Please pray for my son and his little family

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    Please pray for my son and daughter-in-law. They are having problems in their marriage and are both hurting right now. Things have been said and done that will be difficult to mend. I have the most precious two little grandchildren, 4 years old and 5 that are also hurting because of their problems. I spoke with my son tonight, my husband spoke with him. Things seem so bleak, but I know that God can work miracles in lives, and I’m praying that he’ll intervene now in this little family’s lives to mend hurts and hearts. My son is not a Christian; my daughter-in-law is not a Christian. I’m praying that they will both seek help and that God will just hold them in his hands and that through these trials, they will look to him to mend their spiritual lives as well.

    ~ Jeannette
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    Dear Jeanette

    I am so sorry to hear of your situation and I am praying for you all. Family problems, especially marital, can be so hurtful and involve much more than just the couple at the centre. I pray that they will be aware of God's presence in their lives and of the need for reconciliation and love.

    Yes, God does work miracles and I shall pray on for you all that this will happen now.

    Father God, I lift to you now the family of Jeanette and I ask you to come powerfully to this family group. I pray for her son and daughter-in-law that they will see your vision and value of family life as you showed through the love of the Holy family. I pray that you will soften hardened hearts and minister your love powerfully into them and, as she watches in anxiety and distress that you will comfort and bless your daughter Jeanette (and her husband too). Give her courage to face the days ahead and be a very ready presence in her life. Amen.

    Sending you love and prayers and a big hug

    Music Teacher (UK)