Please pray for my mom and me~

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  1. kriket

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    Hi all-

    I have a mother that has been dealing with drug addiction for most of her life. I have given so much of my heart to her to stand beside her, but I think there just comes a time when with some addicts, you are unable to help them anymore.

    I let my mom borrow my car b/c hers broke down. She wrecked my car (minorly) amd I overlooked this. Well yesterday, I got a call from my brother telling me that my mom had been arrested the night before for public intoxication on pills and my car was impounded.

    Where do u draw the line. I also feel as if my mom is on her way to her casket due to drug abuse. I am 32 and have dealt with mind games,depression,ptsd, and so much confusion from my mother. My dad and she divorced when I was 2 yrs old b/c of this same issue.

    My dad took her to counciling but she refused to get any counciling. I am pretty much numb at this point. I really need prayers over this and my mom needs prayers for her own sake.

    Please all, this is a very rough time I am gng through right now and I could really use all the prayers I can get !

    Thank you all so much who took the time to read this! I know we all have problems.

    Love u all ~ Kriket
  2. soulight

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    It is no longer your job to take care of your mom. Please go to Al-anon or Co-dependents anonymous. They will help you . Even if your mom doesn't participate , you should still keep going. You will learn a lot of things that will start freeing you from all these games that your mother is playing.

    You and your mom will be in my prayers.

  3. TwoCatDoctors

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    Prayers for your mom have already been answered by her being arrested for being on pills apparently while driving. That is a GREAT first step to getting her some help. I pray that you'll get in there for any court hearing and tell the judge about her being an active addict and how she needs to go to court-ordered rehab. Your voice would be good for the judge to hear and it would be a real help for your mom.

    You can never give an active using addict your car or any valuables because you will be lucky if you ever see them again. And why would you give an active addict your car (a massive killing machine) when she wrecked it once, only to allow her to drive and be out on the road where she could kill families and other innocents while on drugs? NO to mom using your car ever again as that is enabling her drug usage. Any damage she did to anyone, you would be legally responsible for too because you own the car, you let her use it, you know she is an active using addict, yet gave her the car anyway. I'm sorry if this sounds tough, but you have to hear it to know what you are setting yourself up for.

    That is why I am praying for you to stop enabling your mother and for you to go to the groups mentioned above so that you gather strength, courage and knowledge to stop enabling your mother and to be able to speak up to the judge in court to say she is an addict and should be in court-ordered rehab. These groups are going to help you in dealing with this addict who refuses to help herself. They will also help you to back out and stop enabling her. Many prayers and get to the groups right away.
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    Sending you lots of hugs and prayers. Sounds like you have alot on your plate.

    I sent you something in your regular e-mail to cheer you up.
  5. Doznclan3

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    can truely see that it is time to let your mother deal with her problems on her own. You love her, you care, although this is how we feel toward family members, no matter what, we can't go on "doing" for them, or as TwoCats said, enabling. I have a sister that got to the point that she only called when she wanted money. Our family had to start saying no, even when she said it was for food. We offered her food from our pantries..she would say no, she wanted the money to buy what she wanted. We knew where it was going.
    I can relate in a way, to a sister though, not toward a sorry. Prayers for sure!
    Love, Cynthia
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    I went and got my car out of the impound and I have it in my posession now. My mom dosent really drivr all that much, as she has fibro. and is currently trying to get on disability for other health problems too. Her house will be auctioned off on Aug. 4th. SO she is losing her home to.

    Its hard to just sit back and not help, but I understand that it's nearly impossible to help an addict too. She hasnt been the best mother, but she is the only 1 I will ever have and she gave birth to me. I don't agree with a llot of things she does, but I do still love her very much.

    I DO NOT intend to let her borrow my car anymore. Sometimes I dont know if having a big heart is good or bad for you. I am really sick myself and just feel beat down.

    I also have a fiance that suffers from fibro also. I am looking up to God, because no matter what other direction I look, there is disaster.

    Thanks all for your thoughts, prayers, and advice !!! Please keep praying !

  7. Heald

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    I feel your pain and feel for you. If you can, draw the line now for yourself. I know you love your mother, but you cannot fix her. I'm sure you know that she has to want help. You are 32 years old and have a full life ahead of you. PLEASE, PLEASE live it. Let your mom go and release here into God's hands and get your life back, piece by piece. I no it is easier said than done, but please try to save yourself. If you don't, your health will begin to fail.

    Ask God to just give you a measure of strength to let go before you are consumed. If you can, please get into a support group for a lil while if you can. God has a plan for your life and your future is looking bright. Run after it with all your might and make YOU the most important person if you do not have kids.

    Please, save yourself!