please pray for my little boy

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    my son who just turned 5 fell off a horse last week. his skull is fractured, and he also has bruising on his brain and bleeding around his brain. we spent a week in pediatric icu after he had to be airlifted to larger hospital. we are home now, but he's in lots of pain. so hard to sit back and know i can not do much. we could use lots of prayers that he heals fast and the pain diminishes soon. he has to wear a helmet, and needs to stay out of preschool and daycare for a few weeks, which means i'm taking time off work. that sure does'nt help the finances any either. will probably take 3 mo. for head to heal and be free of headaches and dizziness. also pray for my dad to find peace as he is feeling very guilty since he was with my son at his house. sorry-- this is getting so long, but for those who have time, please say a few words for my baby, hunter! thank you, ronda
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    Ronda I pray your son will be well soon. I am so sorry he is hurting so much. It is no fun when you child is sick. I think that is one of the worst things to go thru. Please know he will be ok, and everything will work out. Nothing is more important than his health. Give that little angel a hug for me. Pattie.
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    Dear Ronda,

    I will certainly be praying for your sweet Hunter! God is with him and with all of you. I ask God to comfort your father, because I am a grandparent. I know this has to be so hard on him, too.

    With my love....Mari
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    Praying for all of you, especially your dear little boy. God will provide and I am glad that you can be with him now. I'm sure he needs you.

    Prayers and concern for you all...

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    I hope he is feeling better. I will keep you in my prayers.