Please Pray for my Mom

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    I am a christian and believe in the power of prayer. I need prayer for my Mom. She has rheumatoid arthritis. She has been disabled for many years.I can remember as a child there were days when she could'nt get out of bed .
    She would coat her hands with melted wax and do her exercises. She has taken medications for years that has now damaged her stomach so she cannot take the medications that fight the inflamation.She wasn't able to enjoy many of lifes simple pleasures that we take for granted every day.Mom also had to watch her family suffer with huntingtons disease. I remember thanking God that if my Mom had to be ill that he allowed her to have the arthritis rather than this horrible disease. She has been in pain much of her adult life and has had surgeries on her hands and feet because or the arthritis. She is 71. I want her to have relief from her pain and have mobility. She never complains. I have FM, interstitial cystitis and TMJD and if I complain at all I feel so quilty for not being stronger and keeping my mouth shut.My main prayer request is for everyone to pray that if God doesn't heal her to make it possible for her to have relief from the inflammation and therefore less pain and stiffness. She tried pomegranate juice but her stomach couldn't handle it. I wondered if she might be able to handle xango juice but from what I understand the only way I can get it is by buying a case. I am not working because of my illnesses and have no income. I do not qualify for Canada pension because I am a stay at home Mom and occasionally took care of children in my home to earn a little money.When my children were older and I could go to work I was to sick. My husband makes just enough to make ends meet most of the time so I have no money of my own or I would buy the xango juice for Mom to try. Most likely it would be to hard on her stomach. Please remember my mother in your prayers.
    God Bless
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    You sound like a very loving daughter and I am sure your mom loves you very much. I will pray that both you and your beautiful mother get relief. I pray there is some medicine or herb or ?? that will make her quality of life better. I ask this in God's name. Amen.
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    Will pray for yor mom and your needs also!

    I can relate to the arthritis and FM!

    God bless......Mari

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    Prayers going up for your mom and you!!

    God Bless
    ((Love & Prayers))
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    and also for you.Linda