Please Pray For My Son-In-Law's Job

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    If he doesn't soon find something they may have to move to Richmond which is two and a half hours away from us. He's having trouble finding a job in the valley here that pays as well as the one he had in the suburbs. His company has said they'd keep him on if he moves to Richmond. If they have to do that, all our hearts will be broken. To have my babies as far away as that would just about do me in. Adam, Angie, and I were all in tears this evening.

    They're living in our other house and the rent is very reasonable and I don't want to risk having to sell it or have bad tenants again. It's bad all around. There are many elderly relatives who will be very upset as well, as seeing the children are all they have to look forward to. My son-in-law has until Friday to make up his mind.

    We need a miracle. I often say "God is able." Please help me to trust Him for an answer, because I must admit my faith is faltering right now. What I mean is, I need more faith to believe everything will be alright. These children are the light of my life, and they help my depression so much. They're such precious gifts.

    Thanks for your prayers and thoughts. I love you all.


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    Praying that God's Will be done in this and that everything works for the good.

    I also pray that everyone has peace and knows that He has everything in His hands. It is so comforting to know that no matter what , God has our best interests in mind . Always.

    In HIs Grace,
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    They called this evening and said that they had decided to move in spite of all the family giving them advice to the contrary. We had spent thousands fixing the rental house up for them. They'd picked the colors etc. And the rent was cheap$650 dollars a month for a 3 bedroom house on 1/2 acre with central air and all new appliances including the waterheater.

    This will be a 2 hour and 38 minute trip away from me. My daughter doesn't drive. Who will help her out now? Please keep praying for a change of heart.

    I guarantee I'll at least be down to see them once a week. I'm so depressed right now and Adam is devastated! He's helped them out a lot. What a sad mess. I've been crying on and off all evening.
    Thanks for any prayers you can muster up.

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    Nothing much has changed. I have to accept this situation. With God's help I'll do my best. I'm really afraid for them because of the high crime rate. My son-in-law turned down two pretty good job offers, but if that's what he wants to do, all I can do is pray for God's protection for them.

    Thanks you for your prayers and please continue to pray for their safety.

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    I am praying that your family will find peace and acceptance of the situation for now, and that a job offer will come up that will keep your family close in the long run.

    I pray that you will find a way to lift your depression and enjoy your family on a regular basis.

    God is there for you. Change is so difficult sometimes. First and foremost, they are healthy and not facing a crisis such as a terminal disease.

    Things have a way of working out in the end......just have lots of faith. God will give you the strength you need.
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    Thanks for your prayers and words of encouragement. I'm really depressed and I'm sure that the prayers of others are the only things that keep me going.

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    i know this is very hard on you and your loved ones. we in my family dealt with the same thing last year when my brother and sister in law decided to move 2 1/2 hours away for her a job promotion. i cried when they told me and made him promise that when they had babies they had to move back. they found out they were accidentally pregnant before moving and still moved anyway. now they are away and have a new born and we only see her maybe once a month. life is so hard and when family makes it harder we just want to cry. I am praying you can find peace in this. and for your daughter i dont know what i would do if i moved elsewhere and didnt drive.

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    Hi Meg,
    Sometimes our kids just have to make their own mistakes to grow and learn. It's sure painful for the parents when this happens! I'll pray for your family.

    take care,