Please pray for my sister.

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by mamafrey, Sep 2, 2003.

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    I feel kinda guilty posting this cause there are people who need stronger prayers than this but all of us are Gods children and i guess in his book there isn't anything lesser if you havent accepted him no matter what the case or situation.

    My sister basically is a hermit. She honestly doesnt have a life. She doesnt go to church only once in a blue moon, when my motherr begs her to. She allows her daugher to dress provocative at age 14, ect. if you know what i mean. The girl is heading down the wrong road, my sister just doesnt see it. I think my sister is living her life through her daughter because she has always been heavy her whole life. My sister has no self esteem, she has no friends, never has, doesnt go anywhere but to the store, doesnt do anything. On top of that she does all of her girls home work so they will excel in school, does all their projects in a 4-H so they will get top honors. Its so ridiculous. She doesnt realize she is harming this girls. Bottom line she is not putting the Lord first in her life, in fact he isn't anywhere i don't think in her life. I pray all the time for her and her family. I know its up to her to make that choice, and maybe its in Gods own time. I know the more people in prayer the more power there is, so i am asking all of my sisters and brothers in Christ out there to add my sister and her family to your prayer list. Thank you so much. Love mama
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    I am in total agreement with Debbie in saying that your request is as important as any on this board. Just letting you know that I also will be praying for your sister and family.
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    i mean her life on day to day basis is so negative. When you talk to her, its like the world from her preception is out to get her. It gets to the point i hate talking to her because she is so negative and it makes me mad because she brings all this on herself and she cant see it and its so pointless when the world is so full of blessings. I guess i need to have patience, i know not everyone walks at the same speed. But sometimes i feel that she is never going to get it or she really doesnt want it for some reason and she wasnt brought up that way and that is so hard for me to understand. She doesnt even have a marriage, he just works, brings home the money, she spends it, and thats the basis of their marriage, and i am being totally honest on that. There isn't any communication, love, support, ect. Its unbelievable how two human beings can use and abuse each other and other people. Well let me say one big problem is she never took authority from my father, will not to this day, loves to upset him even now, does the same to her husband, and i think she doesnt want to "surrender" herself to the Lord or to anyone else. She is a very selfish person. Well, enough of me venting it almost seems as i am gossiping, please believe me i am not. This is something though that lays so heavy on my heart and soul, my sister and i have been at odds our whole life.

    Thank you guys so much - your support, prayers, and friendship especially are a HUGH part of my life that i feel i have been truly blessed with. Hugs and love to all, mama
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    yes, we're in this together! hugs to you, mama

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    Prayers going up for your sister and her child. It's hard to watch a loved one on a path which is not the healthiest, especially when a child is involved. I pray for you all.

    Love, Mikie
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    Will be glad to pray for your sister and her family. I guess you realize that your sister's lifestyle is how most people think and live these days, especially the young?

    Wrong as it maybe, its more the style than not.

    I get the entire picture, and I do know you are not gossiping about her.

    The Lord can turn their whole world around, and then they will see Him instead of the world and all its 'things'.

    I do believe that most people have a problem with the 'things' of this world then anything else.

    Its sad, but true. If it were not for the Lord, we would not have the things we so treasure, as long as we do not put them before Him we are doing fine.

    We can all relate to this in one way or the other.

    Will be prayering for your family, will take heaven by storm here.

    Shalom, Shirl

  7. mamafrey

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    that means alot to me. What you said is to true. God Bless You, mama