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    I live next door two a wonderful couple who are in their 80's. I have only recently gotten to know them and have been going to church with them.

    Anyway, their son has cancer and was told last week by one doc that they need to remove a lung and that he only has about 6 months even with the surgery,

    Another doc that is a christian friend of his refuses to accept this and has asked for all his records and told him not to give up hope. WE are hoping that this other doc will have better news.

    I know my mother's faith kept her alive for five years after we were told she had less than 6 months. I pray this will be the same.

    Really would appreciate prayers for this gentleman. His name is Larry

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    I am praying for Larry, that he not suffer and prayer also for his family. Dr`s gave my Grandma 6 months after learning cancer had spread thru body~Miracles! She lived 3 more yrs. I brought her home from`nursing home`(what she begged for!) and she never had to take the morphine shots etc., God was merciful to her,his faithful follower & she is now rejoicing with him for all eternity! Remembering Larry and his family in prayer~~~~~~~with love,sib

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    Miracles happen all the time. Matthew 2l:2l
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    It is God who determines the length of days we have. Doctors can predict survival based on medical knowledge and statistics, but they are by no means infaliable.

    By faith, I am praying for a miracle in Larry's life and that he and his family are granted hope for his future.