for him to have a season of success. Success in his work, and success in quiting smoking. Lord I ask that you give him power and strength to accomplish all the things you put in his heart to do and all things you gifted him to accomplish. Speak healing, strength and love to his heart Lord. Whisper how wonderful he is and how much you love him in his ear. Let him feel and know your presence and what YOU are doing in his life. In Jesus name I pray. Amen
  3. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    I have been praying daily for you, your son , and for your husband and all he faced. I don't recall the name of that new pill out to help smokers quit, but it is having good results. I said the same thing to Hangin.... ask about it on one of the other boards somebody will know. Your poor man could use a break.

    My man scared me to death Wed. night. I waited a long time to see Riverdance. By the end of only the third number he was diapharetic and we had to leave. I was scared he might have a heart attack, but was better once out in the cold. But he had been dripping in sweat. Makes me realize to try and stay in the moment.

    You guys could sure use a break. A great paying job would help too huh? Hug that medal winning son of yours when he gets home.
  4. pepper

    pepper New Member

    for your prayers. I am praying for your DH too. I hope that all goes well for him.

    Love, Pepper
  5. pepper

    pepper New Member

    for your beautiful prayer. I hope that things happen just the way you requested in your prayer. In Jesus name. Amen.

    Love, Pepper
  6. pepper

    pepper New Member

    for being such a faithful prayer warrior for me and my family. You have made a lot of "deposits" in our names!

    My younger son (who thinks I don't even know that he smokes - how dumb does he think I am!) was prescribed Zyban by our doctor (but of course I am not supposed to know that either!) He had a bad reaction to it and has the rest of the $150 prescription that he offered to my DH. He hasn't tried it. DH used the patches for a few days but lost interest in that quickly. This ADHD stuff can drive a non-ADD person insane!!!

    He certainly could use a break but he seems to have no interest in helping himself. He had his first sales show this afternoon but booked himself a massage just before it. Then he came home and was madly running around looking for his official name tag, running off flyers on the printer, trying to find his business cards. And he had time to sit and chat with his friend on the phone for half an hour before the time crunch hit! He was late.

    Luckily a neighbour is on vacation and I have her key. I went over there to escape the madness. I wish that his problems didn't spill so much over onto me. He is a very big guy and has a large presence so he is unescapable as long as I am in this house. Sigh!

    That must have been such a scare on Wed. night, Asa! What would cause that to happen?

    I am sorry that you missed the rest of Riverdance. I saw the show when it came here and loved it. Perhaps another time?

    We do need a break, a great paying job would be such a gift! I think that is why my medal winning son's accomplishments mean so much to me right now - a bright light in an otherwise dark time.

    Thanks for being there, Asa.
    Love, Pepper
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  7. caffey

    caffey New Member

    Father this man has been through so much lately. He is so tired and worn out. Please come to him and bring him peace. Please shine Your light into the middle of this dark situation. Please help to grieve and give the pain of losing his families these past few months. Please give him the assurance that they are with You. Please go before him and prepare the way and give him favor in his new job. Please open what doors may closed and please give him the stamina to be able to quit smoking. Please Father somehow help him to know that You are with him and that even though he doesn't understand it you are working this out. Please help Pepper at this time also. Please give her patience and understanding and please give her the words to say to be a support for him. Thank you for what You are doing and will do in Jesus Name. Amen.
    Love ya Judy.
  8. pepper

    pepper New Member

    Thank you for your beautiful prayer.

    I especially appreciate the part that asks God to grant me patience. As Asa would say I want patience NOW!!

    Dealing with my DH lately has taken the patience of Job, believe me. I keep thinking that things will get better and some days they do but mostly they get worse.

    He came home from his session last night and was positive for the first time in a very long time. Maybe I asked for prayer at just the right time!

    Please keep praying. I appreciate you so much.
    Love, Judy
  9. bandwoman

    bandwoman New Member

    I have been praying for your husband and now that he has this sales job I am praying that his people skills will pay off for him. I pray that in spite of his ADD that he will be able to get his organizational skills up to par and that he will experience success in this job.

    I pray that his charming personality will win the clients over and that the whole process will help him take his mind off of all the dark clouds that have been over him for such a long time.

    I hope to hear a good report soon.
    God is working in your family and he is NOT going to let you down. Just how HE works things out can many times be a surprise but HE is faithful. That I know.

    Take care and let us know how things go. With your son coming home some time soon I would imagine your family may have many things to celebrate in the near future eh?

  10. pepper

    pepper New Member

    for all your prayers. I don't know if this job is going to be the answer for us but it might be. It certainly isn't what I had in mind to get my life back since he will be working variable hours, there will be variable pay and he would still be in the house a lot. But at this point, I will take it. Maybe it's the window that God opened when He closed all those doors!

    He really enjoyed it this weekend since he is such a people person. He is a very charming guy and said that as soon as he joined his company's booth, people came flocking over. He made little games out of what they had to show; all the other salespeople were impressed and asked if they could borrow his "lines". He loved it.

    He does have to get on top of the organization thing though.

    He tried a sales position before but didn't do well at it because he wouldn't sell to people who couldn't afford it. He was pressured to sell to them anyhow but he just wouldn't do it. I was very proud of him for that, despite the fact that it left us in the hole financially!

    David is home from Helsinki. He is totally exhausted from all the games and all the traveling. They didn't play well in their last games in Helsinki because they were all so exhausted. The travel from Estonia to Helsinki took 12 hours and they were playing pro teams that train and play together all year long. His team was just put together from across Canada for those games. The other teams had former NHLers and former Finland Olympians on them too.

    Still, the best team they played is the one in which he had the best game of his life and they won that game so he can rest on his laurels with that one. Two MVP's is nothing to sneeze at either. He will be able to tell his grandchildren all about it.

    I hope that you can have a restful break at your mom's place and can forget everything for awhile.

    Love, Judy

  11. pepper

    pepper New Member

    My hubby still really needs your prayers. He is starting to work on this sales job in full force today. Please pray that this works out for him.

    Love, Pepper

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