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    I’ve requested prayer for my family and we are all still in need of prayer very much; especially my parents and my son who is almost 35 years old.

    He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about 14 years ago and has attempted suicide twice. Because of the pills he took during the attempts, he is unable to take oral medication as his liver was very much affected by the overdoses. He has been using marijuana by prescription (legal in California), and it has been helping him.

    About two weeks ago he lost his job and his home. Prior to that, he began to decompensate and now he is in a state of mania. He has been with my parents who live in the same town that he does. My parents are both in frail health and in their mid 80’s and his mood disorder was severely affecting them negatively. To make matters more complicated, my mother’s younger sister (80 years old) has been very ill and 2 days ago was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Not only have my parents been dealing with my son, but also with the news about my aunt.

    My husband took a mental health professional with him to my parents’ home today and they both talked with my son. In his current sate, he does not have insight and cannot be reasoned with. My husband explained that he needed to take his marijuana and “mellow out” as he was distressing Grandma and Grandpa with his state. As a result, he packed his belongings and left my parents’ home and I have no idea where he is.

    My heart is aching. I feel torn as I wanted him out of their home so he wouldn’t burden my parents and yet I want to know where he is and I don’t know.

    Please pray for him and for my parents, they feel very badly and guilty that he left, as if they were to blame. I am going to their home tomorrow and I’m hoping my son will return when I go so I may interact with him. He and I have always had a very good relationship through all these years, and I have been the only one that he would cooperate with. I am his “representative payee.

    I don’t know. I am feeling very desperate, worried, hurting, and tormented over all this. I am so appreciative for any prayer support that comes our way both for my parents and my son. Thank you, and I’m sorry this post is so long.
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    Have you found your son at this point? You must be beside yourself. I am so sorry for what has happened.

    Father we asked that you protect this young man who needs your help so desperately right now. He cannot help himself and needs some divine intervention now.

    Keep him safe and help him to get back his grandparents house. I pray also for Jeannette's parents as they need strength in their aging years. This family member that was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer needs peace in the midst of her storm. Father all of these things are overwhelming to our human minds. You are a powerful God and I pray that you would show yourself strong in this family that needs you so badly right now. I pray peace and calm into this situation.

    Take care Jeannette and let us know how things work out.

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    No, he is still on the road somewhere heading east in the area of Mojave. I can follow where he spends his money; I am on his bank acct and manage his money and can access online to view. Charges are posted pretty fast with the area where spends the money shown. I think he must be staying in his car as there are no motel charges yet.

    I have been pretty emotional but spiritually calm. Today, my husband and I went to my parents' home and I had a really good talk with both of them and I believe they understand what's happening; it's hard to understand mental illness. Mom was mostly upset that my son knew she had called me and that he left because he was upsetting them (he really was) by his erratic and manic behaviors. They just didn't know what to do.

    What probably scares me most is that when he is off this "high" of mania, he may go into a depression and that's where I worry that he might harm himself. What will happen now is that he will both calm down and return and I can help him get settled in an apartment or he may become delusional and get noticed and be placed in a facility for stabilization. I have to trust that God will work his will throughout this situation.

    My Aunt came home today and Mom and Dad will be able to visit her tomorrow. We discussed her situation today as well. My parents are wonderful and faithful Christian people and are spiritually holding up well. Again, in this situation I have to trust that God will work his will throughout the rest of her life.

    I am so grateful for prayer warriors like you and the others on this Board that I can share these things with. When I write out my feelings and thoughts, things seem to be clearer in my mind than just talking about them. Again, thank you Nancy and God bless you. My prayers are with you and all who write on the Boards of Pro Health. I will keep you posted on what happens.
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    I want to thank you both again and to give you an update of events. My husband heard from my son on the telephone today. He was put in a psychiatric facility out-of-state as he had further decompensated. At least he is safe for now. He wants to come home but will have to pull things together a bit before he can do that. Just wanted to let you know that he is safe and I am feeling much better as are my parents. Thank you again – “Praise God from whom all blessings flow ….”
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    Thank you for your prayers - please keep them coming for my son. He was released from the facility and is refusing treatment. Unless he is totally unable to tell how he will provide himself with food and shelter, he's not "gravely" disabled and they have to let him go.

    I spoke with him last night and he is really manicky still talking about how he's where he is for a purpose; very grandiose thinking. He began spending a lot of money that he had from when he was working and I had to transfer money from his acct he has access to so it won't all be gone. I'm sure he'll be mad at me, but had to do it.

    Right now, he's still out of state and I'm worried that he'll draw attention to himself again with odd behavior and it will start over. There is a lot of things he is facing and totally unable to do so. I'm still praying that he'll remain safe in our Lord's keeping as that's all I have for hope right now. I shouldn't say "all I have,” that’s a lot of hope there with the Lord.

    Little... you are right, he doesn't belong in my parents' home and I'm hoping he won't go there when he gets back into town.

    Again, thank all of you ... please keep those prayers coming for my son and that he'll just be held tight in the safety of our Lord's keeping.

    L, jaltair
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    Hi was praising God that they found your son but then as I read further it sounds like a situtaion that still needs lots of prayer.

    Father we pray that Jeannette's son will realize that he needs help now. We put this situation in your hands Lord and pray that you will work it out in your time.

    Let us know how things unfold.

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    Thank you for the prayer support. I'm posting another update on the situation and believing that the Lord will work things out.

    L, ME